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Great Backpacks for Middle School Boys

Updated on July 27, 2013

Cool School Bags for Middle School

Middle school is a challenging time for kids, and for their parents. The transition from tween to teen is often filled with frustration, as your young person struggles to fit into a different realm, and a rapidly changing body. As a middle school teacher, I often saw how that challenge played out in the classroom...students can be downright cruel to one another in this time frame, and with the prevalence of bullying and other social challenges, academics aren't always a student's first priority.

Will the right backpack make the ultimate difference? No. Good support and interaction from caring parents will be the factor that helps your tween navigate these years. Understanding the social environment, though, you can make small choices as you help your child in the preparation for middle school, that will help him to start out with a good attitude. Include him in the choice of school bag. Featured here are some helpful choices, with geometric designs, interesting colors, or simple bags that don't go overboard in drawing attention, but that are still interesting and fashionable.

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Hurley Backpacks for Middle School Boys

Hurley has many solids and plaids available for both boys and girls. Middle school boys will find many interesting cool bag designs by Hurley. Graphics allow for a bit of expression while enabling your tweens to stay out of the limelight. Cool graphic design may even score a bit of admiration.

Hurley Men's Honor Roll 3 Skate Backpack
Hurley Men's Honor Roll 3 Skate Backpack

Available in many more cool graphic designs, this option is great for the pre-teen boy.


Storage Pouches in Hurley Designs

A favorite feature of these Hurley backpacks for middle schoolers is the front pouches. They aren't obnoxious in design, and they are important for protecting tech tools or writing materials. Watch your tween toss a calculator into his backpack along with books; you'll quickly understand!

DC Backpacks for Middle School Boys

I like the simple design and the familiar logo of these bags. You'll find that checking those featured here out will lead to other current options. Though the brand has now been around for a bit, it's still quite popular and fun for the middle school age range...boys and girls may appreciate these designs.

DC Freezebell Backpack, Black Camo, One Size
DC Freezebell Backpack, Black Camo, One Size

Neon green on a black background...perfect for making a statement.


DC Designs Vary

Some of the DC backpacks for boys have helpful pouches, some have wide top openings, and some have both. Better structure means better organization, but your middle schooler will probably need help in getting a routine and being organized.

Volcom Backpacks for Middle School Boys

I really like the spacious design and simplicity of the Volcom backpacks for middle schoolers. The graphics are cool but not overdone. Some middle school book bags can be a bit obnoxious, but the majority of these are really appealing and well-made. Middle school students are hard on their packs, and you want something that will last the year. Believe me, those packs take a beating!

Volcum Backpack Structure Suits the Middle School Boy

Wide tops make it easier to look into a backpack. Narrow tops are tough to manage, operated more by feel than by view. There is an abyss in the depths of the narrow top backpack, very messy and hard to work with. I love the structure of the Volcum designs here for organizing and managing.

Fox Backpacks for Middle School Boys

Fox bookbags provide interesting graphic design elements and ample accessory and book space. Whether your tween carries a netbook or a tablet for academic use, make sure that it has its own protective case before it goes into the backpack.

Fox Men's Rachet Backpack, Green, One Size
Fox Men's Rachet Backpack, Green, One Size

Angles are a huge hit with middle school boys, and lightning bolts are great options.


Fox Designs are Interesting

Fox backpacks have interesting graphics that are cool enough for middle school boys.

Quicksilver Backpacks for Middle School Boys

Quicksilver backpacks for middle schoolers are engineered for durability while providing a variety of interesting graphics. You will appreciate that as you browse through these options, additional suggestions are provided to help you nail down the perfect tween bookbag for your middle schooler's coming academic year.

Quiksilver Mens Schoolie Backpack, Black Textured, One Size
Quiksilver Mens Schoolie Backpack, Black Textured, One Size

Available in more than ten different color styles, through this link.

Quiksilver Big Boys' Real Genius Backpack
Quiksilver Big Boys' Real Genius Backpack

Very simple graphic enhancement ensures that this bag stands out in a simple way. No obnoxious colors or motifs here.


Quicksilver Structure

Many of the Quicksilver backpacks have ample pouch storage, nicely blended into the design and helpful for the disorganized tween.

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    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I remember carrying a book satchel to school but these backpacks are much nicer

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      6 years ago

      Love the graphics on the backpacks.

    • LittleLindaPinda profile image

      Little Linda Pinda 

      6 years ago from Florida

      They make such great back packs now days. We had to carry our books home in a stack. You have a very nice selection.


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