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How To Memorize Maps

Updated on May 23, 2009

How To Memorize Maps

Would you like to know how to memorize maps without pulling out your hair in the process ? I know that most teachers tell you to draw a map and to fill in the names of countries again and again. This method works, but is extremely boring and time consuming. I know of a method that works wonders and actually can imprint a map into your long term memory.

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To Memorize A Map You Have To Make It Memorable

Break down parts of a map into smaller chunks to memorize it

While looking at a map that contains numerous countries, you might say to yourself, how in the world I am going to be to memorize so much data ? The human brain can store as much data as a supercomputer can, so don't worry about it.

First of all, look at a small portion of the map such as one country. What object comes to mind when you observe its shape ? It is shaped like a star or an apple ? Now all that you have to do is associate an image of that object to the name of the country. For instance, for the country Canada, create the imagery of an apple being squeezed into a can. Now whenever you see the country that is shaped like an apple in your mind's eye, you will think of Canada.

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How to Remember Names On A Map

To memorize lots of names on a map, create a story

One way of memorizing maps is to link the names on the map together in the order that they appear. For instance, if your task is to memorize a map of europe, link together the countries that are connected side by side.

Here is an example of how I would memorize the fact that Austria, Hungary and Romania are side by side. I would envision the month of August for Austria, hunger for Hungary and romaine lettuce for Romania. Then I would create a story such as the following. It is August and I am very hungry, so I eat a romaine lettuce plant that had a diameter of six feet. Now I will never forget the positioning of those three countries.

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How To Memorize Street Names On A Map

If you wish to memorize all of the streets on a map, it is possible

To memorize streets on a map, you should start with the main streets. First of all draw the outline of the city or town as one large shape, then add in the main streets. Now, you should add in the secondary streets. Try to link the names of secondary streets to the main street that is it most associated with.

Here is an example of the above method. If a main street is called Bolt and an avenue crossing it is called Bridge, envision a bolt of lightened striking the top of a bridge. has enabled me to memorize lots of abstract data quickly !

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      ritik Soni 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot...helped a lot

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      This is a brilliant idea! Thank You so much :)