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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Updated on November 1, 2014

Homeschooling Spanish

Many homeschoolers are intimidated by the idea of homeschooling a foreign language. Thoughts of their own poor performance in Spanish class dance before their eyes and their stomach turns. What if I told you that Spanish could become your favorite subject to homeschool? It just might. Spanish, more than the other foreign languages, has just a ton of options for how you choose to learn it.

And with Spanish being such a common language in the United States (Spanish is spoken as the primarily language at home in just over 10% of U.S. households), there are lots of opportunities to practice and lots of reasons that will be evident to your family about WHY they want to learn Spanish. It certainly is not "just an academic" pursuit.

So keep reading, because we've got all kind of ideas and resources for you to develop a highly rewarding Spanish language homeschooling curriculum.

Have FUN Homeschooling Spanish

How do you say delicious in Spanish? Delicioso!

An advantage that homeschooling families have is the ability to take the classroom wherever they go. Your experience at a Mexican restaurant can be changed by not just passively dining and leaving. If your waiter/waitress is Latino(a), speak with him, ask them where they (or their family) are from. If you explain you are trying to learn Spanish and ask if you can practice with them most Latino waiters/waitresses are more than willing to work with you while you dine, in my experience. An authentic Mexican restaurant may have menus in Spanish and English, ask for one of each and order in Spanish.

A great time to go to a Mexican restaurant would be on September 16, el día del grito (“the day of the cry”). September 16 commemorates the Mexican struggle for independence from Spain in 1810. Many Mexican immigrants still retain this celebration. If your town/city has a large Mexican-American community, find out if there is an independence celebration going on near you. This can be a great chance to not only practice Spanish but learn the history of Mexico and how people honor their country and traditions.

Homeschooling Spanish Means Learning Spanish is a Family Matter

A unique slant that assumes you are learning Spanish as a family unit.

52 Weeks of Family Spanish: Bite Sized Weekly Lessons to Get You and Children Speaking Spanish Together!
52 Weeks of Family Spanish: Bite Sized Weekly Lessons to Get You and Children Speaking Spanish Together!
Very easy to follow the suggestions for learning Spanish together. Many homeschoolers will want to supplement with something more substantial, but this is a nice addition to your homeschooling Spanish curriculum.
Spanish teachers
Spanish teachers

Give Your Children International Spanish Language Instruction

WIth extremely reasonable rates, International Homeschooling Net is offering Spanish Language instruction (as well as 16 other languages) from teachers around the world. Currently they have an introductory offer to homeschoolers to take two private half-hour lessons for $10.

Pictured here, Templo de Debod (Debod's Temple) was donated by Egypt to Spain and reconstructed in Madrid. International Spanish instruction offers first-hand experience with Spanish culture and history.

3M Post-it Bilingual Notes
3M Post-it Bilingual Notes
A budget option if you like the idea of Spanish Flash Cards or Sticky notes

Don Quijote has several programs for learning Spanish while visiting Spanish speaking countries, some of them are specifically aimed at children and young adults. I thought their prices were VERY reasonable.

If you are trying to keep airfare costs low, you may want to consider their programs in Latin America or Mexico.

Homeschooling Spanish Books
Homeschooling Spanish Books

No-Work Spanish

If one of your reasons for homeschooling is wanting your children to learn via different and creative methods, than you will definitely want to add No-Work Spanish audiobooks to your homeschooling curriculum.

No-Work Spanish audio books are a new concept that allow you to learn Spanish by listening to a story. Each sentence is read, first in English, and then in Spanish. At the end of the chapter, it is repeated entirely in Spanish.

Here is how No-Work Spanish audiobooks work:

No-Work Spanish stories are performed by talented bilingual actors and actresses. You'll want to listen to find out what happens next in the story.

As you hear each sentence first in English, then in Spanish, your mind links the two, just as effortlessly as you learn the words to a song you like.

Hearing the chapter repeated, entirely in Spanish, after you have absorbed the Spanish vocabulary reinforces the Spanish and greatly improves your ability to listen and comprehend an entire Spanish passage.

You do not need to know any Spanish to learn from No-Work Spanish audiobooks. On the other hand, if you already know some Spanish, you will learn that much faster.

Yaks March on Washington - Learn Spanish through Stories

Learn Spanish by listening to stories. Here's a video version of Chapter 1 of Yaks March on Washington. Yaks March on Washington is based on the true story of Phil Wykle, an Idaho rancher who travelled across the country with six yaks in tow.

The No-Work Spanish Audiobooks on Amazon

These are brand-new and very unique. They can be used to learn Spanish alone or as a supplement to a more traditional teaching method.

Poster Girl, Bilingual Audiobook for Learning Spanish - No-Work Spanish Title 2 (English and Spanish Edition) (No-work Spanish Audiobooks)
Poster Girl, Bilingual Audiobook for Learning Spanish - No-Work Spanish Title 2 (English and Spanish Edition) (No-work Spanish Audiobooks)
Paula wants to outdo her goody-two shoes rival Cynthia, but nothing is going quite as she planned.
The Case of the Missing Poodle, Bilingual Audiobook for Learning Spanish - No-Work Spanish Title 3 (English and Spanish Edition)
The Case of the Missing Poodle, Bilingual Audiobook for Learning Spanish - No-Work Spanish Title 3 (English and Spanish Edition)
Designed to emphasis travel vocabulary, Matt is at the airport with his family when he hatches a scheme to earn a $100,00 reward!

Add Free Spanish Lessons to Your Spanish Homeschooling Curriculum - and Learn Spanish for Free Online

Two resources that I've found useful for learning Spanish free online are, Learn Spanish Today.They sell a product called Visual Link Spanish, but offer you a chance to use quite a bit of it for free online.

And below is one of many free video Spanish lessons available online. This woman has a whole series of these lessons if you like this one.

Also Recommended for Homeschooling Spanish

When former Spanish teacher Caryn Hommel began homeschooling her children she picked a traditional Spanish curriculum and invited friends to have their children join her and her kids to learn together. After three weeks, she gave the children an assessment. Despite the best efforts of Hommel and her students, their results were not good. Hommel was dismayed and began looking into alternative methods, beginning with TPR: Total Physical Response.

TPR has been around since the 1980s and was the brainchild of Dr. James Asher, a prominent brain researcher. Dr. Asher discovered that children with no previous exposure to Japanese were able to respond appropriately to complex and varied commands in Japanese after only a very few hours of instruction when taught by a fluent Japanese instructor who modeled his utterances with gestures and physical movement, which the children then imitated as opposed to reproducing the verbal utterances themselves. They were not expected to repeat what he said.

Hommel decided to give this a try to pulled together private classes of homeschool students for TPR-based lessons weekly for an entire school year. The students' attitudes, speaking abilities and comprehension level were all vastly superior to anything Caryn had ever seen before. The kids felt successful, confident and happy.

Caryn began recording teaching sessions and compiled these into video lessons and assembled her written materials into a workbook and dubbed it 'Excelerate Spanish'. The entire collection is available from: Excelerate Spanish's website or specific pieces can be purchased from Amazon as shown here.

Excelerate SPANISH DVD Lessons 1-6
Excelerate SPANISH DVD Lessons 1-6
The Excelerate SPANISH program is comprehensive, effective, and easy to use. Just pop in the lesson video on DVD, hit play, and you’re ready to go. Each lesson begins with an introduction of the new vocabulary and structures. You’ll see the words as they are listed on the whiteboard, hear their pronunciation, and model a gesture for each word or phrase. This gesturing, also known as Total Physical Response (TPR) is an important element of the Excelerate SPANISH program. Studies in brain functionality and linguistics show that TPR facilitates foreign language acquisition for all age groups. TPR activates various motor cortices of the brain, making it easier to learn Spanish than you’d ever thought possible!
Excelerate SPANISH Workbook
Excelerate SPANISH Workbook
The Excelerate SPANISH Workbook contains a variety of engaging activities for students' continued practice and mastery. Designed to help effectuate proficiency, this indispensable tool provides students with opportunities to: Recycle vocabulary items Demonstrate reading comprehension skills Discover and apply grammatical features Classify words and phrases, and Acquire and communicate in Spanish! Appealing to multiple learning styles, aptitudes, and interests, this resource balances analytical applications with right-brained activities and fun puzzles. Thoughtful, effective, and stimulating; a must-have as you Excelerate SPANISH!

Rosetta Stone - Spanish Homeschool Edition

Rosetta Stone has a homeschool edition with a Parents' Guide and progress reports. You will find the best prices on Ebay, including authorized resellers offering money-back guarantee.

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum NOT from Rosetta Stone - Rosetta Stone is not your only option

With so many homeschoolers needing foreign language instruction and Spanish being the top choice for a language to study, many other companies now offer homeschool Spanish curriculum. The best bargains are all on Ebay. Here's a sampling:

More Thoughts on Homeschooling Spanish

For parents that homeschool, teaching any subject by state standards is difficult when the teacher has no mastery of the subject themselves. However, with subjects like algebra or biology, a homeschooling parent probably knows enough from prior experience to guide the child along and re-learn the subject on their own. But what about foreign languages like Spanish?

If a homeschooling parent has never studied Spanish, how can they teach it? While there is no easy answer to this dilemma, teaching Spanish to your homeschooled student can be a cooperative learning experience between you and your student. Learning Spanish can be so much more than simply learning words and grammar rules. Implementing cultural learning can keep your child motivated and engaged as well as expand your own horizons.

By learning Spanish you are becoming part of a language that unites over 400 million people globally. Embrace this challenge and community. You can find more information on how to learn Spanish and learn a little more every day.

Pass on any tips or problems to avoid on homeschooling Spanish and recommended curriculum.


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