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Home Study Area: Create a Study Station as a Kids Study Area

Updated on February 1, 2013

Kids Study Areas: Create a Station for Your Child's Home Study

Whether your child is in the early years of education, or farther along, study time can be a challenge. Studying at home competes with electronic gadgets, video games, and all sorts of things, while extra curricular activities keep others running. By the time they're home, the overextended youngsters are often challenged in finding a sense of focus, in getting homework done.

Creation of a devoted study area for your kids can assist in providing that focus, and it doesn't need to be a rigid type of arrangement. It can be a personalized study station, highlighting your youngster's favorites, and providing incentives, reminders, and organizers to help your child make good use of the time he needs to dedicate to home study.

Define a Kids Study Area with a Student Desk or Table

Finding a good desk, suited in size and design to your child's needs, is a great start to defining a study area. Storage of needed school supplies helps in terms of making sure your youngster isn't running off looking for pencils, paper, and other needs every time you turn around.

Wall Reminders Make Use of the Home Study Area

Dry erase wall decals provide a fantastic means of creating a space for reminders, notes, and work on the wall in your child's home study area. Available at RoomMates, through the linked photo, you can find many shapes and designs, in both dry erase and chalkboard styles. Write your child's spelling words, work out a math problem together, or make to-do lists in a manner that helps to keep your child focused and on track.

Click image, to check pricing and details at RoomMates.

Personalize Your Child's Study Area

Make a home study area interesting...

Using wall decals of favorite characters or themes, you can spiff up your kids' study areas, without being overly distracting. A sampling of some favorites are featured below...access pricing details and availability, along with many more ideas, at RoomMates, by clicking through the images below.

Cars 2 wall decals are great for elementary school-aged boys' study areas.

Princess Quotes can motivate and encourage your daughter.

Wall Pockets Help Organize a Kids Study Area

Peel and stick pockets provide unique places for putting school materials: spelling lists, completed homework, corrected tests, and more.

Sports Decor in Your Child's Study Station

Sports imagery can be very effective at encouraging boys in their academics.

Educational Wall Stickers and Decals

More personalization for your home study area...

Spell your child's toughest vocabulary words, post his name, or create other "on the wall" educational activities related to math and language, using peel and stick decals of letters and numbers.

Have you ever made a study station?

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for such practical and attractive inspiration. I have recently given over my office space to my teenage daughter, so some of these ideas are perfect.

    • profile image

      SandyPeaks 6 years ago

      Wonderful lens for encouraging home study! Blessed by a SquidAngel.