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Our Homeschool Story

Updated on February 29, 2020
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I homeschooled my daughter at the early age up to 9th grade. I love spending time with family and friends.

Our daughter during her writing lessons
Our daughter during her writing lessons | Source

Hi Everyone! Are you looking to homeschool your children but not sure of what curriculum to buy? That is so common to families who are contemplating homeschooling. In my case, I was so interested in homeschooling since my child was born. Meeting a lot of people at church who homeschooled their children, made me desire to do the same. I also like the freedom to select your own preferences of curriculum. Being able to control and own my time at the early age of my daughter's education gave me the desire to pursue that path when my child was ready to be taught. It was not easy at first, I do not know how to teach (I thought). I had only 2-year spent at the University for a Certificate course in my native country, the Philippines. But the more I read about homeschooling and learning from other people, the more we desire to follow that direction.

My husband and I decided to homeschool our daughter. First, we did a lot of homework. We went to homeschooling curriculum displays, watched videos, read books, homeschooling conventions and do a lot of research. When we found the curriculum that we liked, we were ready to go. It was not that hard to teach at all! First time is always scary. But when you know what to do, it will just flow. We want to do this so that I can spend more time with my daughter. Also being with my child, to train her the way we want her to grow - to be a loving, dedicated, respectful and responsible, godly person. That inspired us to start homeschooling. It's not always bed of roses, there were some bumps in the road but we were able to overcome the challenges we faced and she was able to finish up to first year high school.

Text books

Our text books
Our text books | Source

Looking for a curriculum...

We started to experiment curriculums when she was in kindergarten. Some of the curriculum does not fit to my teaching style and my child's learning style. We found ABEKA to be very easy to understand and direct to the point, easy to use curriculum. My husband taught Arithmetic, we found Math-u-see to be interesting too but we used it only for a year. It did not work for us. I did get frustrated but the secret is to keep on trying. We found Abeka Books to be more traditional. I like the teachers' manual and the teacher's guide - it was easy to follow. My daughter loved her student's text. Abeka curriculum was just right for us. Each homeschool family has their own style of learning and teaching. You have to really dig through all the curriculum around to see what works for you and your family. My husband made it easy for me by teaching Arithmetic and function as our principal. Math is not my cup of tea, so he made himself available at night so that he can teach our child. My husband's support is very important in this endeavor.



Every family is different. You have to know your child's learning style and your teaching style as well. I did not know it before we started, until we experimented with a few of the curriculums available. You might be asking - "which part of the house is most convenient to have my child do her school?" My answer is, anywhere in the house! I started teaching her in the kitchen, sometimes in the living room then my sister-in-law gave her a desk. Our guest room was used as our computer room, we decided to make it into our school room for a while. This is homeschool, you can teach wherever you want, as long as you do your work and your children are learning. Some family would like to have homeschool in a specific room with computer desk and stuff. It all depends on your preferences. Whatever is good for you will work. Sometimes our daughter got bored in our guest room so we moved to the living room. It's very convenient.


Our Experience...

Our favorite Bible Curriculum from 1st to 8th grade was from Christian Light Publication, Light Unit Sunrise Edition. It was divided into 4 booklets with student readers and activity page for kids to answer the questions on what they have learned from each lessons. I chose this instead of Abeka because this is much more cheaper and just as good. You can visit them at to learn more.

When our daughter was in 5th Grade - we were venturing into a new world of homeschooling through Abeka Academy. It is a set of DVD's that your child will watch via PC or TV. They have master teachers instructing your student on DVD. It's pretty much like a classroom setting. Our child loved it! She enjoys participating in the class and so pleased every time the teacher calls on her to answer the question. This requires very minimal supervision - I still have to give her tests and quizzes and grade them. It is more convenient. My job was to see to it that everything was working right. Everyday checking of the lesson plans, checking homework, etc.... My child became an independent learner. She will do what it takes to figure out things on her own. There are two sets of program to choose from: Program 1 is fully accredited, where Abeka Academy keeps the student's records. The second one, is a none-accredited program, where the teacher/parent keeps the records. I am using the none -accredited one. Abeka Academy website is:

After 9th grade our daughter wanted to experience some excitement of a high school life. She wanted to go to public school near our home. It was hard two weeks of transitioning from a homeschool kid to a high school kid, but she did it! Teachers were surprised to learn that she was homeschooled. She was able to find friends and enjoyed her three years of public school. She said homeschooling helped her to succeed academically during high school.

PE - Tennis

Forehand strokes
Forehand strokes

Physical Education

Home schooling also gives the freedom to choose your schedules: what month to start; what subject to be taught first; when to have field trips and so forth. In our case, we pretty much follow our town's school district schedules, except for maybe a week earlier - to cover for sick days. Some family are homeschooling all year round. Some do unit studies on any subject they preferred to tackle that year. My family just like the traditional way of school, that is why we choose Abeka. For Physical Education, our daughter have tennis, swimming and one summer was a softball lessons. We incorporate vacation with field trip too. During her 8th to 9th grade, our daughter started to be interested in archery. We brought her to the shooting range at least every week.

Have a success in choosing the best homeschool materials that suited to your family needs. Have a good day!

My daughter was forming a pizza dough.
My daughter was forming a pizza dough. | Source

Our cooking class...

Another homeschooling experience in the kitchen....

My daughter was making a pizza dough - instead of putting pizza sauce, we put brown sugar and grated cheese and bake it in 350 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes. The pizza dough has already been half bake for 10 minutes then we added sugar and cheese. We were just experimenting a recipe, it turned out to be a good pizza dessert or whatever you may call it, lol!

Abeka Spelling and Poetry

One of our daughter's favorite Poems from Abeka Book. I hope you'll enjoy this selection. Thanks for your time.

This is the place were we are having our homeschool classes. It's our computer room/guest room.

It's a blessing that I was able to record our daughter's favorite poem.

Another Poem from Abeka Spelling and Poetry.....

Our daughter reciting her poem from Abeka Books. This was a graded recitation. I am glad I was able to video this precious moments.

One of our field trips
One of our field trips | Source

One of our field trips

At the farm...

Our child was so excited to see some animals such as: horses, dogs, and cats. We cannot own any pets except for some fish because I am allergic to our furry friends. This is really a treat to her holding those cutie kittens.

Useful Guide to Homeschooling


For beginners, I recommend to read the book, "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling" by Brad Miser - this book will give you alot of information on how to operate your homeschool. Also join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HLDA) a none-profit organization to defend constitutional right of parents to homeschool. Their website is Know what your states requirements before you start homeschooling. God bless!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Lorna


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