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How To Make a Powerful Vision Board

Updated on February 1, 2012

Easy Steps to Create a Successful and Powerful Vision Board

You might ask, What is a Vision Board? And Why would it be beneficial for me to make and have one?

Your Mind does not know the difference between a real or an imagined thought. That's why Visualization is so neat and one of the many important things in goal achievement.

The first time I ever heard about the Vision Board, was when my sister introduced me to the movie, The Secret, I highly recommend watching it if you haven't yet. And one of the featured guests on the secret, John Assaraf was talking about these vision boards that he had made, in which he had put his dreams, goals, and the many things that he wanted to achieve and have in his life. His story inspired me so much to make one myself and boy I am so glad I did, because my life began to change and I started to attract the things that I wanted into my life.

Vision boards are not a new concept, although you may only just be beginning to hear them being mentioned. The ancestry of vision boards can be traced back into the ages from the new-age terminology of positive affirmations. This tool is a prominent part of the visualization technique, right back into the dark ages when people took things from the Earth and drew pictures that represented what they wanted for themselves. This long history may have changed and shifted from religion to religion, and then encompassed into the more recent New Age theories, but the aim and design behind them has never changed.

A vision board is based on the law of attraction, which is something that various modern-day self help book authors have included into their writings. This proves the power behind them is something of a fact. The principle is based on visualizing what you want your life to become by sending out positive thoughts into the Universe. Like attracts Like. Positive thoughts attract positive rewards, whereas negative thinking only attracts more negativity and sadness into your life. Have you ever noticed that when things are going well in your life you find yourself becoming more "lucky", finding out good news, getting that promotion at work, or even finding money left on the street? When you feel good and are positive with your life, you find that further good things happen. When things aren't going so well, and we feel negative inside, we seem to attract even more sadness and "bad luck". We may lose out on things that are important, miss an opportunity, etc. Thinking bad thoughts, feeling low, and even depression seems to bring more of the same, which, in turn, makes thing worse - a vicious cycle. So how do we change it all? How to we get off the roller coaster for good? And the answer, is The Vision Board.

Maybe you have wanted to make a Vision Board? But just didn't really know where to start. This will help you to get started.

First, You begin by being honest with yourself about what your ultimate goal or dream is. This way you are also putting your positive energy into your board. We all have dreams that may seem impossible, but they can actually be accomplished with some, determination, powerful positivity and a good solid vision board. After you have made your decision to create your own powerful vision board, start by keeping an eye out for pictures, colors and images that grab your eye. You can look through magazines, books, or pictures through the internet to get some ideas. Some you will see and they will grab you with a definite "yes", whereas others you may feel attracted to with a "buzzing" feeling in the pit of your stomach. Not every image that you collect will end up on your board, but until you get them all together to make the vision board you will not know for sure.

And I can't express enough, Make sure you are Clear on what you want to achieve and manifest into your life. When your not clear on what you want, your not in the right frequency or vibration to achieve those goals. Eliminate any confusion you may be sending out into the Universe. Whatever you put out comes back to you.

You can start by using a piece of poster board, a small canvas or anything else of a similar fashion. Along the way you may have noticed that certain colors will have attracted your eye, so include them on the board. You may want to paint your board first in a color that has affected you, or you may want to keep it plain. If you have chosen to paint, wait until the paint dries, and then start placing the images onto the board. Move them around into different areas until you are happy with the final overall image. You may want to add inspirational words or "power words", as they are also known, which reflect your ultimate goal or dream and have meaning to you. These words can further be used in a "mantra" which you say to yourself as you meditate or visualize your goal.

When everything is exactly how you want it, glue it all down to keep it in place. You may want to put a clear coat of glue over the whole board, to prevent any of the images from becoming loose. The choice is up to you, depending on where you intend to place it.

Your vision board is now complete. Making a vision board is only a key part in the whole process of using the law of attraction to fulfill your dreams and desires. Having determination, belief and patience are also exceptionally important key parts, as without them, the vision board would just be a collage. Regular visualization, meditation, affirmations and positive thinking are also very important. Each of these needs to be used every day, in conjunction with the actual vision board, to enable your success. Put it where you will see it everyday. Make it a daily exercise to sit and meditate on all your goals and dreams on your board, and believe and feel as if you have already achieved them. Daydream, even if its 5 to 20 minutes, a minute is better than none. Make it something that you look forward to doing even first thing in the morning, to get you in a positive frame of mind for your whole day.

Vision boards can also be created using software programs which help you to create the right vision board for you, as well as make copies of the finished product so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Download it to small electronic gadgets or keep a copy on your laptop to use when you're away from home. Download to your phone or even ipod, for on the go, too. That way your Vision Board is always with you.

To find out more info. on what a vision board is and how to create one, also vision board kits are available

Also get access to a Free Vision Board Experience



Proven Success Strategies Involving The Vision Board

There are many different strategies that can lead to great success when used with a vision board. Many different companies will claim that their strategies are better than those of another company, so when you are surrounded by them all, it's nice to know which ones actually work! Working with a vision board is the perfect way to encourage your success and boost it. After sifting through all of the different success strategies, five specific ones keep repeatedly coming up and after further research they have been proven to work over and over again.

1. Understanding Gratefulness - Everyday, write down the 10 things you are grateful for in your life. These can be anything from the fact that you are healthy, you have a roof over your head, that you have family, etc. This helps you to create even more positive energy which you can channel into your vision board. Surrounding yourself with positive things helps you to reduce the negative and promote the positive. This process also may help you to realize that your life isn't as bad as you might think. Gratitude promotes self confidence and understanding.

2. Using positive to attract positive - It is known that positive thoughts attract positive things; this is the same for positive actions and other positive people. Creating the perfect positive environment when you want to succeed means that not only does your home need a good spring cleaning (to wash away the old ready for the new), but also this is the same for the people around you. When it comes to friends, co-workers and even family there are often a lot of negative feelings around you. People have problems, but it is often by their own choice to remain in that situation instead of choosing to make a change, to become positive and reject the negative. Try and minimize contact with those who are negative, as these vibes will wash over you. Instead, surround yourself with your positive family members and friends.

3. Visualize - This is something that you may have heard a lot of talk about if you are familiar with vision boards. Visualization is a technique that is simple to use, and is a key strong element in your success. By taking just a few minutes here and a few minutes there, you are able to power boost your vision board. Visualization is a breathing technique where you allow yourself to "daydream" as such about the life you want to lead.

4. Become Focused - When using your vision board, you will be going on an exceptional journey which will take you in many different directions. Focusing on the end result will help you to avoid any doubts on how you are getting there. Opportunity comes along to help you in your quest, so make sure you stay focused, knowing that you may not understand fully why this step is important or that it is not quite what you expected. If you're feeling low, just remember that all comes to the same place in the end - your success.

5. Self Positivity - Keeping yourself positive no matter what life throws your way is a key tool when using your vision board. This proven success strategy shows us.


10 Ways To Make Sure Your Items On Your Vision Board Come True

Easily & Quickly

Vision boards are a fantastic way of using your inner power so that you can attract all of the things in your life that you have always wanted for yourself and for your family. Everyone, no matter at what stage in life they are, wants to change something about his or her life. A vision board is the perfect way of making it happen! There are some definitive ways of making sure that the items you have placed on your vision board come true. After sifting through hundreds of different ideas with this in mind, a rock solid and powerful top ten has been created. So if you want to make sure that what you want does come true then follow these tips.

1. Just for you - This is one of the most important things that people do not realize when they are making their own vision boards. Many people often use images that they think others would approve of or of things that society tells us are the right goals that we should be striving for. Make sure that you choose wisely what you want and that each picture, sound or word comes from within.

2. Listen to Music - Before and during the creation of your vision board it is a good idea to play a piece of music that makes your heart feel warm, it will allow you to put aside your "ego" as such and enable you to hear what your subconscious is trying to tell you. It also allows you to embed the images into your subconscious in a clearer way.

3. Belief - Making sure that you truly believe is also important as negative thoughts will make the process take longer. Understanding that things will not happen the very next day or even maybe at first is an important part, so that you do not get disheartened.

4. Use Affirmations- Using affirmations to work alongside your vision board will super charge it with extra power allowing you to bring your hopes and dreams into fruition more quickly and on a larger scale.

5. Surround Yourself - Surrounding yourself with reminders of your vision board and your goals is very important, as it allows you to keep your mind "topped up" with the sight, sounds and even in some cases, smells, of what you want to accomplish and bring to your life.

6. Add mood colors - Adding colors that represent your goals can help in a fast acting way. It is said that certain colors help us to feel a certain way. For example; blue is known to be a calming color, yellow, friendly and happy, and red is associated with excitement.

7. Make one at a time - Having too many vision boards can distract your mind from the goal you are trying to achieve. This can effectively splits your visions and the power to make them happen splits, too. By sticking to one specific board, you make sure that the full power is on it and not just a slice.

8. Meditate- Meditation is another fantastic way to help you while using a vision board. Imagining that you have this specific life, career etc., and seeing yourself do things, helps to push your mind into the image, sending out very strong signals.

9. Make things specific - Too many different ideas on your board can create a conflict, and you will find that you become stumped as you only find part of each one materializing. Keep your theme constant, this makes it powerful.

10. Forgive yourself - By forgiving yourself of any past problems that carry any guilt or pain you are able to eradicate the negative from your subconscious mind for good! This is a pivotal point because without it you will only be held back. So give yourself a break, relax and let the negative past wash away from your mind for good.

Give it a try

here's access to a Free Vision Board Experience here

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Vision Boards are personal development tools that have recently been brought to the attention of the public through magazines, internet articles and TV shows. Many of you may be interested in making a vision board, but wonder about actually doing it because you don't fully understand why vision boards work. So how do they work?

Vision Boards work because they are based on the "law of attraction" which has helped many people in accomplishing their deepest desires. The law of attraction is based upon three specific principles; Ask, Believe and then Receive. By asking the Universe or Higher Power, (depending on what you believe), and then believing that it is true and real, you will then receive what you have asked for. By focusing your mind with positive thoughts about a desired goal you may have or a dream that you want for yourself, then imaging or visualizing yourself doing those things as if they were already achieved, you will then accomplish them as you are guided in the right direction to your desired goal or dream. This all works because you are able to access your subconscious mind which holds the key to your intuition and belief that you can have what you so truly desire in your heart.

Have you ever heard the phrase "money attracts money"? Well, this is the same for other things; positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Within ourselves, we all have issues, memories or problems that enable us to carry negative emotions around for years. Feelings of unrest, poor personal image and a feeling of not being good enough or deserving good things are the most common. Because of these negative thoughts we often, without realizing it, are sabotaging our chances at happiness, wealth and good fortune. How many times have you said to yourself "Now why did I just do that?" It is because of these negative thoughts kept in your subconscious mind. By opening up your mind and changing these thoughts into positive ones, great changes can be made and success can be found. Vision Boards are perfect for this, as they are very basic, but very powerful in their effect on our lives and in our minds. Anyone can make one and everyone can benefit from one.

Vision Boards use images, sounds, smells and positive words to focus our minds and change these negative thoughts into positive ones. Accepting that this will not happen overnight is important, as real change takes time. Do not be disappointed after a short time if nothing happens, as this will only feed back into the negative that you have been trying so hard to eradicate from your mind. Keeping faith, patience, & belief will carry you through, making sure that your positive thoughts attract the positive things you are trying to achieve. Vision Boards work!! Millions of people can back that up and have found the inner self confidence to reach for more. You can do it, too. You deserve it.


Vision Board made into a Video - Make your own Powerful Vision Board into a Movie

Here's another Powerful Visualization Tool

Where you can put your dreams and goals into a Movie

Watch this Unique Vision Video

Guestbook - Share what goals & dreams you have achieved with vision boarding

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    • DeannaDiaz profile image


      6 years ago

      Vision boards are great for kids to learn how to do also!

    • rezchez profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @ZenandChic: Thanks so much Jewelsofawe

    • ZenandChic profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens! I do vision boards every year or when I feel inspired. I just recently cut out pictures to start a new one. I lensrolled this to my 2011 Goals lens and my vision board lens!

    • rezchez profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @acopson: Thanks so much for checking my lens out & your comment, it means alot acopson, and I have to agree, It Works...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens, i was taught this technique many years ago and it works very well


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