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Graduate Impression

Updated on October 12, 2012

Feeling after graduated from school

Knowledge starts from what we learn from a generation to a generation; we must try more to study at school and learn by ourselves in libraries or at our own-houses. In fact, study is the most important starting point for everyone to pursue knowledge and skills. Students try to work hard on their homework and assignments in order to get credits and knowledge. However, if we say that the study is easy, it could not also be; but if we say that it is difficult, it could not be either. It depends on when we schedule. Being students, they have to try more and more for their studies and self-learning but they need also some money to support their schooling. Some students who got the government scholarships are quite better enough to focus only just on their studies but for others who have no any support they have to work part-time to earn some extra money to support their schooling and studies. They are so busy and definitely busier than those who just study only.

After 4-years of schooling in BA, it was the most happiest for all students because they finished their hard-working studies and learns. Let talk my classmates and I finished the six-month Japanese course. After we tried so hard on the six month intensive study, we felt so happy that at last we got a Japanese certificate and relaxed from the hard-working study. Well, it was a time to separate from each other also because after graduation, everyone has to return to their home-country. I could say that it was the happiest and worst day. We got the certificate and finished the studies; we are so happy. In contrast, we definitely miss each other after the graduation. Some have to return while some stay for more study on another subject.

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The Feeling Of My Friends

My friends said that time passed so fast and we had to run for the time, but I also mentioned that although time passed so fast in which just a moment was for an hour, a day, a month, a year, or a life, it was also slow when we were waiting for something or someone. Therefore, sometimes we run for time, but sometimes time runs for us too.

After the last speech of Japanese teachers, we took photos together. Some students cried but some were also happy. Graduation was not just happy but it was a sad day also for us. Anyways, there is no choice. The time will definitely release the sadness. My all friends and I took photos together with professors of Japanese language and thanked them so much for helping and supporting us so often for both studies and advices.

Lastly, how do you feel during your graduation? I think that it would be a happiest and saddest day for you and your friends, as well as your teachers. For just a moment, time passes so fast. You must definitely think that life is so short. Let leave some comments of what you feel when you graduated your degree.

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