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Updated on August 8, 2010

Best Minority Empowerment!

Best minority recruitment for minority employment is the future of all races but we at Minority TImes Magazine believe that Equal Opportunity Council's website is much better and will surpass because of the diversity and the college opportunity that has presented itself on The key word here is multiculturalism which is really branching out more and more in this country and abroad as well. It's not easy to find the best college/job recruitment site online for minorities and high school graduates that want to continue to gain or find out more about college recruitment through the Equal Opportunity Council which can be your magic carpet ride to a better college or job future with trends that are making people stop, look and listen to what is being done for minorities with diverse ideas of education for the right future. We are expanding here at to give anyone looking for college or a job after high school a 'leg up' to find the right thing for them.



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    • profile image

      Leslie Siegel 7 years ago

      Kim: Just go here and I'm sure all your questions will be answered. They really area quite good Kim. I would suggest you contact them when you have any questions, but I can tell you that is better than because you are not a number in a crowd and having a robot HTML take your resume and then run a fake email saying "GOOD JOB FOR YOU!" At you will find you will be treated more like a winner and a person with potential. Just see site, make contact and your decision should be I can promise you that!

    • profile image

      Kim Nguyen 7 years ago

      Great article, Leslie. I was about to sign a contract with specifically for their diversity hiring solutions. Please let me know how is better than I would like to make a decision this week before the holiday weekend.