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guilty until proven innocent

Updated on January 23, 2014

calamity of a simple minded person

Police got an anonymous call reporting a possible homicide and on arrival at the scene they met a man over the victim, blood stained dagger in hand and in a blood soaked shirt...

“Drop that knife and step away from that man”, ordered the police.

“I did not do anything wrong”, the man was startled as he dropped the dagger and lifted his two hands in the air

“Don’t move, you are under arrest!” Continued the policeman

“I am innocent; I was just trying to help him”

Shut up, officer cuff him.....

That was how a man ended up in prison for trying to be a Good Samaritan; he was guilty until proven innocent.

It is a fool that says there is no God but a fool is better than a simple minded person. A simple minded person is one who sees evil or danger and walks headlong into it. He takes action before thinking of its consequences. He will always end up guilty until proven innocent.

Another young man, a genuine business man engaged in importation was approached by one of his trusted kinsman to lend him the use of his bank account number. According to his kinsman, the number was to be forwarded to his sibling that could only send him money via the particular bank branch.

The money was sent and consequently handed over by the businessman to his kinsman intact. Some months later the police was on the trail of the businessman from the state where the bank lodgement was made. The police traced the businessman to his state of residence via personal details legally acquired from the bank of the businessman.

The businessman was arrested as a king pin of a group of notorious armed robbers who specialized in stealing exotic cars with the use of master key. The business man was shocked to hear that his trusted kinsman was part of a bad group and could get him entangled in such a big mess that earned him jail terms...he was guilty until proven innocent.

Any man can become guilty until proven innocent except we exercise caution and be very prudent with the use of information of personal nature like our bank account. DO NOT GIVE PEOPLE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FOR USE CARELESSLY, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WITHDRAW FUNDS THAT ENTERED YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES; report to the police or could be guilty as a king pin of armed robbers, ritualist, drug pusher, money launderer and recently a kidnapper.

A kidnap took place at an eastern state of Nigeria and the ransom which is in the tune of millions of naira found its way into the account of a poor young man who does daily casual labours somewhere in Lagos state. Imagine that this poor boy became guilty as a kidnapper because a close friend of his asked to use his bank account number to receive funds from a business partner from the eastern state. After the funds were transferred into the poor boy’s account, he foolishly went to make cash withdrawal for on forwarding to his friend but the police was waiting at the bank. He was arrested as the king pin of the kidnappers...he is guilty until proven innocent.


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