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Graduation Gifts for Preschoolers - My Favorite Gift Ideas

Updated on March 17, 2013

Preschool Graduation ~ Make it a Special Day!

Preschool was my first graduation.... It was a big deal. I was a big girl... I had to go up on stage, shake hands and get my diploma! I know that not all preschools make such a big deal out of graduation. Even if the graduation is just a simple party, it is a nice thing to celebrate with your little boy or girl. Afterall, they've come a long way!

You're probably wondering... what should I buy for a graduation gift? Something to celebrate the pre-school accomplishments? Something to prepare my little one for kindergarten? Something educational? Something sweet? Something unique? Here are suggestions for both boys and girls... Gift ideas for 4 year olds and those who are already 5. You may also call this Pre-K graduation or Moving Up Day...

Photo Credit ~ Page Updated 3/17/2013

Inspirational Story - Written for Young Children, Treasured by Adults too! - This is probably the most popular book gift for any graduation!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!  
Oh, the Places You'll Go!  

This Dr. Seuss book has great advice for graduates of all ages.

Here's just one quote from this wise book:

"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."


Set of Books for the Beginner Reader - Most kids are excited about reading - here is a set of books for them!

Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learning the First 50 Sight Words Is a Snap!
Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learning the First 50 Sight Words Is a Snap!

Many kids "read" a book by memory. They tell the story and turn the page, even though the words don't often match what they are saying. Reading from memory is fun, but what's even better is if they can learn to read simple words by sight, and this set of books is ideal for that.


Pre-School Graduation Gift Idea for your Daughter - A Personalized Bracelet

Personalized Childs Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - Sterling Silver Beads & Growth Chain
Personalized Childs Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - Sterling Silver Beads & Growth Chain

This bracelet is personalized with your daughter's name spelled out on sterling silver beads. It also has pearls on it. 5 inches is about the right size for an average 4 or 5 year old, and this bracelet can expand up to 6 inches with the included extension. It is a nice gift for a daughter graduating from pre-school or pre-K. It may be her first "grown up" looking bracelet :)


Backpack and Lunchbox for Kindergarten - A great "moving up" gift idea!

Going to a new school can be scary, but having a new backpack to wear will help your child forward to kindergarten!

Crocodile Creek Butterfly Backpack - 11.5"W x 14"H
Crocodile Creek Butterfly Backpack - 11.5"W x 14"H

This one has a dinosaur on it, and would be great for a boy. It's brightly colored and just the right size for pre-school and kindergarten kids. Check out the reviews. Kids really love it and can't wait until their first day of school!


Whatever you get, know that the stuff you can't buy is more important.

Hugs and kisses and telling them how proud you are!

Get a Board Game - I like Memory! - I like memory because it's even fun for adults!

eeboo Classic Matching Game
eeboo Classic Matching Game

There are so many board games to choose from. 4 or 5 years old is the perfect age for playing board games. I recommend this memory game because it's fun and challenging to remember the card locations.


Other Board Games I Recommend for 5 Year Olds

Hasbro Game - Jenga
Hasbro Game - Jenga

Stack the blocks, and then try to take blocks out without knocking it over! Winning has a lot of do with dexterity! This is so much fun, even when you lose... because when you lose, the whole towers knocks over!

Connect Four
Connect Four

This one requires some thinking... It's sort of like Tic-Tac-Toe. It was one of my favorites.

Trouble Game (Amazon Exclusive)
Trouble Game (Amazon Exclusive)

Pretty simple game.... It's easy to play. Great for little kids because the Pop-o-matic automatically rolls dice when pressed!


Graduation Teddy Bear - Makes a Great Gift for Pre-K / Pre-School Graduation!

TY Beanie Babies Scholar  - 2007 Graduation Bear with Diploma
TY Beanie Babies Scholar - 2007 Graduation Bear with Diploma

Here's a graduation gift that you can hug! This teddy bear holds a diploma, and I'm sure it will be treasured for many years.


Buy a Webkinz for Many Hours of Fun! - A Webkinz is more than a stuffed animal - it gives you entrance to a fun website!

WEBKINZ - Yellow Lab
WEBKINZ - Yellow Lab

When you buy a Webkinz, you get to register him on the Webkinz website. You get access to the website for a whole year. There are fun and educational activities to do on their website. Check out the many positive reviews. The Webkinz toy is for kids 3+, the website is aimed at ages 6-13, but many people online say that their 4 year olds enjoy the game too. Check out the parents FAQ here, or this forum discussion about "how old for webkinz."


Hello Kitty Graduation Story Book - A Kids Books about Graduating

Kindle Fire - A Great First Tablet

Does your child love playing games on your cellphone? Do they love reading books?

A Kindle Fire is a great first tablet that you can set up for them. You can join Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for $4.99/month to access thousands of age-appropriate books, games, videos, and apps.

Tell me about your Pre-School Graduation Celebration - Your comments are welcome :)

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    • aliciamaggie54 profile image

      aliciamaggie54 6 years ago

      Thanks for the ideas.

    • profile image

      careermom 6 years ago

      Great ideas. I have a 4, 3 and 2 year old and am starting to plan now.