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How to Memorize Anatomy and Physiology Terms

Updated on April 30, 2010

I Know from Experience That Memorizing Those Anatomy and Physiology Terms Can be a Real Pain

I have to study anatomy and physiology and I know it's not an easy subject. What makes it especially hard it the need to memorize tons and tons of terms. It hard to keep them all in mind even in English let alone the Latin terms. Here I outlined a few steps that I hope will help you to memorize those anatomy terms.

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Make Visual Aids to Help to Memorize Anatomy and Physiology Terms

It can be overwelming just to read those huge anatomy textbooks, so use visuals to help you

You know that human receive the most of the information in visual form. That's why using visual figures and pictures is the best way to study anatomy.

I found even better way to study anatomy. There is a free software on human skeletal and muscular structure that helped me tremendously in my study. Click on the image below to download your free copy of this software.

It was made for artist but I found that it very well suit to anyone who studies the human anatomy, particularly bone and muscular structure of the body.

Actually How to Memorize Anatomy and Physiology Terms

You need to create certain rules to help you to memorize them

When I'm learning new things I always try to create some rules that will help me to remember these new things.

For example in study of anatomy I learned to create groups and pairs that easy to remember.

For example: proximal/distal - closer to origin of body part/ farther from the origin of the body part The origin of the body part is where it connects to another body part or where it connects to the trunk of the body, whichever applies. I remember it like this: proximal is in close proximity to the origin, distal is distant from the origin.

Another good example is superior/inferior -closer to the head/farther away from the head. For example, the neck is superior to the hips because it is closer to the head.

The most important thing is to have fun when you memorize those terms that sound so funny. Watch this video and have fun in your study.

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Enjoy This Video While Memorizing Anatomy and Physiology Terms

Now Take Tests. It is the Only Way to Perfectly Memorize Anatomy and Physiology Terms

To make skills perfect you need to take tests again and again

You probably heard that repetition is mother of the skill. I say that taking test is father of the skill. To memorize the anatomy terms correctly go ahead and take tests here.

You can even play a game with your friend to find out who better memorizes the anatomy and physiology terms.

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    • profile image

      evarun21 7 years ago

      I just finished my Anatomy class! Thanks for the good tips. Couldn't believe how expensive my Anatomy books was. Made some money by selling it back to

    • profile image

      G-Force 9 years ago

      Great Lens! Looks like you've been studying lensmaking in addition to anatomy. Good luck!

    • profile image

      G-Force 9 years ago

      Great Lens! Looks like you've been studying lensmaking in addition to anatomy. Good luck!