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Updated on November 27, 2017

Homeskool Kidz Rok!


I'm RitaAnn~ home school mom for many years now.

Ok, update here. :-) Youngest is gone. I can't stand it. I had a melt down the other day. He's wanting to stay gone another 4 months because he doesn't think his education is worth dealing with. UGH! I'm a home school mom. NOTHING SHOULD GO WRONG! Truth is, nothing is perfect.

Only one kid home now and I'm not sure if I ever want him to leave. **This is where the story started. :-(

Does any parent want their child to leave? YES! Over the years many mothers have told me they were ready for their child to leave the home. "I'm ready for them to get out and let me have my house back" or any one of many other things parents say. I, on the other hand am the odd parent who wants her kids to live with me "forever and ever".

I have also had MANY kids stay in my home from the 'south side' whom I love as if they were my own. I lost count after 45. Some have had the homeschool information, most are dropouts who need the home education philosophy, unfortunately, they will choose the streets for the 'fast money' instead of the education.

Our educational system has failed. Our 'system' has failed. Another generation of street kids will go without parents because of the drug infestation, and another generation of kids will go without an education. It's a cycle I want to see broken.

My family and I used to help at The Potters Wheel on the south end of town. It's a church dedicated to helping those less fortunate, handicapped, elderly and widowed. They have many programs going on to reach outside of the church as well. The people there have been an asset to the ministry and genuinely care about the people that come through the doors.

Here's the Potter's Wheel site, donate, volunteer or send your beans so we can help others.

Anyway, back to homeschooling kidz....

We've been teaching our children from the beginning, during the nursery school years until the high school years. We've used several programs over the years and spent an excessive amount of money. I kept coming back to an un schooling approach. The kids seem to flourish learning what 'they' love to learn.

My daughter has been making a little money here and there online since she was 9. She started on Ebay way back when. In fact, when we took her to the Ebay conference, everyone could fit in one hotel room to hear about this new company called Ebay.

The future of our children has been important to our family and we felt she should be independent as a young woman so she wouldn't have to depend on a job or man for her future. To find things the kids loved to do in order to generate income for themselves has been the goal from the beginning. So, we've been learning online for years.

The youngest is building lenses. He hates it. In fact, he doesn't like much of anything other than minecraft. You'll have to check out his Minecraft lens when you get some time and let him know how you liked it.

Hey! What ARE YOU THINKING? - Give me some feedback, I'd like to know

What is it about home schooling you're curious about?

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Love Is: "Twins" - Love has no boundries

Non-blood related "twins"  GC used to stand beside him and say they were twins.  Oh I miss this.Kids in the house, each doing their particular thing; wish I could do it all over again.... :-(
Non-blood related "twins" GC used to stand beside him and say they were twins. Oh I miss this.Kids in the house, each doing their particular thing; wish I could do it all over again.... :-(

African American Audios for your kids to hear while traveling or going across town. - Martin Luther King Audios

Every race and culture could listen to the words of Martin Luther King and be genuinely changed. He saw things to come and though we are not there yet as a country, he put his life at jeapory daily standing up for what he believed in. How many of us would do the same?

Teach your children african american history from Martin Luther King. His speeches, preaching and life style were something that every country, every people, nation and tribe could learn from.

Here are some of the audios we suggest you check into. Our favorite audio of MLK isn't in the list or we'd tell you to get that one first. It was over $50.00 when we got it some years ago so it might be more than that now, it's not in the list anyway so we added some of the audios we thought you might be interested in.

MLK was a man of:

Peace. A man of integrity. Honor. Discipline.

He was example of a Creator bigger than the ugliness we see all over our streets and media.

His messages from the pulpit should ring louder than all the foolishness that our media feeds us via television.

Have your children even heard his voice before?

Do they know who he is or what he stood for?

You can push on the picture to listen to some of the audios, make sure your kids hear his voice.

Best Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Best Of The Speeches
The Best Of The Speeches

These speeches can also be downloaded for as little as .99 on the page that you find this CD.


What is YOUR Role in the Church? Martin Luther King, Jr.

Role Of The Church
Role Of The Church

The role of the people of God are simple; to love one another.

Hear from one of the greatest pastors of all time as he explains what the role of the people of God are and how the church changes the world.

If you've never evangelized as a family, this CD will give you the perspective that if Martin Luther King could share his faith and love for the Creator at a time in history when it wasn't acceptable, you can too.

This is a time for you to share your love with others at a time when our values as a nation need you to share. Our nation has never been as far away as it is in today's times.

Get this now for your family, for other church members and for those you don't know; just coming here to America.


Dad helps with baseball

The Ultimate Collection of Martin Luther King Speeches

The Ultimate Collection of Speeches by Martin Luther King

When my kids were home and being educated at home, this was one of the sets of audios we listened to on a regular basis.

This particular collection should be part of your regular studies. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had an important impact on America's history and if your youth aren't learning about this man, what he stood for, and how he impacted millions around the world, you're not teaching them history.

guys gotta eat
guys gotta eat

Unusual Homeschool Family

What homeschool is 'normal'!?

We are what you might call an 'unusual homeschool family'.

The above photo is M and GC at home in the kitchen.

These two are "two peas in a pod" when it comes to being peaceful, quiet, gentle spirits.

When M first came to live with us, GC used to tell people they were twins. She'd proudly stand next to her 'older brother' and introduce them as twins. The looks we got.....especially from those people who knew us. Then there were the 'looks' we got from random strangers.....

The photo to the right is a couple of the guys during feeding time. lol

If these guys could get a hold of the love for learning, they'd be unstoppable. Each young person is different, each going through his own struggles for survival, trying to cope with things that you and I could never understand. Learning in a traditional classroom isn't always the solution for kids who have been traumatized by life. Many are labeled in one way or another, most will never recover and be lost to the streets. They know I love them, they know I want the best for them.

Since those earlier days, my young people have grown into young adults. They have kids of their own in some cases and hopefully the home education theory will continue to the next generation. It's about the 'LOVE' for learning, not the taking in of mindless information but that which helps us become productive citizens.

I can't tell you how many of the kids even learned anything while with us. There's no way to measure it I suppose. I know we have a better understanding of one another and our cultures. It's something that has been important to me from the beginning.

Though not all were home schooled, all were loved.

Our home was one of two cultures (we speak ebonics and english)

We are christian and 'thug'

The music we listen to is worship and hip hop.

We are family. We are home schoolers.

PS. It has been something that ONLY God can do. Over the years the trials have been many, I only serve to build up others as they go through the journey.

Lessons learned:

*Stick with 'Old School','Seasoned' home schoolers and Law. It's your family you're fighting for.

*Love and Teach like you will never see that child again.

Dr. Martin Luther King's Famous Speeches

Most Famous Speeches
Most Famous Speeches

We don't have this set, but when the kids were young I wish it were one we had access to.

It looks like an asset to speech and debate classes in my opinion. It would definitely be a wonderful addition to any home educating family.


For the new Homeschool family (the "Start Collection" for NEW Home educating family) - Some HS books to get you started

If you're like most parents who want to be sure they 'do' everything right so you don't 'mess' up your kid, then I can tell you "you're on the right track", "you're a concerned parent". This is a great thing.

So, the reason I start with this small 'start' collection BEFORE homeschooling, or spending any money on curriculum is:

During my years of educating at home I've found one common denominator; the parents give up.

Many reasons factor in. Too many to name.

I want to keep it simple for the parent who is considering home education as a means to help your child. (Homeschooling is for the child, not you, not your family, community or some social group, it's for the child)

If you understand how your child learns, if you understand what helps that child retain information, if you help your child learn the way only he/she can learn to the fullest capacity and become his/her highest 'self' then isn't that what the 'parent job' is all about? Let's face it, the educational system can only do so much right? It doesn't mean they don't 'want' to do their best, it's really not their fault your child isn't where YOU think he/she needs to be, it's not your fault either. So, start by taking the first step and learn how your child learns best, then have them read the book also. My children read the book and it was helpful for them in each of their own lives. We are to put the information in front of them that will guide them on their own path and future. It's up to them to grab hold and WANT to learn. LOVE to learn so they continually grow, prosper and be in health.

NOTE: All of the below items are good enough to keep in the car. Read / Play while you're traveling. Start with The Way They Learn if you're still not sure.

Start Here:

If you don't have an Amazon Account Click here:

Sign up on Amazon here.

If you don't have a Paypal Account click here:

The Way They Learn
The Way They Learn

Cynthia Tobias does a wonderful job as an educator (public school teacher) explainingeach learning style in such a way that you can't wait to teach your own children.This book was one of the books on my kids reading list and I'll never regret making that descision.My family learned, not only how to take in information, but how they each learn specific to their own learning needs.Cynthias book has given insite to my children in ways I had never dreamed, even in as much as outside relationships. It's given them an opportunity to get to know others that they might not have known otherwise in an incredible new way.This is one of those 'must have' books for the home educated family.


5 Things to remember:

1) You can do this.

2) Nobody wants more for your family than you do. (family=Love, not blood)

3) Trust your instincts.

4) Find Homeschool families in your area.

5) Every child learns differently.

Gods Homies Affiliate links (clicking our links and purchasing products from us helps us help others.)

(even if you don't see the photo, the links are products we feel are beneficial to your home education. We get a small commission on some of the links if you purchase the products. We wouldn't add the products if we didn't feel these were products that helped us in our home school adventures.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I'm no longer working at the Potter's Wheel but what they do is incredible work and they give so much of their hearts to the community. Everything you do to help this mission will bring so many results.

Yo, Millard Fillmore! Book for Learning Presidents

Yo, Millard Fillmore: And All the Other Presidents You Don't Know Memorize Them All . . . . .
Yo, Millard Fillmore: And All the Other Presidents You Don't Know Memorize Them All . . . . .

This was a journey, and adventure!

WE LOVED THIS BOOK as a family.

The format for learning makes the children remember the presidents in a way they will love and not easily forget. Easy to understand, with short stories and interesting drawings to make the presidents fun to learn. Don't pass this book up, it's a no brainer.

First Reader
First Reader

(photo doesn't show up, but don't let that stop you from checking it out)I used this with both biological kiddos. I would recommend it for as early as possible and you'll use it until they love reading. Both my kids LOVE to READ.I started using this book when my oldest was in a high chair. By 3 she was reading. Not full sentences, but she was reading words. It was amazing! This is a great book for any family with small children. I've also helped inner city kids read with this book.You can't go wrong with this purchase.Nothing compares.It's phonetic, not memory.Get it today if you want your children to learn.


EVERY FAMILY Needs this Book

God and Science Bridged as One: It makes sense
God and Science Bridged as One: It makes sense

This is a book that we're working through now. (UPDATE: Were learning. About mid stream, youngest left home and didn't finish, However, this is INCREDIBLE reading material for the entire family. Not one you'll want to pass up.)

Get this information in front of the youngest child in your home! The information in this book will give even the earliest learner a head start like nothing else. By using the photos, they will learn geography, astronomy, land marks and more without even knowing it!

If high school science isn't quite your 'thing', this is what you need. Quantum Physics, Astronomy, and so much more explained for the whole family to understand.

It really does 'make sense'


Math, the FUN way.

Math it
Math it

Here's a math game that takes the drudge out of learning math. I wish I would have had this when I was young. Even younger children can learn with this set of color coded play pieces because you play until you understand it.

Coded pieces are for the pattern in which the game is taught. Ingenious!

Our family loved it, for fun, entertainment, and education.

Simplified Math; even the youngest can learn with this tool.


Homeschool Video - 7 Lies about Homeschooling

Ever wondered about homeschooling?

On this funny video, you'll see some of the home school myths debunked.

African American History - african american heritage day saint of God tells a story

History African American

Story Time History for the African American Man - Leader of a Godly Home

Once upon a time......

When I homeschooled M, I wanted to be sure that I had enough African American History to help him know who he was as a man. To help him be a man that could be confident, a man of integrity, one that could change the world in some beautiful way, a man that would marry, bring a good wife home that would love our family, and all the other things that would make him be this incredible little man.

I sought to find old books and history to help him know his history.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much in book form that I considered 'true Black Man's History'. I searched for the right information, the information I thought was the most accurate from 'his' people, his culture, not an opinion from another culture than his. There was nothing I could do, as a white woman raising and homeschooling a young man from a different culture, to prepare him for the world, in my opinion, than put accurate information in his hands. The ONLY history I felt good enough for this young man was from his people, and culture who were willing to tell their story.

It was difficult not only finding audio, video and historical information written from the African American, but when we went on a journey to find his past, we found it more difficult. There were few documents at our disposal on the black ancestry, so we went online to find some of our curriculum.

We have to teach our young people history so they can have a better world than we had. If we learn to see the mistakes our ancestors made and learn a better way, together, a better country. WE ARE AMERICA, WE ARE FAMILY, we must learn for our children and their children.

Anyway, I love this old saint of God, you just have to hear this history.

Homeschool Kidz on Ebay

Here's one of the ways the kids make a little extra money.

Find us on Ebay and connect.

If you're a homeschool family, be sure to add your ebay link in the comment section along with your information about you so other homeschool families can also see your information.

Don't forget to check out the Homeschool Kidz in Biz group on yahoo. There's a link in the article above.

Tell us YOUr story - What's your story?

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    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 3 years ago

      @tonybonura: Hey Tony, Do you have any links that might possibly be something you'd like me to share with the home education world? I found some for building model airplanes, growing gardens etc. I like adding like hands on learning. You've got some great ideas I'm sure. RitaAnn~...always learning.

    • homeschoolkids profile image

      RitaAnn 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Ray,Thanks for stopping by.We never had a graduation for the two older kids; they didn't want to deal with it. There were about 3,000 homeschool families in our area a couple years ago; not sure what the numbers are now.The oldest is a kid from the streets, he's family now. He had attended public school and just dropped out. Then he asked to be homeschooled, we were a little late finishing his high school, but he finished, I was so proud of him.My daughter loved learning, then when she was 14, she got tired of school and was ready to give up. I suggested she work twice as hard and try to finish school early so she could have one year before college. She worked diligently. We took her to the local community college to help her with classes I didn't feel I was able to help with. When we met with the person to help us with her classes they were amazed at her scores. She was 16 and they said her scores "blew them out of the water". They wanted her to take Senior classes and a full load.My gut told me to have her take 1 or 2 classes because she was so young. Ended up they had her take a full load, she failed everything and became so discouraged she dropped out. We did finish but it put a different taste in her mouth for education. She liked college, (playing) but she lost interest in learning. Sigh.They are both doing ok, on their own paths and happy. That's good enough for me. We are all close, but time flies and I miss them terribly.One is still at home, he's 16 now and I know he misses having the two older kids at home. He's our original reason for home educating. He's had lung problems since birth so here we are today. lolWell, thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you around.RitaAnn~Here's a small part of what we do:

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      One of my friends in our Bible Study homeschooled her granddaughter. She graduated in June of 2012 and we attended the ceremony. There were about 80 kids in the association. What a wonderful way to raise kids your way!

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I have some experience with homeschooled kids since I was a "visiting teacher" for several families for high school Math and Science courses. It was a lot of fun and the kids and moms were just great!TonyB


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