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How the Earth can Boost your Health

Updated on May 12, 2015
Ball of Healing
Ball of Healing | Source

What Earthing Means

Earthing, for healing purposes, is a term that simply means stepping on the earth’s surface barefoot, or lying on the ground. The earth has tremendous electric energy to which the human body can be connected by standing or lying in such a manner. A more advanced form of earthing is done by sleeping on a bed designed with special electrical conducting ability. A recent scientific discovery has demonstrated that the electrical currents of the earth have a great healing power, and all we need to do is connect to it. The invention of shoes with rubber soles was a great thing for the protection of our feet, but it also disconnected us from the earth. Other things that insulate us from contact with our planet are wooden or plastic floors and the wooden beds we sleep on.

How Earthing Heals

When the human skin comes into direct contact with the earth, the free electrons on the ground move around the body, restoring the natural balance of the numerous electrical systems therein. When the ground is wet, is even better, since water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Most people are not aware of the highly electrical nature of the earth. So when they lie on the beach, swim in the water or walk barefoot, they are blissfully unaware that they are curing their bodies. Most inflammations which cause various modern health problems are easily controlled by earthing.

Many of the functions in the body are electrically controlled. These include the operation of the heart and nervous system. The earth’s free electrons restore the electrical balance in the body when they are allowed to flow freely through it. Once they enter the body, they tackle the destructive free radicals roving within that cause inflammation and pain. The only way of allowing the earth’s electrons into the body is to have the bare skin to make contact with the earth, or to make contact with a good conductor connected to the earth.

The Specific Healing Benefits of Earthing

According to Dr Stephen Sinatra a cardiologist and bioenergetics analyst, there are several direct benefits of earthing. They include the following.

  • Improvement of sleep
  • Reduction of pain
  • Lowering stress by calming the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Improvement of blood pressure and flow by thinning the blood
  • Reducing tension in the muscles and headaches
  • Controlling women’s hormonal and menstrual problems
  • Healing the body and preventing bedsores
  • Increasing energy and recovery from intense physical activity
  • Protecting the body from destructive electrical fields
  • Energizing the body

Types of Electrical Currents under the Ground

There are three basic types of electrical currents: direct current (DC), alternating current (AC) and static electricity. Direct current is created through chemical reactions that allow an electric current to flow. It is exhausted once the reactants become exhausted, such as in batteries. Alternating current is formed through electrons vibrating back and forth and passing a current onwards. The vibrations are set off by a rotating generator. A good example is the power supply to households. Static electricity is created through the accumulation of electrons at a given point on a surface. The static electricity can be transmitted wirelessly to another surface with a charge opposite that of electrons. A good example of static electricity is lightning.

Electrical circuits, especially those of alternating currents, have an earthing device that gets rid of excess electric charge by sending it to the ground. When lightning occurs during the transmission of electricity for instance, and excess current is created that can potentially damage devices, the earth wire gets rid of this excess current.

All these three types of electricity are involved in the body and on the earth’s surface. The earth has many activities going on that involve electricity. The reason lightning travels from the clouds to the earth is that, static negatively charged electrons in the clouds cause a gathering of positively charged protons on the earth thus allowing electricity to flow. The natural movement of the earth round its axis and the sun also causes a continuous flow of AC. The relationship of the earth and the sun is a push and pull one, with magnetism and movement involved. These are the exact same elements in a power generator. Moreover, the earth has chemicals that cause DC formation.

Interaction of Earth's Currents with the Human Body

The human body too contains all the tree types of electricity. Brain impulses are sent as electrical signals to different parts of the body. The brain also receives the continuous electrical impulses from the other parts of the body through a network of nervous systems. The process involves electrons which pass on electricity by means of the three methods discussed above. However, the process becomes messy with time with several electrons known as free radicals generated that move around the body, distorting this natural electrical messaging system. In other words, the radicals act like computer virus distorting programs and messages.

Such distorted messages cause many unwanted things to happen. Excessive growth in some areas causes inflammations and cancer. Clogging of the veins and arteries is due to excessive fat deposits that occur in them. This interferes with blood flow and blood pressure. Other problems occur when such radicals activate hormones that regulate stress, thus causing surfeit activity which manifests itself in personal stress.

The idea then is to earth these free radicals so that they leave the body. The natural electrons from the earth’s surface get into body, which itself is a good conductor of electricity, and neutralize the free radicals, thus getting rid of them. Excess energy is also earthed much in the same way as the earth-wire in electrical circuits does.

The Earth is a Natural Healer

The earth is a natural cure for many human ailments. It is important to spend some time connecting with the earth’s surface by walking, lying or sitting on it, provided that some exposed part of the skin is in direct contact with its surface. Lying on the sand in a bikini instead of being elevated on some backrest is a healthy move. Moreover, it is now easy to see why swimming one gets that nice feeling after taking a swim. It is a calming experience in more ways than one.


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