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IDEF: IDEF0, IDEF1, IDEF2 ERP Modelling Example

Updated on April 11, 2011

IDEF Modeling: IDEF0, IDEF1, IDEF2

IDEF is a system modeling technique and it is used to model manufacturing operations. It is also useful to model AS-IS and TO-BE business processes prior to an Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation. In general, two modeling techniques are used to model a company's business processes as part of an ERP implementation project. These two modeling techniques are OMT and IDEF. However, this hub will only focus on IDEF modeling techniques. IDEF stands for Integration DEFinition (IDEF) methodology and it is a very useful modeling tool.

There are three types of IDEF modeling techniques:

  • IDEF0
  • IDEF1
  • IDEF2

Sample IDEF0 Diagram
Sample IDEF0 Diagram


 IDEF0 is a functional modeling technique and is utilized by a modeler to illustrate the actions, decisions and activities performed in company. It is an important model as it assists you in analyzing and portraying the functional aspect of the system. The diagram consists of the following:

  • Activity Name: Must begin with a verb. Example: "Make Product X"
  • Inputs: Example: "Customer Order"
  • Outputs: Example: "Product X"
  • Contraints: Example: "Safety specifications"
  • Mechanisms: Example: "Employees"


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