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Handle Difficult People

Updated on May 12, 2011

How to handle difficult people

Some people may take it is for as very difficult one to handle difficult person. But it is not difficult at all for any one if he understand his mind set and handle with care that person. For this work you need to be skilled up to a certain level so that you can handle others. You should have strong empathy for others and you will facilitate them according to your mind set.

You should people are not difficult. They may have some habit and behavior and it may also some unique like you and others. Some people may angry, some people may reserve, some people may argumentative, self righteous etc. All this may be difficult to handle but not impossible. Rather it is easy for you if you know to handle. But mind it if you have a mindset that they are difficult, then it will really be difficult for you. If you take easy then actually it will be easy for you.

There are various examples in the world of managing difficult people. You will receive that people with a very cordial and laughing face, so that he may take you for a very close and dependable one. You listen him quietly, appreciate his concept and then start discussion with very honor to his desire. But you know well that you have one clear mind set and facilitate him slowly to your mind set. If you are discussing to solve one problem and you have already found that he (who is difficult person you think) is always creating problems but not giving any solution. Then you may get a chance. You can ask him to state what is his recommendation about those problems. Then you will find that he is thinking to deliver his comments. He will get no more time to create any new problems.

In some case you can see some one who is the leader of one team; he might be angry, argumentative and may make dysfunctional the whole team. Then you will follow and manage this people at the gate keeping process. You will set one to give time to him individually. That assigned person from your part will past time with that person, built special personal relationship and keep engaged in other works. But this system will not work for the whole day or long time.

Finally come back with him and give or allow him to participate. But you should do this work when you will think that person has been motivated enough and already has got one high positive sense to that function / company / event /deal. Give hi honor and engage him managing the event. It is also very important to give him some tips every now and then. You think you will decide everything but in the declaration and execution that man will participate. You will get all the decisions of your executed by your associates and that person (who is you are thinking difficult) .


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