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How to Teach Kids Sense of Hearing - Five Senses

Updated on October 10, 2014

Sense of Hearing: We Use Our Ears to Hear

Teaching Sense of Hearing

The five senses, including hearing, are usually taught at the kindergarten level. Here are some resources to make learning about the five senses fun and easy. Activities, worksheets, games, books are just a few of the ways to make hearing more fun to learn about. These senses are used in scientific observation and study later in learning and talking about them helps children become more aware of their observation skills.

Ears Are for Hearing

Ears are for Hearing
Ears are for Hearing

Teaching Sense of Hearing Lesson Plan

Lesson Ideas

Lesson Objectives: The child will be able to identify the part of the body used to hear, the ears. The child will also be able to identify sounds as loud or soft.

1. Instruct the child to cover their eyes and make one of the following noises:






Ask the child to identify the noise they are hearing.

2. After the child attempts to answer the question, ask what sense they are using to identify the sound. Discuss the fact that ears are used to hear and that we use our ears to identify sound in the world around us each day.

3. Continue the game practicing identifying sounds, make up more sounds if you wish.

4. Ask the child to cover their ears and face away from you. Make some of the sounds practiced earlier and discuss with the child how it is harder to hear and identify sounds (if they can at all) with their ears covered.

5. Practice with the child making noises that are loud, or soft.





Discuss which sounds are louder. As an optional activity you can label a piece of paper as "loud" or "soft." Cut out pictures of loud and soft sounds and paste them on the appropriate page of the folded sheet of paper.

Sense of Hearing Worksheets - Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Draw Something You Hear at the Zoo

This is a fun sense of hearing worksheet from for Kindergarten level students. The instructions reinforce that hearing is done with the ears and asks the child to draw something that they would hear at the zoo. This worksheet could begin a conversation about other zoo sounds. Why stop there? Discuss sounds you hear in a city, on a farm, at a music concert, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Draw Something You Hear at the Zoo

Circle the Things that Make Sound

Does It Make a Sound? Sense of Hearing Worksheet

A worksheet to identify which items make sounds. Does a hat make a sound? How about a piano? The worksheet leaves space for the child to draw pictures of other things that make sounds.

Does It Make a Sound?

Draw Things You Hear

Draw a Picture of 4 Things You Can Hear

Think of 4 things that you can hear and draw a picture of each item that makes these sounds in the box.

Draw Pictures of Things You Can Hear

Five Senses Book at

My Five Senses Big Book (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)
My Five Senses Big Book (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)

This is my favorite book for teaching kids about all the senses. It is suitable for kids around Kindergarten age. It encourages children to think about how they use each of their senses.


Color the Things that Make Sounds

Color only the pictures that make a sound. Think about the sounds these pictures make. This worksheet encourages younger children to think about their sense of hearing.

Color the Pictures that Make a Sound

Sense of Hearing Video - Teach Kids with this YouTube video

Kids love to watch videos, so I've added a few to this page. Lessons, worksheets, and these videos will all help reinforce what they've learned and be more aware of their listening skills in daily life. The first video plays various sounds and kids guess what sound they've just heard. The video then gives them the correct answer after they've had an opportunity to guess. The second video describes how hearing works by looking at the parts of the inner and outer ear.

Hearing Lesson for the 5 Senses: What Sound Do You Hear?

Are You Listening? You Use Your Ears for Hearing

Questions and Comments about the Five Senses

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    • Ascent Hearing profile image

      Ascent Hearing 6 years ago

      We need to teach kids to look after their hearing, this should start at an early age. With the age of the MP3 player, almost every kid I see is wearing headphones blasting out music, these kids don't realise they'll be deaf in later years!!