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How To Get Rid Of Ants

Updated on May 20, 2015

Ant, Ants, Just Go Away and DON'T Come Back Another Day!

Ant problems? Wake up every morning to a herd of ants around your kitchen sink? Or that cup you forgot to rinse out the night before covered in them? Well, unfortunately, it's that time of year for those pesky little insects again and they couldn't be more of a pain.

If you have tried one thing after another to get rid of them and they just keep coming back, then believe me, you are not alone. Our ant problem started out with us seeing only one or two ants throughout the day. My family and I live out in the country, so having some ants around wasn't a big surprise. Then it started to become a major issue. I would wake up in the morning to ants crawling all over my sink and counter tops. I would spray them with Windex then clean and scrub my kitchen afterwards. That seemed to help for a while, but then I started to see them a few hours after I had cleaned. Then they would show right back up about 30 minutes later, until they started showing back up only a few minutes after killing and cleaning them up.

After much research and through a lot of trail and error, I have FINALLY found a product that got rid of our ant problem for good.

Photo taken by me, SofyBelle
Photo taken by me, SofyBelle

One Thing After Another

I researched on how to get rid of these little monsters and I found a plethora of ideas on what to try. I tried Windex (because of the ammonia), bleach, white vinegar. I sprinkled cinnamon on the back edges of my counters, but the ants just crawled right on through it with no problem. I also tried mixing sugar with Borax and placing piles of it around the outside of my house so the ants could take it back to their colony and kill the whole lot of them, but no. Nothing seemed to work! These were like super ants!

We eventually called professionals to spray around the inside and outside of our home. I wanted to leave that as the last resort because we have a one year old daughter and a dog. I didn't want to use such harsh chemicals with them in the house, but we just had to do something at this point. Guess what? It didn't work either! (Ahhhh!!!!)

So, I went back to searching online for other ways to kill these super ants and I came across an ant killer called Advion Ant Gel. I was a little skeptic at first, but after reading all the reviews on the product I figured that I would give it a try. I mean, it was only five dollars so what did I really have to lose?

The ant gel arrived only a few days after ordering it. We promptly placed the gel in a few different places around the house where our daughter or dog couldn't get a hold of it and BAM! The ants were feasting on the gel like it was Christmas dinner. You see, that's what we wanted them to do. The ants are supposed to take it back to their "home" and kill the whole colony. By the next morning, I woke up to ant free counters and a clean sink! I was so amazed! After spending a good amount of money on trying to get rid of these things, all it took was some five dollar ant gel. Lesson learned and thank goodness! We are now ant free!!


This year (2015), instead of waiting for the ants to come into the house, I just went ahead and placed some of the Advion ant gel outside of my house. I placed it on both sides of my front porch steps as well as on both sides of my back porch steps. I haven't had not 1 ant inside the house! AMAZING!! I love and highly recommend this product!

5 Simple Steps To Be Ant Free

Time required: 5 minutes or less

Difficulty: easy

Cost: @ $12 total


  • Advion Ant Gel
  • 1-2 Straws


  • Scissors


1. Cut your straw(s) into 1 inch pieces.

2. Insert plunger into the syringe of Advion Ant Gel.

3. Twist off blue cap and replace with the "needle nose" tip.

4. Insert gel into the straw pieces until center is full (@ 1/3 of the straw).

5. Place gel filled straws in desired areas (bathroom, kitchen, around outside of house, etc.).

Photo by me, SofyBelle
Photo by me, SofyBelle

Some Tips and Info

1. DO NOT PUSH THE PLUNGER IN TOO HARD. The gel comes out fairly easy. I almost squirted the gel everywhere thinking that it was going to be thick and hard to push out.

2. PLACE THE STRAWS IN AREAS WHERE YOU WON'T MIND HAVING A PILE FULL OF HUNGRY ANTS. The gel is sweet tasting so it can attract the ants. They will feast on it for a few hours and take it back to their colony. This way it will kill all, not some of them. I placed one of my straws between my stove and cabinet, another behind the stove, one behind my toilet, and a fourth one between my washer and dryer.

3. ADVION ANT GEL IS PET FRIENDLY. The label states that the gel is pet friendly, but I still placed it in spots where my dog couldn't get to it. I just didn't want to take a chance and put it somewhere that my dog could "test" it out.

I highly recommend this product if you are having an ant problem, no matter the severity. If you only have a few ants then you can get rid of them before they become a nuisance like they did for me and my family. An absolute wonderful product and like I mentioned previously, it only cost a total of about $12 to annihilate them (ant killer & straws). It was $12 well spent!

Are You Having Ant Problems This Year? - If so, what have you tried to get rid of them?

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    • SofyBelle profile image

      SofyBelle 3 years ago

      @fathomblueEG: Thank you so much! I am happy to say that its been a good 2+ months being ant free, I can't believe that an inexpensive gel could do the trick. Thanks for viewing the lens!

    • fathomblueEG profile image

      fathomblueEG 3 years ago

      Kudos on such a great lens! Ants are definitely a problem for us every spring/summer season. Thankyou for sharing a great solution to finally get rid of them for good.

    • SofyBelle profile image

      SofyBelle 3 years ago

      @soniabaad lm: Welcome to squidoo soniabaad! This product is absolutely amazing. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for stopping by! :-)

    • soniabaad lm profile image

      soniabaad lm 3 years ago

      This product is a savior.. :)

      New here. Found this lens while exploring squidooo.. And I must say this is so informative. Definitely helpful for anyone dealing with these weird ants..

    • SofyBelle profile image

      SofyBelle 3 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thank you so much for your interest! This is an incredible product and well worth the few bucks. We put this gel out about 2 months ago and haven't seen a single ant since. Like you and your husband, we fought with an ant problem last year as well and I just didn't want to go through that again, especially since my daughter has learned how to walk. All I could see in my mind's eye was her walking through our kitchen and getting ants all over her. Thankfully we don't have to worry about that now.

      Thank you for SquidLiking Susan!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Oh, SofyBelle, I may just love you forever if we start having problems this year with ants like we did last year. Our problem is mostly outside, but last year they found a few weird places to enter (including the bathroom linen closet). We had horrible mounds in many places all over our yard (2 acres is a lot of yard) and they even invaded around my raised bed garden, making it hard for me to work there. So far we're in control this year, but I will tell my husband about this and we may just order it to have it on hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you (I hope)!