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How to Study for the DLAB

Updated on September 21, 2014

How to Improve Your DLAB Score

Most people believe that you cannot study for the DLAB, but that isn't true. While the DLAB is extremely different, and it tests a thought process rather than prior knowledge, you can still prepare yourself for the test both mentally and physically.

There are basic building blocks that you can build upon that will help train your mind in the types of questions the DLAB will ask you. Furthermore, there are multiple DLAB Study Guides on the market that can help demystify the DLAB and help set you up for the most success.

Although some are better than others, this article will not only provide you with facts about the test, but also show you the most effective and efficient means to approach the DLAB test. With so much riding on your DLAB score, make sure you put in enough effort and follow these recommendations:

How to Study for the DLAB

Secrets to Increasing Your DLAB Score

The Defense Language Aptitude Battery test (DLAB) can be extremely important to a person's military career and yet it is shrouded in secrets. Most people would tell you that you can't study for the DLAB and should just walk right in to the testing room and take it. If you ask the detailer what you should expect on the DLAB, he or she will probably just tell you that its a language test and will decide whether or not you will get accepted into a specific program or the Defense Language Institute but that's about it. No one, except for those who have taken it, have a clear understanding of what you should do to pass the DLAB. But not any more. I have compiled a list of things, DLAB takers wished they had known before they went in and took the test. So please take your time, read the recommendations and follow it. If you follow this guides tips, you will absolutely increase your score by 20 points at least.

#1. Access These Top Resources Online

Find the best, and test like the best

Well, technically you have already started this step by reading this article, but we have also gone through and found the best in the industry with free information about the test itself: This is a complete site devoted to everything DLAB. You will find over 30 posts/pages that will discuss every facet of the exam itself. Through their extensive reviews and highlights, you can quickly gain a deep understanding of the test and what to expect. This is the official website of the Defense Language Institute. If you are taking the DLAB, then you have probably heard of it. At this site, you will find rich resources on language learning and "head start" programs to beginning your language studies. You will also find rules and guidelines that will dictate what your necessary DLAB score should be to accomplish your goals.

#2. Top DLAB Study Guides You Can Find - Want to Really Improve Your DLAB Score?

There is nothing that can beat a good study guide, especially when those DLAB study guides have a solid practice test. Currently on the market there are three study guides available: The Complete DLAB Study Guide, the Official DLAB Training Manual, DLAB Study Guide and Defense Language Aptitude Battery Test. The first two are absolutely incredible while the third is out of date while the fourth is just worthless. Reading my reviews on each and you will find the best one for your needs. Armed with one of these, and you are sure to increase your DLAB score, get into the program you want, and learn one of the best languages the military has to offer.

The Complete DLAB Study Guide: Includes Practice Test and Pretest
The Complete DLAB Study Guide: Includes Practice Test and Pretest

This is the best DLAB study guide on the market. It has the best practice test on the market and is the closest you can get to the real thing. With the price being as low as it is, this is an excellent resource and will surely help to improve your DLAB score.

The Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test: The Best Tips and Tricks to Raising Your DLAB Score
The Official DLAB Training Manual: Study Guide and Practice Test: The Best Tips and Tricks to Raising Your DLAB Score

This is the second best DLAB study guide on the market. The Official DLAB Training Manual and Study Guide has an excellent practice test and chock full of examples and explanations. It will surely help you and should be purchased in conjunction with the Complete DLAB Study Guide so as to get double the practice.

DLAB Study Guide
DLAB Study Guide

Much pricier than the previous two DLAB study guides, and is a little outdated, so it isn't a recommended buy. Doesn't have as extensive of a Practice Test as the other two but still has a load of questions that will help you in your studies.

Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)(Passbooks)
Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)(Passbooks)

This is more of an example of what not to buy! This book is terrible and was written by someone who probably didn't even take the exam or even read the other Study Guides. Don't waste your $29.99 on this!


Need Further Help with Selecting a DLAB Study Guide

#3. Brush Up on Your English Grammar - Your Going to Need it!

The test itself is very different. It uses a made-up language and then tells you the specific grammar rules that it uses. From these grammar rules, you will need to answer the questions. So, for instance, the rule may say that the adjective always goes after the noun or the Direct objective always goes after an indirect object. If you are not familiar with these words or are not able to quickly break down sentences into sentence structure, then you will REALLY need to brush up on your basic grammar. The below books have been found to teach and provide the right types of tools for you in your DLAB studies.

English Grammar For Dummies
English Grammar For Dummies

Basic as it is, this book is the best for building a fundamental understanding of the key terms you will use on the DLAB. The best part about this books are the example questions. Hands down the closest you can get to DLAB questions in a grammar book.

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment
The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment

My personal favorite. It will teach you the basics you need for the DLAB but also develops a strong understanding in the art of writing and composition. A must have for any military career but especially those looking to specialize in languages.


What Was Your Best Resource for the DLAB - Help others who haven't taken the test yet!

What was the best resource you found for studying for the DLAB

See results


Now that you have read these suggestions, make sure to take advantage of them. Your diligence in preparing for the test will take you far and ensure you get a better score, better language, and have better success in the military.

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