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How to Improve Creativity and Creative Thinking

Updated on March 14, 2015

The best techniques for improving creativity

Creativity is part of our life every day. If you want to learn anything creativity plays a role. To be successful you require a creative new approach to any success you want to achieve. We all are unique because we all have our own style of creativity in us. It's important to learn how to enhance your creative abilities. We are going to look at five of the most easiest ways to build up your creativity and how you can apply these simple methods to your life on an every day basis.

What are the advantages of thinking creative?

The advantages of creative thinking are endless. Creativity can help you solve problems in a flash. It can improve your ability to see life from more than one perspective. Creativity is every where. Any idea in your head is made with creativity. Ah and that creative romance what we all love.

Methods to improve creativity

Here's 5 easy methods to improve your creative thinking


Living in a fantasy world in your head can be very powerful. Just visualizing can improve any skill. There have been studies on visualizing and the studies showed that people who visualize doing any kind of work perfectly improves that skill that they want to master much faster than a person would without visualizing. So what has visualizing to do with creativity? Well creativity improves when your force your brain to imagine things. If your start to imagining things your brain will start seeing images in your brain more clearly.


Drawing helps to put your thoughts on paper without any language that interrupts your creative mind you are just using your right brain to see lines and to think in images. Your brain is litterly holding that line in thought and inserting the line on paper again. A great but hard exercise is to draw from memory. Don't worry about drawing ugly just try to draw what's in your mind; it would really help you improve your creative thinking.


Reading lets your brain design it own creative images while you are reading. The more you read the more you develop your right side of the brain where most of creative thinking finds place.


Writing helps improve you creativity, because putting thoughts into words can be very hard. It certainly takes a creative mind to express itself to others. While you are writing images are being pulled into your brain as well. The focus on these images helps link your brain neutrons to more creativity. It's so important to look at your life in image mode and not as verbal letters. Even though writing is made out of letters it's the thinking process that stimulates your creativity.

Force your brain to solve problems

Creative thinking depends on solving problems. When you need to solve a problem your brain is searching the subconscious of your brain and linking methods together to form a new idea and of course a solution to any problem. Like they say practice makes perfect the more you train your brain to solve problems the better your brain gets at it and as a bonus your creativity spikes up!

Being creative is to think outside of the box.

Thinking alike is not thinking outside of the box.

Everyone has creativity in them

Being creative is a skill anyone can develop and improve on. You are born creative, as a child you used your imagination to learn and grow. The fact is the more you use your creative mind the more creative you will become. Being creative means you can think outside of the box for example using a pen for more than just to write with.

Boost Your Creativity

Share your method you use to improve your creative side

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