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Are Humans A Species of Animal?

Updated on August 23, 2017

Hey! Did You Just Call Me An Animal?

Although many people would take being compared with or called an animal as an insult, it is the plain truth. The intention of this page is to explore the implications of fully accepting our status as a species of animal.

Achieve Perfection While Still In The Body

The Human Question

Share your basic opinion on this most basic question. If you'd like to express yourself on this topic, please add a comment to the guest book below.

Are Humans a Species of Animal?

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Dog Collar
Dog Collar

Are We A Domesticated Species?

The roots of the word "domesticated" literally translate to "one who has become acostomed to living in a home."

Here are a few examples of domesticated species:

Dogs are a species of canine. They come from wolves who were selectively breed for specific traits that were beneficial to humans. Eventually it created a divergent species that we call dog. There are various breeds of dog, but all belong to the species Canis Domesticus and can technically reproduce.

hunter gatherer
hunter gatherer

My Opinion

Humans Are A Species of "Great Ape"

My understanding of humans is that we are a species of animal. We officially belong to the family of Great Apes, along with our closest relatives (other animals who we share the most recent common ancestor with) the Gorillas, Orangutans, Bonobos and Chimpanzees. The thing is, we have become a domesticated species, along the lines of the dog, pig and cow. Humans are actually the most useful animal to domesticate because we are such good tool makers/users and we have really well developed communication skills. A lot of the wild-ness has been bred out of us. How many of you reading this were raised with the most basic survival skills necessary to live in the wild? My parents never taught me how to build a shelter or how to hunt food in the wilderness. Sure, I was taught to fish and was taught domestic duties. With this type of upbringing it is expected that a person will sell their labour to someone who will give them vouchers (fiat money) that can be used to trade for food at these big depots. Also, the vouchers are used to trade for someone else to let them live in the house that someone else built. It's expected that we will live the life of a domesticated animal.

Humans existed before agriculture and city dwelling (civilization) were around, and they were essentially the same as us in their basic mental and physical abilities. They just lived different lifestyles. Mainstream opinion is that our ancestors from about 200 thousand years ago (or before) until about only 10 thousand years ago were living in nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers. They looked pretty much the same as we do now, but they were living lifestyles more similar to the other Great Apes.

I'm not leading up to a stance that advocates going back to that lifestyle. It would be difficult and senseless to go backwards at this point. However, I am saying that I would personally like to undo some of the domestication process. I want to be more of that wild animal that nature intended me to be. That being said, a lot of really useful things came out of this 10 thousand year experiment in Civilization and there is no reason why we shouldn't continue to use some of them. A radical shift in lifestyle wouldn't happen overnight anyway. However, as participants in the present, we can help shape the course of the future.

Stalin's Attempted Humanzee Army - Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Tasked with building Stalin's new army of super soldiers, Russian scientist Dr. Ilya Ivanov attempted to breed chimpanzees and human beings. This video discusses the facts and then goes into some of the theories out there. The video is called "Monkey Army" but there were no attempts to breed monkeys with humans. The chimpanzee is not a Monkey, it is a Great Ape. Another word for the hybrid of two or more species of animal is "chimera". For example, in the UK there are experiments in stem cell therapy that involve creating human-cow chimeras. They are not allowed to grow to full maturity but only exist as small clusters of living cells.

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Homo Sapiens - Thinking Man

Humanity's Place in the Animal Kingdom

From Wikipedia:

Humans, or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") in the family Hominidae (the great apes). Compared to other species, humans have a highly developed brain capable of abstract reasoning, language, and introspection. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees their upper limbs for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species. DNA evidence indicates that modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Humans now inhabit every continent and low Earth orbit, with a total population of over 6.7 billion as of March 2008.

Complete Harmonized Self - Challenging the Higher Self vs Lower Self Paradigm

Jeremy Crow introduces the concept of the Complete Harmonized Self (CHS). This is a different way of looking at the various aspects of the self in relation to all the other aspects. The traditional paradigm tends to split the self into a Higher Self and Lower Self. In practice, the traditional Higher/Lower lens only maintains a state of internal conflict and suits those who tend to hold a body-negative spiritual worldview. When seeking to develop a Complete Harmonized Self this dichotomy is eliminated and all parts of the self are valued for their unique attributes and are put to use in a harmonious way, resolving internal conflicts.

Is the Ego The Same As The Wild Animal Nature?

The Wild Beast Within

In modern parlance the word “Ego” is typically used as a category for every undesirable trait we humans possess and then we refer to it as our “lower self”. Originally the word was used by Sigmund Freud to refer to the familiar personality. This is the part of ourselves which we refer to when we say, “I”. In fact, the word “Ego” is the Latin word for “I”. Freud defined a tripartite division of the psyche into Id, Ego and Super-Ego. Id is Latin for “it”, meaning a thing. In this case, “it” may refer to the body, or more specifically the inherent consciousness of the body. These are the genetically hardwired behaviours and instincts, primarily focused on experiencing pleasure and avoiding discomfort. It is within the Id function of the mind that I feel the wild animal nature resides. The Id would also contain survival instincts bred into us that favour behaviours that will allow us to survive as domesticated animals. The third member of this Trinity of the Mind is the Super-Ego. Again, this is a Latin term which means “above I”. This is a collection of the attributes and attitudes that we do not have the self-confidence to allow into our sense of self. We therefore project these attributes onto external forces including abstract concepts such as “the universe” or “destiny” or individuals that we consider to be role models or authority figures, whether fictional or not including the concept of deity. It is my belief that every part of the self should be understood, accepted and integrated. The only thing that should be rejected is ignorance, especially that which leads to internal conflict. The Id, Ego and Super-Ego should each be purged of ignorance, oriented toward a common goal and harmonized. We can compare this threefold system to that of alchemy, where Salt (Id), Sulphur (Ego) and Mercury (Super-Ego) represent Body, Soul and Spirit and are all equally important in the production of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Articles and Resources

Here is a list of webpages that you may find interesting or useful in relation to the subject of humans as a species of animal. Hope you enjoy!

Id, Ego and Superego in Spirituality - Featured Video

Jeremy Crow discusses the meaning of the psychological terms "Id, Ego and Superego" in this YouTube video. You can browse other videos by Jeremy Crow and subscribe to his channel here:

Chimpanzee Chromosomes and Common Ancestry with Other Apes

Human - Chimpanzee - Gorilla - Orangatan

Food Fight! - Share your passion for what goes in your mouth!

Should Humans Eat Meat?

Evolution - On The Small Screen

Funny video clip of Homer Simpson going through several stages of evolution. Several other characters of the Simpsons cartoon show up as well.

Jeremy Crow

Left Hand Path Occultist and Luciferian Community Organizer

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In addition, I want you to know that I do intuitive readings professionally. I learned a traditional family method of doing Tea Leaf readings from my Ojibway father when I was only 8 years old. At the age of 17, I took up the life-long study of occultism, including the art of reading the Tarot. I am currently 34 years old and continue to pursue my studies with great passion.

Kind Regards,

Jeremy Crow

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      4 years ago

      I just couldn't depart your site prior to suggesting that I incredibly enjoyed the standard information an individual supply for your visitors? Is gonna be back often so that you can inspect new posts faekgekggeeb

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: what? read a book... google that stuff dude science has proven things you haven't been educated on yet!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We are not as evolved as some might think or hope. Yes of course we are only animals... animals with guns and baseball caps! The world is filling up with too many people because in this day and age the emphasis on safety and sanctity of life has completely ruined natural selection. Death is a part of life stop trying to avoid and prolong the inevitable! To quote Bill Maher "I am pro-death, anything that gets the highway moving faster!" Him and George Carlin are smart people who tell the truth in comedic ways, if you agree please hear it from them. Listen to their genius!

    • Zut Moon profile image

      Zut Moon 

      6 years ago

      Interesting lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens and daring topic!

      Humans are on a doubtful stage, the mind is above animals (scientifically), while often our behavior, actions and results (regretfully, to some individuals), sometimes worst.

      Who is the "animal"!?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Man is in the transitional stage between an animal and the gods

    • joanv334 profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello, thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Big band has never been proven..its just a made up guess. Evolution is also an imaginary thought made up. It takes faith to believe in these

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      When man recognises the Big Bang represents creation of the universe and considers Evolution, Reincarnation and the Spirit World [another dimension] are linked together, our future generations will begin to understand, the Bible is not just another fairy story.


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