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Side effect of evolution

Updated on June 26, 2015

What has made the change?

The want of recognition has went deep into the minds of every person in the globe. The people around the world have started dreaming and wanting more, resulting in unlimited desires. The competition between the people has increased in terms of materialistic needs. This has eventually become greed with time.

Contribution of Economy

A wish is just a desire towards a materialistic or non-materialistic item. With increase in purchasing capacity of every individual in the society coupled with ever raising economic standards of the middle class, the wish has transferred into "want". However it is not right to blame the economy for this but on the contrary it is the human resource which brought about this change in the economy.

'The Past' and 'The Present'

The man had the "want" of basic amenities such as food, shelter and clothing for his day to day life. Even though the basic requirements are the same, the standards now have increased. With the current economic scenario, in most of the countries, rich wants to get richer and thus poor eventually becomes poorer. The want of upper middle class and the middle class people in the society has increased the burden on the lower middle class and the people below it. It is also to be noted that as the expectation of every individual started raising, the tolerance level of the same started to reduce. The husband and wife get separated for small issues in the recent past because of the increase in the intolerance attitude. The statistics speak of increase in the divorce cases and proclaims that the expectations and intolerance as the base for this issue.

Where will it lead to?

The track is divided into two. The want towards materialistic needs and the want towards non-materialistic items. The either direction has advantages as well as limitations. With respect to materialistic wants, if the person is contented with a decent housing and other facilities, it becomes a boon. But when the same person wants more and more, it leads to fight within the family and also outside it. On the other hand, the non-materialistic wishes like love and sex are a definite happiness for the mankind. But when the same want of love keeps on increasing, it will not allow the person to extend love to other person, which will lead to a feeling of possessiveness. The possessive attitude of the people will keep on increasing with time, which is regarded as unhealthy for a sound relationship. Similarly, sex is a definite happiness for both the genders. But when the same increases and turns into lust, the male gender starts to take physical advantage over the weaker and fulfils his desires without the content of the other gender.

Understanding the limit

Every ‘want’ is healthy when it is exercised up to a certain limit. Realizing the boundary of the desire is one of the toughest tasks of the man. The brain acts like a spider web and keeps on extending its desire. However the sad part is we ourselves get stuck up inside it, unable to get relieved after a certain point. The main reason for the never ending desires is the comparison with other individual. When a person reaches a limit of the desire, the other individual pushes it further and further, thus creating a competitive attitude in the mind of the former individual escalating his or her desire in the form of competition. This attitude stays healthy to a certain level and becomes destructive with time especially if the former is not able to achieve the target set by the latter. This is true not only with regards to an individual but with a certain group of people or even a nation, in other words, to a set of people who function as a single entity.

How to set up a barrier in your mind?

It is often difficult to control our brains with regards to the expectations we have. The brain of man always thinks more and more when a set target is reached. Controlling the activity of the brain is the task if you want to make a fruitful change. The key lies in clearly understanding what you actually want. It is necessary that you ask a question to yourself that if you achieve so and so, then are you sure that you will be happy or you will want more. If you would want more, what is the maximum limit up to which you would keep expecting? When you find answers for all these questions then you would be able to control yourselves. Another worrying aspect is that the brain will not think in these aspects and discourage you and would keep on jumping from one point to another like a monkey. In order that you control your brain and heart it is necessary that you do meditation. It helps in understanding yourself and realizing what you are. When you spend quality time with yourselves, you make a change in your attitude. You will see that you lead a better life with happiness engulfing you from deep within your heart.


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      4 years ago from San Diego California

      In other words what you are saying is that there is enough for everybody if we could only find a way to divide it up a little better. Here we come into the conflict between the human animal and the civilized man, and who knows if we will ever work that out. Great job.


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