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How to Make Glowing Flowers

Updated on February 21, 2011

Real Flowers That Glow in the Dark!

You can make a real flower glow in the dark! There is more than one way to make glowing flowers. The method you choose will depend on the color and type of flower you choose and the materials you have available.

Make Glowing Flowers

Easiest Glowing Flower Method

There is more than one way to make glowing flowers. Let's start with the easiest:

Materials for Glowing Flowers

  • Fresh Flower

  • Fluorescent or Phosphorescent Ink or Paint

  • Container Large Enough for Flower Head

  • Black Light (Unless Using Glowing Paint)

You can make glowing water by removing the ink pad from a fluorescent highlighter and squeezing a few drops of the glowing ink into water. Other options for glowing ink or paint include tonic water (glows blue under a black light) or glowing paint from a craft store.

Dip a Glowing Flower

  1. Fill the container with the glowing solution.

  2. Turn the flower upside down and carefully place it in the liquid. Be sure the flower is completely covered.

  3. Allow an hour or two for the glowing liquid to be absorbed into the flower.

  4. Remove the flower from the liquid. If you used a glowing paint, charge the glow by placing the flower under a very bright light for a moment before turning out the lights. If you used highlighter ink or tonic water, all you need to do to get the flower to glow is to turn on a black light.

Find a Black Light - Tool to Make Your Flowers Glow

Unless you are using glow-in-the-dark (phosphorescent) pigment or paint, you'll need a black light to get your flower to glow. Black lights are called 'black' because a good one emits ultraviolet light and not visible light. It is invisible to your eyes! While there is light, a room illuminated with a true black light will still appear completely dark or black. However, most black lights also emit some violet light, allowing you to see that they are on.

Make Glowing Flowers

Flowers That Glow from the Inside

Another method used to make glowing flowers it to let cut flowers drink glowing liquid. This method works best for white or very pale flowers. Make sure the flowers are fresh enough to be absorbing water, since dead flowers won't take up the glowing liquid. Allow the flowers to absorb the glowing liquid for several hours or overnight.

See How to Make Glowing Flowers

Highlighters and Tonic Water

Quinine is the active ingredient in tonic water that causes it to glow under black light. Other sources of glowing pigment include fluorescent markers.

Colored Glowing Flower

Colored Glowing Flower
Colored Glowing Flower

Colored Glowing Flowers

You can make colored glowing flowers. Some (not all) colored highlighters glow. Pink, orange and green often glow. Tonic water glows blue. Craft stores carry glowing paints and pigments in a wide variety of colors.

Did you try the glowing flower project? Which method did you use? If you have any tips or tricks that you used to get a spectacular display for your flowers or you have a great idea for how to use the glowing flowers, please post a response.

How Did Your Flower Glow?

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