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Handouts; a Step Towards Paperless Classrooms

Updated on August 27, 2015

The use of technology in education is on a rise these days and is predicted to further strengthen its roots in future. Some people believe that technology can have disastrous effects on education along with destroying the conventional way of grooming a child, but others like me believe that it can revolutionize the world of education and can make things much easier for us.

A large part of tech in education that currently exists is based on educational apps. Many renowned operating systems like android and iOS (Apple) are offering applications that can play a vital part in teaching as well as learning.

Few weeks back, I came across a very unique app named Handouts. Upon reading its description the first thing I did was I downloaded it and started using it. Superb! was the next thing to pop up in my mind. A very well designed app that can prove to be of great help in managing and scheduling the class assignment without the use of paper. Once you distribute the assignments to the students through the app, the students in return fill them out using the same app which results in ensuring cost effectiveness and on the other hand it saves you an ample amount of energy & time. The concept of classrooms without paper makes the app quite useful for both teachers and students.

Many countries across the world have an increasing trend of handouts in schools through the tabs. What actually teachers do is that they take pictures of the paper assignments and further schedule and distribute them to their students. Each and every student can be tagged to a separate class and grade which can later on be identified through separate pictures & colors. On the other hand teachers can receive worksheets and assignments from students as well upon their completion.

Database including your scanned files or assignments can also be imported from Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox for its use in handouts. The app also has a purposely built dashboard which enables the teachers to track the assignments recently distributed.

Handouts app is considered to be another glimpse of how the future of educational technology is going to be.

Just a single thought about the technological advancements in education bursts a whole new level of excitement in me. We just need to hold on to our seats and wait that what next this tech shift might bring!


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