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Helpful German Phrases

Updated on November 23, 2010

If you want to visit another country and want to conversate at least a bit with the inhabitants of it or just want to understand what they are essentially talking about, it is crucial that you know some phrases which may help you in certain circumstances. Germany is a wonderful country and I hope I can help you with this little guide a bit so that you can enjoy your holidays. These are the basic sentences to talk to other people and to make them understand what you want. The following examples consist of the German words and the translations of them in the brackets afterwards.

Saying Hello/Goodbye

  • Hallo, Guten Tag, Moin, Servus (Hello)

  • Guten Morgen (Good morning)

  • Guten Mittag (Good afternoon)

  • Guten Abend (Good evening)

  • Gute Nacht (Good night)

  • Willkommen (Welcome)

  • Verzeihung? (Excuse me?)

  • Bis dann, Bis bald, Bis später (See you later)

  • Wir sprechen uns später (Talk to you later)

  • Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye, fmr.)

  • Tschüss (Goodbye, inf.)

  • Schönen Tag noch (Have a nice day)

Introductive Phrases

  • Wie geht's? (How are you?)

  • Wie ist ihr Name? (What is your name?)

  • Woher kommst du? (Where are you from?)

  • Wie alt sind sie? (How old are you?)

  • Schönes Wetter heute (Nice weather today)

  • Schön, dich kennen zu lernen (Pleased to meet you)

Basic Sentences/Words

  • Viel Glück (Good Luck)

  • Ich liebe dich (I love you)

  • Ich verstehe nicht (I do not understand)

  • Wie sagt man....auf Deutsch? (How do you say ... in German?)

  • Wieviel kostet das? (How much does this cost?)

  • Danke (Thanks)
  • Entschuldigung (Sorry)

In Case Of An Emergency

  • Ruft die Polizei! (Call the police!)

  • Ruft die Feuerwehr! (Call the fire service!)

  • Hilfe! (Help!)

  • Lassen sie mich in Ruhe! (Leave me alone!)

  • Stop! (Stop!)

I hope I could help you at least somehow with this guide by making your stay in Germany more comfortable. If you have any more questions about German phrases or grammar, feel free to ask me in the comments. As I am German, I am sure that I will be able to help you.


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    • Pleasure Venues profile image

      Pleasure Venues 

      8 years ago from South West US

      This is great! I wish there were a site that had audio of the exact pronunciations. I love the language and tried to take it here in "New Mexico" but all they teach is Spanish! I looked up Rossetta Stone, but that costs over 700 dollars. Thanks for the post. I'm hoping to go to Germany next year.

    • EinsFloW profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you very very much. Such comments are one of the best reasons to write articles. If you have any further questions about the country or language feel free to contact me. :-)

    • jagerfoods profile image


      8 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      Very cool. My wife and I went back to Schwinefurt this year. This is her hometown and she speaks fluent German. I on the other hand was limited to a hand full of common phrases. We're planning to go back next Christmas and your phrasing will be helpful.


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