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How To Learn To Write A Paper Fast

Updated on September 24, 2012

Writing Fast And Effectively Is A Learned Skill.

Writing fast is a skill that can be learned as if you was learning to speak a language or ride a bike. Writing effect papers, report and articles does not have to be time consuming. It is not just a skill you have, while some may be more natural writers then others it is still a learned skill. To learn the skill of writing fast and effective you must put in a effort to improve your speed as well as the method in which you write and create your papers.

Writing fast and effective is a desirable job skills for many employers. Over 2/3rds of salaried workers in the U.S. have jobs that require strong writing skills Being able to write in a effective manner may open doors for promotions or broaden employment opportunities.

Boy Thinking Before He Starts To Write
Boy Thinking Before He Starts To Write

How To Write A Great Paper Fast

Seven Tips To Improve Writing Speed!!

Tip 1:

Think Before You Write Think out your paper or section of the paper your writing before you start writing, so you know where you are going.

Tip 2:

Keep Resources and References Handy. Learn to write fast by keeping track of research material you used. Don't waste time by forgetting to mark where you go a fact, when you use a fact write down information then, don't wait. Use websites like to keep track of resources online.

Tip 3:

Keep Format Simple. When writing a paper keep format and flow simple. Do not try to over do it with complicated uses of formatting. To find out more about formatting go to

Tip 4:

Use Bullet Points. When you start writing start from point A and end at point Z without worry of filling in the blanks. Writing in bullet points on first draft will allow you to write through you page in a fast and effective manner, then you can go over you points to broaden your point in second draft.

Tip 5:

Improve Reading Speed. Being able to read faster will allow you to research and edit at a faster pace. Learn about speed reading at

Tip 6:

Write Till Its Done. Don't waste time starting and stopping. While its good to take breaks, stopping for to long can be counterproductive. If you must do work in separate sittings split up the paper in different sections.

Tips 7:

Prioritize Your Time. Know when to stop and tell yourself you done and move to the next piece of work. Sometimes it okay to spend lots of time to make sure everything is perfect other times its just as waste.

Make Use Of Hand Held Recorders And Speak & Type Software

When writing something I am passionate about and want to lose myself in my work I use a program on my computer that will type what I am saying. Not only does this allow me to focus more on my work then the actual writing part but it allows me to work at a much faster pace.

When I am researching and not yet to the point of writing I sometimes carry around a mini recorder so I can record ideas I have and not worry about loosing them. When driving sometimes I can write a whole paper while just thinking out loud.

Olympus S-711 Microcasette Recorder (Blue)
Olympus S-711 Microcasette Recorder (Blue)

Pocket size travel recorder with a built in mic. It is easy to carry and easy to use.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 11 [Old Version]
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 11 [Old Version]

Speech recognition software that lets you interact with your PC just by talking


Always Make Time For Breaks

To avoid writers block, schedule in breaks. Writing to much at once can leave you drained and make you write slower. Breaks will keep you mind flowing in the right direction.

Writing Fast Under Pressure - Do You Want to Improve You Writing Speed Even Further?

The book "How to Write Fast Under Pressure" by Philip Vassallo is a easy to read step by step guide that introduces and teaches methods for a writer to become a speed writer while still improving their overall quality of their work.

Ways To Improve Writing Speed - Practice Writing To Improve Overall Writing Preformance

  • After reading summarize what you just read. If your short on time just do it in your head while doing something else, if you have extra time write it out. This will help you get use to creating your own words to summarize research or material you just read.
  • Keep a daily journal. It does not matter what you write just write. Write about your day, what you learned, things you liked, things you did not like or about things you daydreamed about.

Edit Work In Rotation

Its easier to edit work if you take time in away from your writing before you edit. Not only does it take less time, but it is usually more effective allowing you to catch more mistakes in less time.

First Step...

Writing A Article
Writing A Article

Sometimes the first thing you do when writing determines how fast you can get the paper completed.

What Is The First Step You Take When You Start To Write:

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Writing fast can have hazards. Make sure when learning to write fast you focus on quality as well as quantity for a well rounded approuch.

What Some Tips You Follow When Trying To Write A Paper Fast?

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    • LaineA profile image

      Amy Stephens 6 years ago from Missouri

      @AkaProfessorMike: Great Tip Aka ProfessorMike

    • profile image

      AkaProfessorMike 6 years ago

      Use a good quality Thesaurus to enhance the vocabulary in your work. Using the same words too often ruins a great piece of literature for your audience.