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Why wine glass breaks when exposed to high volume sound?

Updated on May 17, 2013

Frequency and Amplitude

Frequency and Amplitude in Sound

Frequency of sound waves is how many times air particles are moving to and fro per second and amplitude describe the maximum distance of particles moving to and fro from its initial position.



Apart from frequency and amplitude, resonance is the special frequency of sound (in this case) at which object or system will react with maximum amplitude. Wikipedia has given an example of swing, but here is a very good example in the video.

How wine glass is broken with resonance?

Now its understood that a system can attain maximum amplitude when struck with resonant frequencies. In the same way when a wine glass come under influence of resonant frequency of the sound the wine glass oscillates with much higher amplitude which is unbearable for its brittle crystal and it breaks. you can see the amazing amplitude of vibrating glass in the video below.


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