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Ignorance is Power Running the World

Updated on October 10, 2014

Control of the Masses

The philosophy exercised by those seeking control is to remove any source of knowledge that might oppose them. It is not new in the human psyche but something that dictators have realised and used for almost four millennium. As populations rose and big men were elected jealousy raised its ugly head and contests ensued to challenge those who wear the crown. The most successful rulers, therefore, are those who use ignorance to dominate and master those who make up their empire.

This branch of my research was to understand how and why religions and dictators gain power and why they are successful when it comes to provoking their followers into things like mass murder, suicide, destruction of law and order from other sources and, most importantly, closing their ears to knowledge that contradicts the brain-washing imposed on them by their leaders. It led to how some have invented religions for their people to follow so that their authority appears to come from the Divine. At least one was so successful at it that he still rules the world through what he created.

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Closed Ears and Closed Minds

What they don't hear they will Never Know

Lately I have put out a few questions in forums to test how closed the minds are of those who favour religion. The one overwhelming response was attack. The barbs were out against me not only because of my education and knowledge but because of my sex.

By ridicule, name calling, finger pointing and so forth the most responses were aimed at shutting me up and hoping I would go away. This is my experience of religion but it is also true in politics. They don't want their people to get any kind of knowledge that might spark the truth.

For some years my time spent in a political party opened my eyes to how people are steered into channels and can literally be made to do whatever the leader suggests. There is always an air of creating an atmosphere of volunteering to do the bidding but the manipulative control is unmistakable. You must do what the leader dictates or leave. That is another string that keeps people in situations where they need companionship and the warmth of friends.

The goals of all who collect within the framework of power are aimed at one thing - SUCCESS. They want their leader to succeed so they can claim attachment to him and, therefore, to his achievements. This gives the ignorant and untrained minds a focus and degree of satisfaction. It is, therefore, this that motivates and drives the power behind the ignorance of the inmates of the philosophy.

This was the power behind building things like pyramids and temples to the gods. They were done voluntarily to make the kings and supernatural powers appear as giants. It is still the case where leaders have their monstrous statues on display as a reminder of their power and status.

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Ignorance is Bliss

But it blocks the ears to reality

It takes energy to exercise the mind and it takes motivation to learn about things not in the mainstream. Compulsory education is the focus of democratic countries who seek power through knowledge. They are, however, becoming victims to those from heavily dominated religious nations who are flooding in as illegal migrants and building their own places of worship and for educating their young outside of the mainstream.

In Australia it is hard to ignore the enclaves of different races, types, religions and philosophies that are dividing most communities. Under the democratic code they are allowed to have their own places of worship and schools. Within those walls there is a constant blocking of the good things about the way their new country is run, governed and so forth. The freedom offered by the country falls by the wayside as the control by religious leaders never stops to be exercised over those who have no chance of escaping the net. Recent news reports show how actual Australians are being pushed out of suburbs because of this as the new arrivals take over. It also showed how shop-owners are targeted if they show any signs or displays that are adverse to their culture.

For a degree of peace they harbour together and accept what continues to be domination, discrimination and lack of credible knowledge to help them escape what they were seeking to escape when they came here. The problem is they are contaminating the locals who sympathise with their cause and who then lobby the governments to give them more freedom to be further controlled by their religions or spokespeople.

Recently during conversation with a Muslim couple my reincarnation was mentioned. They were shocked as they had never heard of it. This reminded me of the kids who were deliberately isolated from human contact by their father who had them locked in the basement. Those who delivered meals and such to them were forbidden to speak while in their presence. The result was that when rescued from the cellar these children could not learn language as their brains had not had the necessary channels opened when they were developing. Despite years of tutoring they have never quite gotten the idea of speech other than the basic sounds they made to communicate with each other.

One day a school teacher told me that she taught English but had never learned grammar. When quizzed on this lack she said that she had no knowledge of what a noun is and despite many trying to explain it she could not grasp the concept. This is what brainwashing does to people and the end result is complete ignorance about important matters.

In North Korea video reports show how this works in a country dominated by leaders who never allow their people access to knowledge other than what they determine they should have. The result is that the people are scared not to show deep sympathy, as when the old leader died recently, and deep affection for the new leader.

Recent footage showed a large group of men waving and being overly attentive to the ruler who got on a boat to sail away while they ploughed into the water still waving and smiling at him. But that happens in democratic societies where monarchs are bowed down to and waved at in much the same way. They are treated as gods because the people believe they are just that.

The addiction to celebrity is of the same thinking. Running after and waving to someone who has made it for one reason or another is the same idolatry that dictators love. But they are all simply human and not gods. They are not to be admired, worshiped or given roles as gods unless the real God is denied.

Early Childhood Learning

The brain develops faster than any other part of the body and a baby's brain is capable of far more than we give it credit for. Children who are taught early will go far while those who are held back have a big handicap to overcome.

Proof of Reincarnation

Emperor Constantine

Myths of heaven and hell

My research into one dictator, Constantine, who became emperor of the Roman world was extensive because of my motivation stirred up by my spirituality and the need to know where religion comes from. To begin with my memory of reincarnation is strong and the knowledge brought with me has provoked the obsession to locate the source of the things known by me to be man-made and dangerous.

The things that stood out from my arrival back in this world are the beliefs people have in places like heaven and hell. From my experience of going from one body to the other there is no such place as either of them. They are, however, used by religious forces as weapons. The first gets the audience in and the second keeps it there. It is a trap, a binding to the fold, and a means of control that the poor souls caught in it cannot easily escape.

Along with the weapon are the threats and persecution. Those who believe undoubtedly in the religions they are part of will do almost anything to protect them. There can be no reasonable argument given to persuade them otherwise because they have been brainwashed from the beginning of life into acceptance and subservience to them and the gods promoted therein.

That makes me more than a little angry with the forces that have caused this scenario. So resolving the problem took on massive proportions as delving into the past with a degree of accuracy involved knowing all that was possible to know about humanity. It even involved an academic sojourn into archaeology, anthropology and linguistics, oh and did I mention philosophy, to arrive at the answers,

Digging Through the Past to Know the Present

Blocking the Ears through ignorance.

It's true! The things believed today are already buried in the past. The only things that have changed is not the form of worship of the gods but the way we do it. In other words instead of circles of stones and carved out pyramids and temples we now have churches, temples and mosques.

Strangely the gods worshiped remain the same. There is a reason for that. You can't change people's beliefs as they are cemented deep in their psyche through their parents and environment. In one generation after the other the order of divinity stayed unless subtly attached to new orders.

Before any such change, no matter how small, can be put across there has to be a new leader, a new dictator with the power of command over the entire community. That can only happen through an emperor who seizes it with both hands and has a loyal following of workers to help with the task.

Those workers are his army with weapons and the means to torture, kill, maim and enforce his rule. Such a person in history was Constantine, who is titled the Great because he is credited with converting to Christianity and approval the worship of the Christian gods. What has been hidden is the evidence that clearly demonstrates that he invented Jesus Christ and set it up as an image to worship to protect his own power and provide him with more control.

He is identified as 666 in Revelation 13:13-18 and the religion he established was recycled Islam and Constantine went to Turkey, to Constantinople, an Islamic country afterwards because he was of that indoctrination.

One who came after him and modeled himself along the same lines was Hitler and here is a parallel that is worth studying. While the things concerning the rule of Constantine have been largely hidden or buried from view by the religious hierarchy the ways of Hitler have not.

The Queen of Heaven was Mari

It was the sun that was worshiped throughout the prehistoric world. As Mother God she became Mother of God under the rule of Constantine and was made the Mother of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. It is all from sun worship. 'Mari' means 'mother's powerful eye' which is a direct reference to the sun.

Who Do You Trust?

Is it the God of the Old Testament or that of the New Testament?

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Dictators Demand Absolute Power

They use ignorance and secrecy to do it

No dictator can survive if religious beliefs in other gods is strong and one of the things that Constantine did was to eradicate all religious assemblies throughout the empire before he introduced his version of a god in 325 AC (after Caesar). He could not tolerate the thought that he was not the highest and best god in the land. Even today kings still fulfill the role of a god which is why people have to bow to them.

In some places it is still forbidden to look at the monarch directly so everyone has to caste down their eyes. This is because he is supposed to radiate light like the sun and that would blind them. But they have been blinded by the stupidity they are forced to believe.

The most appropriate story to sum up religion is the king with no clothes. Everyone could see that he was naked but they dare not say it because he would be offended. This is the role of heaven and hell which forbids people to criticise or downgrade the gods in their temples or churches. The consequences is that the offender will go to hell.

The threat of hell as a place of eternal punishment is one of the greatest of all ruses and yet it is believed and remains as the guard on the door of the religious establishments. Along with the brainwashing of children into the program from infancy there are many other tricks the religious leaders have up their sleeve to ensure their survival.

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Kudos to you for such a great topic

    • chardonnay1313 profile image


      5 years ago

      You are very conscious and aware of what's really going on in the Matrix. Stay vigilant and strong and keep making people aware. Awaking their consciousness.

      Very Great Lens.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens. Power is a very dangerous game...

    • blestman lm profile image

      blestman lm 

      5 years ago

      Poor man wants to be rich. Rich man wants to be king. King wants to rule over everything. In the end people are attracted to power. With the internet splintering the way we receive information, I think it is easier now to manipulate that power


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