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How to Write Essay Competitions

Updated on November 6, 2014

How to Write Essay Competitions

Essay competitions have helped many students, youths and adults. Also, it has made many people lose hope in writing. But, what is the secret for writing winning essays in competitions? This page is written to direct students and individuals who have written on many topics in essay competitions and do not win any prize in return. I decide to write on this topic because I came second on July 2013 in an essay competition and I will like to shear the secret behind writing successful essays in essay competitions.


How to Write Introduction in Essay Competition

This is the starting point of every essay, be it the college essay or essay in the name of contest. The introduction you put down in any essay competition determines whether the judge of any essay contest will continue to read your work or stop on the way. Introduction contains the points which are to be developed into the body of the essay writing, and you must make sure to make it interesting so that the judge will not be bored. Introduction can be one paragraph or more than one depending on your choice. It is advisable to have four introduction paragraphs if you are to break the essay topic into three subheadings. The first introduction will be on the definition of the important key points and the totality of the other parts which are to be developed into other paragraphs. The remaining three paragraphs are where you throw a little light on what forms the body of your essay.

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Study Instruction before engaging in Essay Contest

This is where many essay entrants fail as most of them forget to read the guide on what to be included in the topic they are to write. When I took part in the 2013 Naija Writers Coach Essay Competition, which I came second, I took my time to study the instruction given by the company that initiated the competition and that was why I made it. I saw many essays written by other students and most of the essays did not meet up with the demand of the organizers. It is very necessary to study the instruction given in any essay contest before you start writing. What is the computer font size that the essay organizer says you should use? What is the computer line spacing? All these and more are to be taken into consideration.


How to make Use of Grammar in Essay Competition

It is very important to be conscious of the kind of grammar you use in every essay competition as this determines the comprehensiveness and readability of your write-up. Good grammar usage in essay competitions gives the entrant an additional mark than others whose grammar is nothing to write home about in general. You can include popular idioms in your essay in such a way that the judge understands the information pass through the idioms. When you make use of idioms, ensure it is the one that many people understand their meanings so that marks will not be deducted from your essay. But note, do not include many idioms in your essay. It is very important to make use of simple English words so that even a primary school student can read your piece. What matters in every essay is for people to be able to read and understand the topic you have written.


Make Your Essay Unique

Have you ever wonder why it happens that after some examinations, you see students that wrote little make more marks than those that fill their answer sheets with words? The reason is because the little that they put down are unique and of high quality. Uniqueness matters a lot because that is a mark of high quality, and it differentiates you from the crowd. Essay judges look forward for unique written essays and that is an added credit to those that make their own unique. Do not put down the same points with your friend whenever you engage in essay competition. There should be far distance between you and that your friend so that your works will not be photocopy. What matters is for you to sit down and reason out some points that other contestants will not have in their own work. It is better to make your piece exceptional and make it great than to put down what you know that every contestant will have as the capital part of their own essays.


Be Selective when Choosing Essay Topics

When engaging in any essay competition, try and be selective in them. Do not write on every essay competition you see, rather try to be selective. Prepare and choose from the list of all the essay competitions that are available at the moment. Do not be too greedy to write on every essay topic that you see on the way or in your institution. Being selective in every essay competition makes you prepare very well for the topic you have chosen to write. It is important to save your energy and time by separating yourself from writing on any topic you lack experience. When you choose which essay to write and those not to write, you have more time to make research on the one you have chosen.

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      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      You shared great essay writing competition tips.It will really helpful for new writers as well as students

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      Thanks for sharing all these great tips, keep up the good work :)

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      Thanks for sharing all these great tips, keep up the good work :)