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Updated on February 19, 2015

As we speak, this is our evolution from homo-sapiens to homo-galactic. We are evolving into the 'less-physical.'

This is a very exciting time to be alive and be able to experience these times of shift and disclosure as well as the evolutionary change of our species.

Never before has there been such an onslaught of information and videos of people of all walks of life coming forward with their experience or connections with ET's in some form or another. Many people who were once skeptics or down right disbelievers, have looked outside their box they were raised in, or at least ponder to look out. That is growth in itself. It is our thoughts that evolve us. This is the evolution from homo-sapiens to homo-galactic.

What fire and being able to read and write and the awareness of our 'self' made us homo-sapians, our imagination is poised to evolve us into gelatic beings of a higher vibration. Because it is our imagination that will let us believe that we can raise our frequency of being. After that, we are able to, then all things are possible.

"A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to it's old dimensions." -Oliver Wendell Holmes

We can ride this imagination away from the belief that we are not connected to nature and away from the need to worship the idea that there is something greater than ourselves that is responsible for our World, our experiences and our choices. That some deity is going to save all of us who believe a certain way.

With our imagination we will revisit our lost vision we had with the infinite horizons of our potential nature. We will fly clear of the feelings of being lost, of conflict, of sadness, of hopelessness, of being sinners, of depression and perceptions of illness, and dis-ease, of cancers and wars, and fights, and lack, and arguments, and anger and fear.

With our imagination we can expand our beliefs about who we really are and allow new ideas of who we really are to come into an awareness of our true history. We will then see more clearly how to re-define ourselves and our feelings and make new choices and establish new beliefs that involve less pain and greater joy for all beings on this planet and others.

Our imagination is images we are happy with in our life. That which we choose to focus on continually and put out thus then it will be drawn back to us. What we put out is what we get back. The law of attraction is the third law of creation. The world that we perceive is all a reflection of the images we are projecting out from the inward of our being, from our heart, from our mind.

We are all projecting these images from the nation of images within us with our thoughts and feelings, and ideas, and attitudes and opinions and actions. We project all those thoughts outward like a movie projector and then we become like an audience member in a movie, so to speak, and we begin living in our 3D physical reality theater with the results that came back to us from all of the images that we have projected outward. We are then able to live in and experience our very own motion picture that are filled with our energy.

So be not afraid of our future. The less we are afraid and the less we are absorbed with fear of it all, the easier this evolution will occur. And it is occurring whether we happen to believe it at this point in time or not. And there are other beings that have evolved like we are doing. We are not alone now or are we alone then, no matter what dimension. Everything that was once our 'science fiction' is turning into our 'non-fiction,' as I proved in 'Science Fiction is a Dying Art.'

"Ahr in tor kai mor ren"-Arvantis * (translation) "There is much love in our hearts for all of you!"

Extraterrestrial Life - Galactic Humans


As a result of spiritual teaching, we know that the conditions of the various worlds differ one from the other, with respect to the degree of elevation or inferiority of their inhabitants, amongst whom are those inferior to the inhabitants of Earth, both physically and mentally; some in the same category, yet others which are more or less superior in every aspect.

In the inferior worlds, existence is all material, passions are sovereign and morality is almost nil. At the same time as the soul is progressing the material influences diminish to such an extent that in the elevated worlds life is, by way of saying, all spiritual.

In the intermediate worlds good is mixed with evil, one or the other predominating according to the degree of advancement of the majority of the inhabitants. although it is not possible to make an absolute classification of the different worlds, we can at least divide then in general terms by virtue of the state in which they are in, and the destiny they bring with them, based on the most predominant features upon each planet in the following manner: Primitive worlds, destined to receive the initial incarnations of the human soul; worlds of tests and atonement, where evil predominates; regenerating worlds, where souls who still have to atone may absorb new strength by resting from the fatigue of fighting; blessed worlds, where goodness out weighs evil; celestial or divine worlds, inhabited by purified Spirits, where only goodness exists. Earth belongs to the category of worlds of tests and atonement, which is why mankind lives encompassed by such misery.

Spirits who find themselves incarnated in any world are not bound to that same world indefinitely, nor do they go through all the phases of progress needed to achieve perfection in that one world. When they reach the maximum degree of advancement their world has to offer, they then pass on to a more elevated one, and so on successively till they reach the state of purified Spirits. These different worlds are stations where the Spirits find the elements they need for their progress that are in accordance to their degree of perfection.

Charles Hall * The Tall White (alien)

Galactic Heritage

by Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to embrace you as you continue to anchor the energies of great change into your reality. We can sense your fatigue in dealing with the struggles that are before you. We acknowledge that you have done this work and service for eons of time. You have repeatedly stepped into this dimension and this earth plane of physical manifestation to truly assist and support the lifting up and the transformation of misqualified energy.

You are aware of this and you continue to offer your own experience and emotions into the caldron of change. It is your dedicated service and awakened consciousness that is beginning to experience your own spiritual authority.

You are a being of great light and galactic heritage. It is time to claim ownership of your personal sovereignty. It is time that you allow yourself to remember who you truly are. A starbeing, encoded with the wisdom and the understanding that you are here on planet Earth to advocate, champion, encourage and promote life sustaining actions.

You have codes that have rendered you as victim, as servant, as somehow less than.
Now is the time for you to be impeccably honest with yourself. Begin to investigate your beliefs, who gave them to you, where did you acquire them, notice how they became a part of how you view the world. These limited beliefs have colored how you act and react to your everyday life. They have limited you and held you back from experiencing a world which is loving, supportive, nurturing and fulfilling.

If there is a limited belief in any area of your experience it is a false belief. You are unlimited; you are a multidimensional galactic being of ineffable cosmic intelligence. It is your time to step into that understanding. Your actions and your knowledge are needed to support the true transformation of humanity.

Be gentle yet firm with yourself as you investigate any limited expression of who you think you are. Remember you are divine consciousness manifest in physical form. It is that physical form, your body, that allows you to interface with this dimension and this dense reality, yet you know that is only one small aspect of who you are. We will agree that while you are reading these words and accepting our invitation to review your perceptions and beliefs, it is this physical aspect that holds your focus.

Begin to embrace that you are always in several dimensions and timeframes simultaneously. Breathe that truth into every cell. Begin to own this truth in a way that your DNA is influenced.

Let's us suggest that your DNA is a biological internet which processes information from your physical reality as well as from the universe. It is the DNA which allows you to access cosmic consciousness and supports your expanded awareness and understanding of yourself as a galactic being.

The DNA resides within the nucleus of every cell of your physical body. Now consider that there are over 100 trillion cells within your body. DNA is responsible for the function of every one of those 100 trillion cells. DNA is a genetic blueprint for every aspect of your physical form and it is also carries the galactic blueprint for your celestial form and aspect.

Your scientists are beginning to share their finding that DNA can be programmed. You as a multidimensional being can begin to activate light codes within your own personal DNA. Biologists have discovered that your DNA is and can be affected by the emotional vibrations that you are experiencing and offering. Your emotional vibrations either allow this energy to bathe each cell or hinder this life force. Emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, judgment or blame close off a cell's receptivity to this life giving energy.

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