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Updated on March 18, 2009

Are you wondering how to rotate or flip pictures / photographs? Or are you looking for help with turning a picture from left to right or right to left without Photoshop?

Well one of Open Office’s features allows you to do just that!

I am sure that there are many other ways that I don’t know about and if after following my steps, you know another way, can you leave in the comment box below details where I and others can see another way of rotating photos or pictures with Open Office?

UPDATE: I’ve placed instructions on how to flip pictures / photos with Open Office onto a different page. Click here for information on how to flip pictures / photos using Open Office

Let’s begin…

Okay, these are my steps for rotating a picture or photo with Open Office

If you do not have Open Office, you can download and install it from here


Create a new working area from the Open Office welcome screen by clicking then opening Drawing

Open Office menu

Open Office start menu
Open Office start menu


On the Drawing Menu bar select Insert

Open Office untitled menu
Open Office untitled menu

Scroll down to Picture then scroll across to From File and double click

Open Office Insert / Picture / File menu
Open Office Insert / Picture / File menu

Locate the picture / photo you wish to rotate


When you have found the picture / photo , select it by clicking on it

Insert picture
Insert picture

You can insert it onto your blank Open Office page either by double clicking on the picture or by clicking on the Open button

Open  button
Open button

Now, look at your Open Office working area


You'll see that your selected picture is now inserted, surrounded by little green squares.  These green squares are called handles

Jumping girl with green handles
Jumping girl with green handles

At the bottom of your screen, locate the rotate icon  from the Drawing menu

Open Office Drawing menu
Open Office Drawing menu
Rotate icon
Rotate icon


NOTE:  If you cannot see the rotate icon, it may because it is not enabled (showing)  To enable the Open Office Drawing menu, click on View, scroll down to Toolbars and then scroll across to Drawing  Now look at the bottom of your screen, you should now see the Drawing menu

Open Office View / Toolbars / Drawing
Open Office View / Toolbars / Drawing



Once you have clicked the rotate icon, the handles in your picture turns from green to red

Green and Red handles
Green and Red handles

Select a red handle

Select red handle
Select red handle

and drag it in the direction you wish to rotate your picture

Your mouse pointer changes to this:

Rotating picture in Open Office
Rotating picture in Open Office
Rotating picture
Rotating picture

When you let go, your picture / photo will have rotated


Keep selecting a red handle and dragging the picture / photo into your desired position again and again until you are satisfied with your picture / photo position

Click thumbnail to view full-size
jumping girl upside downjumping girl sidewaysjumping girl at anglejumping girl upright
jumping girl upside down
jumping girl upside down
jumping girl sideways
jumping girl sideways
jumping girl at angle
jumping girl at angle
jumping girl upright
jumping girl upright

Clicking the slideshow above, you can see how I rotated my picture back to its original position by selecting a red button and dragging again until she was back in an upright position

STEP 5 Finished


Once I click the mouse off the picture, the handles turn back green


I’m happy


She’s happy

When you have time, experiment yourself with these steps and see

If you wish, let me and others know below how you got on rotating your pictures / photos using these steps

PS Don’t forget to Save your work

Click here for steps on How to Flip a Picture / Image / Photo using Open Office

Open Office features

Have you used Open Office Draw rotate button before?

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    • Learning2 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago


      My hub mini tutorial is aimed at users of Open Office and I am not familiar with LibreOffice products nor its features. Looking online though, I learned from a webpage showing how to Rotating Objects in LibreOffice, that importing or inserting a picture in LibreWriter first, it'll be treated as a picture. Pictures (images) in Libre are restricted to 90° whereas LibreOffice objects can be rotated to any angle you wish.

      So the problem here is to turn your picture (image) into a Libre object first then it’ll be able to rotate freely.

      Digging deeper, online I found these steps that may be of help to you to do just that!


      Insert/import your picture in Draw. (Libre will recognize it as an object which can then be rotated as desired)

      1) On the LibreOffice Draw Mode toolbar or on the Drawing bar in LibreOffice Impress, click the Rotate icon and select the object you want to rotate.

      2)Move the pointer to a corner handle so that the pointer changes to a rotate symbol.

      3)Drag the handle to rotate the object. (To restrict the rotation to multiples of 15 degrees, hold down the Shift key.)


      3a)Right-click the object to open the context menu. To enter an exact rotation value, select the Position and Size rotation

      You can now use that converted picture (object) in any of the LibreOffice modules and rotate as you wish


      Drag one of the side handles.


      Drag the small circle in the center of the object to a new location.


      So Mr Angry, I repeat, I haven’t used or LibreOffice before and so the above suggestions are theory (not tested by me) that just may work ;-)

      Either way, is it possible to let me know whether these steps worked for you? May help others in the same position as you

      Thank you

    • profile image

      mr angry 

      7 years ago

      this or the other method doesn't work at all.

      Libre office staff didn't think of this option.

      There should be a "rotate handle" together with the move/resize/scale handles but it isn't there for sure.

      The rotate icon on the drawing bar is not active

      I spent 2 hours trying to rotate back a pic that libre rotated automatically when I pasted it in a document.

      I'm angry and done for now....

    • Learning2 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago


      Using a MacBookPro, I was able to rotate and flip images. (Assuming the following will work for other MACs too)

      Below are three options for you to choose from:


      To turn images towards the right (clockwise)

      cmd & R

      To turn images towards the left (anti clockwise)

      cmd & L


      turn image to the left

      Tools , Rotate left

      turn image to the right

      Tools , Rotate right

      flip left to right or right to left

      Tools , Flip horizontal

      flip upside down or back

      Tools , Flip vertical


      Click on the image

      Select from Menu bar , View , Customize Toolbar

      On the drop down dialog box, locate the Rotate icon.

      Click and drag the rotate icon onto the drop down menu tool bar

      Click the Done button

      Now whenever you open an image on your MacBook Pro, the Rotate icon will be included on the image menu bar for ease of use

      Note: If image tool bar is missing, then from the Menu bar, click View, Show Toolbar or cmd & B

      Hope this mini Mac image rotation tutorial was of help to you and others with the same non OpenOffice issue.



    • profile image

      Jill Peer 

      7 years ago

      this does nt work on my apple mac i m fed up with trying i did every thing you said and had no rotating icon . this was a very expensive laptop and I'm disgusted thet it is impossible to rotate a picture. what do i do ....???

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      In MS Word is rotation of picture standard feature for many years.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Although I found the rotate function to add it to the tool bar, it does not's faded out.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This will certainly be useful to me as I start working with images. Great stuff! I am very much looking forward to your future articles.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Pretty cool!!



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