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Help with subjects

Updated on September 21, 2016

What do you need help with?

Everyone is bad at something. But no one is perfect at everything. This means we all have room to improve ourselves!

When at school, it can sometimes be quite stressful to revise when you've never really had to before! Well have no fear! Here I will list revision materials for GCSE students preparing for their exams. So here goes!

Sorry, UK based help page!


English is something people think you can't really revise for... they lie!

There are 2 great ways to revise english:

1: Re-read things - re-read your book if that's what you're being tested on, or poems, etc. This way, it's always fresh in your mind!

2: Make notes - this I found especially useful: make notes on the poems/ books and read them over. Then if you remember them all, you're done! But if not, re-write out the notes, except the things you remember, so you condense your notes until you no longer need the notes!

1 is best done the night before (if you can read everything in one night, if not, you'll need longer time).

2 is best done throughout the year if you can, if not, then whenever your "english revision time" has been allocated.

Some English Revision Guides

These guides, although maybe not funny, have been written by very intelligent hard working people!

They're great at giving you information which is condensed so you can easily remember and revise from it.


Again, this maybe a topic in which you question where you would need to know how to find the square root of 32, or why you'd ever need to factorise in life!

But to get good at maths, you need to have practise at the methods, and that's the only way to revise maths (in my opinion)!

So go find some past papers, your maths book, and a revision guide, and look through the guide and your book in order to help you answer the questions.

Maths guides!

If you can't find the guide you need, click on one of the books, and you'll see a list of similar books you can purchase!


Science is a tricky one, and one where different people like to do different things.

Some, like me, enjoy notes, so I made notes on everything - mostly copied from the revision guide so i had great condensed notes to revise from.

Other people like to make posters.

Some people enjoy practising the experiments.

Some think flash cards are better!

But you should know the best way you learn, if not, try them all out and see for yourself!


Now this list is by no means finished! And if anyone requires a certain case study, then just ask and i will produce one!

But, again, here goes!

Are there any subjects you'd like some help with?

Just shout out here and i will do my best to give you the needed materials to pass!

Now time for your help!

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