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IITJEE preparation

Updated on June 20, 2014

What is IITJEE?

IITJEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination) is the entrance examination for admission into 16 IIT's and Indian School of mines. This examination is conducted every year by one of the IIT's in a Round Robin fashion. The latest format of the exam includes two papers - JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Before preparation ...

There are a few things you need to keep in your mind before preparation. IIT is not a haven. It is not the only place where your career begins. If you fail once, I don't recommend you to repeat JEE. I don't want you to waste one more year of your precious time repeating JEE. If not IIT, there are many other good institutes where you can pursue your career. So, don't think IIT as your only destination while preparing as this would increase your pressure.

How to start preparing?

The most common way of preparation is to join a coaching institute. There are a lot of them in most of the cities. But ,there are many students in small towns or villages don't have access to these coaching centers. I advice these students not to lose hope and encourage them to do self-study.In fact I recommend self study to coaching centers. They can get the study materials of these coaching centers by registering the distant learning programmes provided by them. I have listed below some of the standard books for the preparation.


Concepts of Physics : Volume 1 and 2 - H.C. Verma ( covers the fundamental concepts of Physics)

Problems in general Physics - I.E.Irodov (book covering high level Physics problems)

Fundamentals of Physics - Halliday, Resnick & Walker


IIT Mathematics - M.L.Khanna ( book covering basic and advanced problems)

Plane Trigonometry - S.L.Loney

Problems in calculus - I.A.Maron

Higher algebra - Hall and Knight


Physical Chemistry - P Bahadur

Organic Chemistry - Morrison and Boyd

Inorganic Chemistry - J.D.lee

While Preparing ...

While preparing for IITJEE, make sure you make these things crystal clear:

1. Understand every concept very clearly. Please spend a a lot of time understanding the concepts before you start solving problems.

2. Solve different types of problems. While solving problems, make sure you increase your speed gradually.

3. Do not over burden yourselves. Everyday, spend time outdoors and refresh yourselves. Study only when you are really interested.

4. Plan your work and work your plan

5. Write mock tests frequently. This helps you to assess your strengths and weakness.

Last minute tips...

The last few months of your preparation should be utilized productively. You must complete your preparation before these months and you should dedicate your time for revision. Take many mock tests and assess your performance. Pay attention on your strengths and weaknesses . Peace of mind is very important. Never get stressed too much. Yoga and meditation are advisable.

Take care of your health too. It is very important for good performance in exams. Eat well, sleep well and be very optimistic. This will ensure success in your exams.


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