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A Guide to the Best Online Back-to-School Savings

Updated on August 19, 2016

Long before the days of personal computers and mobile phones, back-to-school shopping could be a bit of a hassle. You’d drag your kids out of the kiddie pool and into the minivan. You’d lead your reluctant scholars down store aisles, filling your cart with notebooks and colored pencils. Amidst protests and grumbles, you’d squeeze your wriggling children into school shoes and uniforms to find the proper fit. On the way home, you’d surrender to their pleas and buy everyone ice cream sandwiches. Today, back-to-school shopping is mercifully simpler. As your little ones splash gleefully in the backyard, you can order their school supplies and clothes online. Without rising from your swivel chair, you can hunt down the very best deals and have orders delivered straight to your doorstep. To point you towards back-to-school deals, our savings experts have created a guide to the sites with the top school day sales. Save on every item on your back-to-school list at these top retailers:

  • Save Time and Money on Back-to-School Shopping

Parents and teachers, welcome to Amazon School Lists. We have created an easy way for K-12 teachers to create and share online school supply lists with parents. With everything from pencils and rulers to calculators and binders, parents can complete back-to-school shopping in just a few clicks. Parents can also copy, save, or print the list. Just think—no more school supply scavenger hunts. Everything your child needs is delivered right to your door.

When kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school teachers and parents are on the same page about supplies, kids get off to a great start with the right supplies.

  • Office Depot and OfficeMax Back-to-School Sale

Office Depot and OfficeMax have joined forces to become the largest U.S. office supply chain. This year, the diverse retailer is running a sale on school gear for grade school students, college students, and teachers alike. The Office Depot website features a huge variety of school gear—including tech, furniture, uniforms, and playground equipment.

  • Kmart Back-to-School Sale

To celebrate back-to-school season, Kmart is slashing kids’ school supplies, electronics, and clothing prices. The eclectic chain is also offering children’s backpacks at up to 30% off, and buy one, get one 50% off specials on Crayola products, scissors, and math sets. For college students, Kmart is discounting dorm room furniture and accessories by up to 30%.

  • Walmart’s Back-to-School Sale

With a vast selection and ultralow prices, Walmart boasts some of the best back-to-school deals on the web. The multinational retail chain is discounting everything from classic school supplies to cutting-edge tech. During its seasonal sale, Walmart is also offering a variety of back-to-school clothing and uniforms from $4.


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