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Glyphs: Seasonal Bulletin Board Art Projects

Updated on December 29, 2013

Glyphs: Artistic Representations of Data Collection

Collect data, plug it into the formula and create an art project so visually appealing that you will want to post the information on your classroom bulletin board for all to see. Children love creating these fun projects that combine math and art. Glyphs can help to decorate your classroom for any holiday or season of the year. Glyphs are simple enough for preschoolers and kindergarteners yet appealing to upper elementary students as well.

Come discover fun, hands-on projects that combine math with art...

Photo Credit: Pilgrim Gliphs

Derived from WPClipart

Have you ever created glyphs? - How to create Classroom Glyphs!

Santa Glyphs
Santa Glyphs

Photo Credit: Santas

on WPClipart

Start with simple shapes or a coloring page. Then start to extract data ie:

1. If you are 6 years old color Santa's pants black. If you are 7 years old color Santa's pants green.

2. I you like Turkey for Christmas Dinner color Santa's beard brown. If you are vegetarian, leave Santa's beard white.

3. If you like pie, color Santa's shirt red. If you prefer cake, color Santa's shirt blue.

Have you ever created glyphs with your children?

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Seasonal Glyphs - Creating Glyphs in the Classroom

Math can be as fun as art class. Just ask your friends and family for a few interesting facts. Collect the data and bring it back to class. Then begin assembling the pieces to your craft project. If your dad has blue eyes you might put a green hat on the snowman but if your dad has brown eyes you might put a yellow hat on it.

Children love creating glyphs and they look fantastic when displayed on the bulletin board. Children are amazed at the differences they find in different families and delight in figuring out just what each color or shape signifies about a person or their family after the glyphs have been assembled and posted.

Glyphs combine Math and Art

Collect information on a chosen topic from friends and family. Then create an art project based on your findings. This is a delightful way to involve children in understand and interpreting results of data collection.

The nose of the snowman may signify that you own a dog or a cat. The feathers on the turkey glyph may tell us what kinds of food you like to eat on Thanksgiving. The shape of the mouth on a Jack-o-lantern may tell us how old you are. What kind of glyph will you make?

Children like creating their own arts and crafts so when I discovered Glyphs, a whole new world had opened up. Art is now a part of math class. We collect data for math and then turn the data into art.

Have you ever made glyphs with your children? Now that you have read about all fun seasonal glyphs you could make with your children what kind of glyph do you think you will make next?

Gabbing about Glyphs - Have you made glyphs?

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I'd never heard of glyphs before. Sounds like a fun way to learn.