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Awesome Exam Tips

Updated on December 12, 2011

Exam Tip 1. How to prepare- when there is plenty of time before the exam

The days full of freedom.

Exam Tips described in this hub will help you to boost your performance in your exams.It is a bit long read though, with broadly discussed common issues, so read carefully.I am sure you have pretty good amount of information to be collected.

Life is a breeze, when there is no exam near by, you’d be thinking. You are doing every thing you love, practicing in the college band, in the drama club, go swimming, may be doing athletics, and go shopping with your best friends.

You may still have daily lectures, but you don’t like to get much weight of them. You don’t want to destroy the feeling of simplicity you are feeling, when you do your favorites. Your life is a breeze. Who cares about Exams or Exam Tips ?

But will it be, after your exam? May be you don’t even want to think.

What if, your life would become something even smarter than now, when your exam is over?

When you have got the best grades, A++, for every thing, including to the subjects now you think impossible? How would you feel when everyone congratulates you on your great achievements? You’d want to dream about some great carrier, or about some expensive smartphone, and what if, that everything in your dream starts to look nothing sort of a challenge anymore?

Do you have the key to that future? Yes you do, it is right with you; it has always been with you.

How to find it and use it? Let’s discuss step by step.

Amazing Exam Tips

1.Lay the best foundation

Recall the confusing moment when you were stuck right in the middle of a problem in your previous exams. What were you feelings when you couldn’t find any direction to proceed, when your clock ticks even more urgently right in front of you?

What did you feel when your best friend asks you for a helping hand in a particular subject related-problem, and you don’t even understand what it is all about? You’d have compared you and your friend in a flash, and told yourself, that your friend is brighter than you, and has always been. But what if your own mind resists admitting that idea?

Ever wondered what causes this confusion? Perhaps you’d have promised yourself to dedicate more time to study now on, during those moments. But how many times have you promised that to yourself before?

The fact is, your foundation is not stronger. To achieve best results in exams you should lay the best foundation possible.

The core concept behind this is learning your subject materials related to the exam, precisely.

Learn with your full concentration and participation, during lessons, lectures. Of course you can’t grasp everything at a single shot, you will miss many things at the beginning, and you will end up having questions, very odd ones after all. But keep in mind, it is common to every one else, although they won’t show it sometimes.

Do not isolate yourself from the lesson; follow it from beginning to the end. Make yourself different from the rest of your classmates by referring to additional resources and clarifying your chaos related to that subject matter. It lets you save your time and sharpen your knowledge.

Use your college library; it is the best place to start. When you have the need to find out what you really want, you will start finding hundreds of books and other resources like a flow and begin to wonder, how they existed right beside you for all these years with out you knowing.

Do not try to read all these books from the beginning to the end. Refer the exact section you need, and study the facts related to your syllabus thoroughly. May be it is only 2 or 3 pages from a whole 1500 pages book, but that doesn’t matter at all. It let’s you save your time.

Use internet. Google it and you will find thousands of results. Remember everything on internet is not correct, so use your brain and find some promising and trusted sites.

2.Learn to enjoy the passion of the subject

Ever subject has its own passion, own rhyme. Try to find it out and resonate with it. You will perform higher if you do. Inside a subject, we find different areas, some we prefer much, some we love, some we hate, some we desperately need. It is like a long distance cycle race, you will find mountains, slopes, steeper slopes, plains. You like to ride the slope. You find it easier in the plains too, perhaps you hate the mountains. When it is put together it becomes the race, and the ultimate winner is the one who averages best in all the areas, who comprehends the rhythm of that particular race and adhere to it.

When you find difficult questions in a particular subject, don’t give it up at the first shot. Give it a try, Remember that almost all the difficult questions have a unique and passionate solution, which is often very short. So try to show your guts.

3.Become your own tutor, Demonstrator and Friend.

Discuss your problems with yourself. Demonstrate what you’ve learnt to yourself, imagining a silent audience. Use a whiteboard to make your demonstrations, say things aloud as you are really doing a lecture to some group of students, whenever possible. Perhaps it would seem bit odd but you need to excel in your exam, so it’s an investment.

You will get stuck in the middle when you demonstrate something in the whiteboard. Sure you do.

Don’t get frustrated over that. Refer your notes quickly, and revise the facts once again and demonstrate again. When you find yourself capable of noting down almost everything on the whiteboard, you should understand that you are absolutely brilliant.

4.Make short notes

When you have followed your lessons completely, highlight most appealing points and make a short note. Do not make it over decorated, or painted, make it simple and pleasant. Make sure it includes everything summarizing the lesson. Take a look at your short note, at least few times a day, while you are traveling in the bus, in the train. Do everything to make sure that you stick with your exam and your lessons.

5. Defeat the mental traps.

Maintaining a very good mental health is a good asset to pass exams. When you are starting to learn, when you are learning, revising, facing the exam, simply at different stages of our student life, we undergo different psychological conditions, positive ones and negative ones. While positive ones are good, and desired, and rare, negative ones are occurring very often and should be avoided with care. These include feelings of confusion, frustration, laziness, sleepiness, desire to take drugs etc. etc.

Remember it is the nature of our mind to change instantaneously and produce different desires. Not all of them are correct, and we must take control of our mind as much as we can, to run in the track towards the exam. If you try to find alternative routes, most probably you will end up being no one. Your life will no longer be a breeze but you will get caught in a cyclone. So be cautious.

This ends our discussion about Exam Tips and how to use them as a guidance in facing your exams. Don't worry though because our conversation about Exam Tips is not yet over! In fact there is another dedicated hub about awesome exam tips, and you can get the link below. Bookmark this, and share this with your friends in facebook and google+ if you found information useful.

You can follow Awesome Exam Tips-Step 2 of this hub to find some very useful tips about “Testing and Revising your knowledge when you draw closer to your exam” See you around.

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