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How to Get Enthusiasm

Updated on December 9, 2014

Almost all of us ever feel bored, tired, stressed, and all kinds of feelings that reduce our passion to do our activities everyday. All of us basically experiencing various problems in life and we all have various needs that we want to fulfill, therefore, we can get stressed, feel bored or tired and with the various conditions we have been trough in life, sometimes we loose our enthusiasm to do our daily activities and face the day. We all need help and encouragement at the time we need it. We can stay weak and helpless or we try to find out the solution of our problems. It's depends on ourselves.

If we always thinking about our problems continuously without try to find out the solution in a good way, we are far from being a successful person and we can’t move forward. If we think we are stuck in some points, perhaps we need to do some change. A change that will bring a good impact to us. Giving hope and believe that we will success if we keep trying. Never give up and move forward to catch a brighter future.

Actually, you don’t need help from other people to give you motivation. The best help is if you can rise and dare to face the day. You need challenge in life. Challenge your day by being brave and full of enthusiasm. Take a deep breath and start thinking that you need to move forward and face your day. If you don’t know where to start, try several steps below to help you to get your enthusiasm back.

start your day like sunshine with fully enthusiasm

Things to do to start the day with full of enthusiasm

The first step that you must do is go to bed early after doing your activities all day long. Take a time to have a rest. Rest is important to restore our energy and to refresh our mind, body and soul. Usually, the time to take in order to restore your energy and to refresh your body are about 8 hours of sleeping every day. Arrange your sleeping time where you can get up in the early morning to do several things below so that you can start your day with refreshed body, fit and full of enthusiasm.

Sleep and wake up at the same time regularly

Go to bed early at night so that you can wake up in the early morning and try to do that at the same time regularly. If you can getting used to it, hopefully, you can prepare yourself to facing the day without rush.


After wake up, try to getting used doing a meditation for a while at least for five minutes to cool off your brain from any dreams or fantasy that your mind brought upon awakening and from everything that comes to your mind after you aware from your sleep. Start trying to think any positive things. Like any things that aroused you passion such as thinking about what the meaning of your life, the goal you want to achieve in life, learn to always being thankful and promise to yourself to always have enthusiasm and keep trying in your life.

Take a bath/shower

After that, go take a bath/shower to refresh your mind and to clean your body. In order to keep your body to stay healthy and hygiene, you must at least taking a bath/shower either with warm or cold water depend on the temperature where the place you live. Furthermore, having a bath/shower will make you refresh and fit and hopefully for all day long and it can help to maximize your concentration.

Eat healthy breakfast

Eat a healthy breakfast so that your body and your stamina will always stay healthy and fit. By consuming enough calories will help you to maximize your concentration and you also can have excellent stamina that can help you to do all activities a lot easier. If you doing your activities with enthusiasm and happy though, it also could help you to reducing some stress.


Although perhaps you forgot something you must do from last night to make some preparation for you activities in a brand new day, do not panic and try to stay calm. First thing you need to do is by keep doing the steps above to calm your mind and keep spirited. After you calm, you can begin to make preparations to supporting your activities such as preparing any important stuff or items that you have to bring to your workplace such as laptops, worksheet, presentation tools, etc. Arrange to-do-list in a scrap of paper or perhaps using your smartphone. Set your appearance and have a great style to looks more prestige and confidence.


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