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Haunted German Castles

Updated on August 23, 2011

Haunted German Castles

There are over 25,000 castles in Germany today; some are only ruins, but many of them are well-preserved and home to museums, restaurants and even hotels.

So why are there so many castles in Germany?

During the Middle Ages, the country was divided into many small, competitive feudal states and principalities; these unstable times encouraged the construction of secure and fortified castles in Germany.

Many of these castles are full of legends and myths. German history and folklores tell the stories of ghosts, witches and the haunted surrounding these magnificant buildings....


Burg Wolfsegg

Wolfsegg lies about 17 kilometers North West from Regensburg close to the "Naabtal". Among this little Bavarian village stands a castle that was built in the 1300's.

Originally, this castle was supposed to be a place of calm and tranquility, but it is known and famous for its history of hauntings.

The most popular one would be the legend of the white woman from Wolfsegg. This legend was even confirmed by a parapsychologist and a professional Medium in 1969.

The roots of this haunting were originating from the 1500's. At this time, Graefin Klara von Helfenstein and her husband Ulrich von Laaber were living in "Burg Wolfsegg. Ulrich, the knight, did not stay at Wolfsegg very often at that time, so his wife Klara needed a man in the house to support her for protection, or if problems occurred. Her choice ended up being "Georg Moller" who owned the Hammermuehle in Heitzenhofen. Klara did not only take advantage of Georg's support as protection, but also started an affair with him there closely after hiring him. Georg Moller was also an arch enemy of Klara's husband. Ulrich von Laaber did not waste any time and hired two young farmers to kill his wife immediately. Not much later, Ulrich and his sons also suddenly died. Therefore, the family history of the Laaber's expired in1475.

It is not completely clear, if the sudden death of the Laaber's was an act of revenge through the adulterer, Georg, or if it was done by the hands of Klara herself, who is now restlessly haunting the castle since she was murdered.

For a long time, Klara, who is haunting the castle as a woman dressed in white, was not the only paranormal occurrence and partially unexplained phenomenon of the Wolfsegg Castle. There is a large cave in Wolfsegg, which has not been completely discovered to this day. There have been strange noises coming out of the cave area, which have been described as very haunting. There were several expeditions into the cave, where many skeletons were found. Including the cadaver of a big cave bear and many other animal skeletons. People decided, that the noises coming out of the cave were from hunters, who were hiding their prey. Still, people were avoiding the cave area. The strange noise coming out of the cave may have been solved by the findings of the expeditions, but this has not been the case of the haunting, "White Woman" who is still restlessly making her rounds.

Klara Von Helfenstein


Burg Stockenfels

Nobody exactly knows who built the Stockenfels Castle 30 kilometers north of Regensburg, between Maxhuette and Nittenau. Humongous and five stories high at one time. The emperor Ludwig from Bavaria may have been involved in building this powerful castle. It was also him, who equipped it with a chapel. Owners changed very quickly after the death of Ludwig from Bavaria during the following centuries. Among others were feared knights, who made the castle their own, and also made it famous for their crude deeds.

At the castle of Stockenfels, people who have done the third crime of Bavaria will be punished every night. After murder and arson, the third crime would be "Pouring Water into Beer", decided by the folks of Stockenfels and the legends and stories around the haunted castle of Stockenfels. This is also called the "Bierpantscher-Walhalla"! Deceiving waiters and waitresses, who did not pour the beer right, or who cheated their customers will also have to join the" Beer Pantscher".

At midnight, the usually covered with dirt castle well will open. A shiny latter will reach down to the seemingly groundless bottom of the well. The devil of Stockenfels will round up every soul of the third crime and lead them to the latter, until every step will be taken, from the bottom to the very top. Another devil will fill bucket after bucket with water from the very bottom reaching them up to the sinners one by one, who will hand them on to the ones above them. At the top, the main devil will take the buckets of water and pour them out over the castle wall.

This will go on forever, every midnight! This sinners work will go into eternity. He has to suffer for all the water that he has poured into the beer, and the guests that he has cheated. A lot of these sinners are still known by name. Like the Schwodlbrau von Zangenstein, the waitress from Stadtamhof and a few brewers from Munich.

Many of them are suffering for over 300 years now, and there will be more daily. Therefore, even the dry and deep ponds at the foot of the castle will never dry out. Even in the hottest of summers. But no wonder, knowing about the floods of water that will pour down the castle every midnight. There have been many nosy and involuntary nightly witnesses at the Stockenfels Castle. Their nosiness has cost them their lives. They will be watching the spectacle every midnight from that point on!


The Ghost from Schloss Nordkirchen

The Nordkirchen Castle was built between 1703 and 1734. There used to be a big water tower in its place in the 1600's.

The castle is surrounded by two water ditches; therefore the castle sits on a square island. Four pavilions are located in each corner. The architecture is a barock style by Johann Conrad Schlaun.

According to the legend, there used to be a bill collector named Schenkewald, a guy that did not take no for an answer and did not feel sorry for anybody. Words and meanings of giving somebody a break and kindness were unknown to him. Everybody hated him and he only had a few friends. Even after his death, people were still talking ill of him.

Only the rich and owners of large pieces of land came to his funeral to show their last respects. But as soon as the poor heard of Schenkwalds death, they were relieved, happy and invited everybody to celebrate. Just a few days after the funeral, everybody realized that they had been happy too soon. It was said that Schenkewalds soul had found no peace, but was haunting the castle from now on.

There were more and more rumors about Schenkewalds soul. A few saw him sitting at his desk as a ghost, going through his work. The owner of the castle grew very tired of the ghost and his hauntings and started praying to god, to please rescue him from this burden. The poor farmers also started to pray of fear that they would never get rid of the haunting bill collector. As the legend says, they were heard......

A most luxurious carriage stopped in front of the castle one night. It was pulled by four gorgeous stallions. Two monks were getting out of the carriage. As soon as their feet hit the floor, the clouds got dark and the whole area was covered in darkness. They supposedly entered the castle quietly and grabbed the ghost of Schenkewald. They lead him to the carriage without any words and left.

There was quiet, night after night. Schenkewalds ghost has never been seen again. But at full moon, and if there are dark clouds in front of it, people still see a luxurious carriage with snorting stallions running through the night.

The Carriage of Nordkirchen


Praemonstratenser-Abtei Unterzell (Wuerzburg)

There is supposed to be the ghost of a concealed nun going around at Praemonstratenser convent. She is walking through the halls with slow steps, holding on to a bouquet of roses. This ghost is supposed to be Maria Renata Von Mossau. She was the last one, who was burned as a witch in Wuerzburg, Germany.

Maria Renata was very strict towards the other nuns and the male convent members. Therefore she was not very much liked. The old woman also suffered from hysteric outbursts. This condition quickly spread over to the other nuns and quickly turned into an epidemic. Maria was blamed to be mixing herbs into everybody’s food, so she could bewitch them.

There were a few men during the process of burning the witch that have tried to rescue her. But without success .The nun was carried to the place of court only 3 days after her sentencing. She was first decapitated, and then burned. This process, and the killing of the nun, Maria Renata, caused a lot of outrage between the German people and put the empress “Maria Theresia” at rage.

When the ghost of the dead nun is going through the halls, and she has picked off the petals of one of her roses and lets them fall to the ground, then this is the sign of death of a holy man originating from Wuerzburg.


The legend of Lichtenegg Burg Hohenbogen

According to the legend, knights at Lichtenegg and Hohenbogen were stuck in a confrontation for many years. The owner of Lichtenegg castle grew very tired of this situation one day, so he sent a messenger to Hohenbogen. It is not known what this message said. The Hohenbogen spokesperson and his sons made their way to the castle in hope of freedom there soon after.

The owner of Lichtenegg castle dined and wined his guests. Nobody knew the real intent of his invitation. As the guests were enjoying their wine, their castle was fought by their enemies. Since the most competent knights were dining at the castle of Lichtenegg, the others could not protect their own castle. It was taken over and burned. The owner of Lichtenegg showed his guests to the window, where they could see the flames surrounding their castle. Then he threw his enemies that he had tricked and betrayed so well, into a dungeon.

The ghost of a lady in a white dress of death is supposed to be standing in front of the ruins of the entrance at midnight, stepping down into the ditch. She will sit down on a flat rock covered with moss. She is supposed to be combing her long black hair with a sparkling gold comb until the next morning.

She jumped out of the tower window to her death due to despair towards her parents.

Which Haunted German Castle and Legend is your Favorite?

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    • LeCordonDude profile image


      7 years ago

      the haunted german castles lens is wicked cool!! Ich liebe dich!!

    • Brandi Bush profile image


      7 years ago from Maryland

      Haunted subject! :)

    • Infact profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Monika Weise: Thank you Monica, I will be working on some more German lenses!

    • Monika Weise profile image

      Monika Weise 

      7 years ago from Indianapolis, IN USA

      I love all things German. Great lens, very interesting.


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