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Professional Sample Letter | Letter Writing Tips

Updated on November 10, 2012

Professional Cover Letter Writing Guide

Read on the links About Cover Letter Writing Guide contains tips, advice, and cover letters help you in your letter writing activities. Learn how to write professional Cover Letters and understand what are the common Cover Letter writing mistakes ever job seeker makes. This resource covers the parts of the basic business letter and provides three sample business letters.

How to Write a Professional Letter

There are many different reasons for writing a business letter. However, most business letters follow some general guidelines as described below.

Use block style. Include address of the person. After the address, double space and include date. Include Mr. for men or Ms for women. State a reference reason for your letter. Give the reason for writing. Make any request you may have. Close the letter with a thank you. Finish the letter with a salutation. Include 4 spaces and type your full name and title. sign the letter between the salutation and the typed name and title.

Example of a Professional Letter in Block Format

1800, Stone Ridge Street

Los Angeles, CA 90001.

January 29th, 2011

Catherine Wills,

TRES, Inc.

532 East 95th Street

New York, NY 10027

Dear Mrs. Catherine:

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Janet Smith to you. I am the Head Sales Manager at Bridgeplus Co., and I have been overseeing Janet's performance from December of 2007 to December of 2010 as a saleswoman.

She is definitely a promising employee and stands out among the several other people whom I have worked with. Without any doubt, she would serve as a great asset to your company. She puts in a lot of effort and has a huge passion for her work. She is a quick learner and this I can say from the fact that within the first three weeks, she knew everything concerned about the products she was dealing with. Within a short period during her tenure she was honored with the "Top Salesperson of the Year" award twice. That proved her commitment and dedication towards her work.

Hence, it is my belief that Janet will be a valuable asset to your company. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to respond to any queries that you have.



Professional Cover Letter Writing Tips

Many employers request applicants to submit Cover Letters and Resumes during the recruitment process, however most employers make decisions about a candidate's suitability from what is written in the Cover Letter and not the Resume. Below, you will find 10 cover letter writing tips for writing professional cover letters.

Never Start A Cover Letter With "To Whom It May Concern"

Never Enclose Photos In Covering Letters

Never Handwrite Cover Letters

Always Check for Spelling, Grammatical or Typographical Errors

Keep Your Cover Letters Short

Use Correct Fonts and Formatting

Always End Your Cover Letter Appropriately

Always Customize Your Cover Letter For Each Job Application

Saving Your Cover Letter in the Standard Format

Avoiding the Use Inappropriate Language

Sample Letter Formats

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Business Letter Format ExampleCover Letter ExampleEmail Thank You MessagePersonal Reference Letter ExampleReference Letter FormatResignation Letter ExampleSample Resignation Email MessageThank You Letter Format Example
Business Letter Format Example
Business Letter Format Example
Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Example
Email Thank You Message
Email Thank You Message
Personal Reference Letter Example
Personal Reference Letter Example
Reference Letter Format
Reference Letter Format
Resignation Letter Example
Resignation Letter Example
Sample Resignation Email Message
Sample Resignation Email Message
Thank You Letter Format Example
Thank You Letter Format Example

Tips for formal letter writing

Writing a formal letter is not a difficult task if written in a proper format but if you are not familiar with the format then there are many templates available on internet which can guide you what kind of language and tone you should use while you are writing one. It also depends of what kind of formal letter you are writing because the tone and style of writing will vary with subject. If you have Microsoft Office installed on your system, just go and check the format for writing a formal letter. If you are to write something to your client, then your tone might be submissive but if you are writing something to your client then your tone would be aggressive but in a formal way.

How to Write a Business Letter

Tips for Writing Business Letters

The convention of letter writing remains like the olden days with the basic rules with reference to the content of a letter. It remains the same as any formal letter, that is to say, the sender's address, date, recipient, introduction of the letter, body, and closing of the same. In the following, find some useful tips for writing a business letter.

Layout: The layout of the formal business letter is the blocked one, which is also known as the American letter writing format. Unlike before, the British writing format has been long gone and it has been replaced with intending all the contents to the left of the page.

Structure: The skeleton of the business letter has an additional section for mentioning details about the issue referred in the letter. It starts with the addresses and subject line. Be brief while writing the subject section. It should just be a pointer.

Content: Here you should mention the purpose of writing the letter. You may mention the business deal or proposal you are referring to in case it is about something related to that. If it is for a different purpose, then you may write it in the subject line, for example if it is an inquiry. It is required to give technical details, though in the first paragraph only. For example, the date, invoice, reference or deal no., etc.

Tone: Depending on your purpose, you can vary your tone of writing the letter. For example, if it is a business proposal you are drafting, it needs to be persuasive in nature. If it is a thank you letter, you need to be courteous. Use jargon with the appropriate recipient.

Reference: The last section of business letters are very important. You are required to mention the references to the issue you are talking about, along with names and contact details of the people associated with the same.

How To Write An Inquiry Letter

An inquiry letter, also called a letter of interest, is a special kind of cover letter. It is an unsolicited letter that you would send to a prospective employer expressing your interest in working for them. In an inquiry letter, you write about your academic qualifications, achievements and work experience.

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