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Green House affact and increasing the temperature of atmosphere

Updated on July 16, 2014

The climate change with the increasing of temperature of atmosphere due to increasing of carbon dioxide is defined as Green house effect. Increasing level of carbondioxide in atmosphere is responsible for increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. The adverse effect of increasing temperature is as a result of melting of ice in pole region of earth and finally the increaaing the height of the ocean level. If increasing the ocean levels height from baseline may causes sunk of the low lands nearby the ocean. A lot of animals and plants in earth is under the threat of there existancy. With the increasing of the temperature may causes destroy a lot of lifes these who is not able to tolerate excessive temperature for servival. Absence of one organism in ecosystem will threat other plants or animals to survive.

What is the solution of it? Only solution is reducing carbondioxide from air. Only excessive level of tree plantation can reduce the carbondioxide from air.

Relation between the green house made by glass and the layer of carbondioxide surrounding the earth

In cold area few plants and herbs requires heat for surviving. They can not live in cold environment. Hence they are kept in a glass made house and harvest these. This glass made house is called green house. When sunlight enter into house the inside of the house became hot. After sunset the inside of the house remains a long period of time hot due to resistance of heat to emission. Like that the layer of carbondioxide restrict the emission of heat in night. Heance the earth remains long time hot.

Threats of green house affacts

The earth is in under threat of green house affact. With the increasing of temperature the ices of the pole area is melting. For that reason the height of ocean is increasing. On the other hand a lot of animals are losing their natural living environment these can not cope with increasing temperature of atmosphere.


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