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How to Prevent/ Get Rid Off Spiders in Your Home

Updated on September 14, 2014

Spider Prevention Tips

Having a clean and neat place to live is everyoneâs dream. However, sometimes you may find some spiderâs web hanging all over the ceiling. That sure is something disturbing the looks of your house make it does not look clean. You may have tried to clean it every now and then yet it still come and come again. It is because the thing you have cleaned may just the web itself but the spiders still roam free in your house and will make a new web and give you more things to clean. Well, spiders problem sure are quite troublesome not just because of its web that disturbing the view of your house, there are many people out there that were scared of it.

how to keep spiders away from your home
how to keep spiders away from your home

Some Tips on How to Keep Spider Away from Your House

If you are tired of them and want to prevent/get rid of those spiders from your place here are some tips on preventing/getting rid of it:

Keep your house neat and tidy at all time. Spiders are attracted to a dark and untidy place which means if you always keep your house tidy they are most likely to not come make their nest there. Cleaning their webs and dust from the ceiling do have effect on this case as well. This is especially need to be done on the dark place of your house. It is common that place like shed did not get enough attention about its tidiness, keeping them as tidy as possible will be good to keep spider away from your house.

Repair your windows, screens, seal crack and any holes around your house. Make sure your house has no opening for spiders to enter is a good way to keep them from entering your house.

Get a cat to keep at your house. Having a cat inside your house will help you get rid of the spiders that have invaded your house, cats like to case spiders and they are even agile enough to case spiders on your ceiling.

Avoid the use of cardboard as repository. Spiders like to build their nest around or inside cardboards. Therefore the use of cardboard in your house may attract spiders. In this case, you may use plastic box instead of cardboard as repository, this way you will prevent them from nesting here since they do not like plastic, besides using plastic box will give you long lasting repository.

Keep your house tidy neat clean and free of clutter
Keep your house tidy neat clean and free of clutter

Get Spiders Repellent of Your Own

Beside those tips above you can also make some repellent to prevent or get rid of spider from your house. You may get one of those repellents by buying it but if you don't feel like to, using things that you can find around your house you can make it yourself. Here are some things that you can use as spider's repellent:

Place eucalyptus trees near places where spiders often make their nest. The smell of eucalyptus is something that some insects hate this is including spider.

Get some newspaper and dip it into petroleum, use this to lubricate the outside of your windows. The chemical reaction of the petroleum and the ink from the newspaper will repel spiders from entering your house through the window.

Spray air freshener which has lemon aroma on the verge of your doors, windows or any other places that most likely can be used by the spiders to enter your house.

Using extracts such as from oranges, lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint lavender, tea tree and clove you can make a spider repellent as well. Pick one of them that you like and mix it with some detergent and water then put them into sprayers. Spray it all around the house in place that might be used by the spiders as their nest spot or entrance to the house. Those are some advices you can use to solve your spider's problem!

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