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The Immigrant

Updated on March 28, 2018

Immigration is everywhere, why is it still so hard to accept?


Welcome! - A phrase that every immigrant hears but most likely will almost never feel.

Really though. Ask an immigrant, any immigrant. I bet they would tell you that immersion was tough at first but they love it! Or, if they were quite frank as I am, they would've told you that it was shit and continues to be shit. Sounds like a screeching chalk on the blackboard, doesn't it? Well, the feeling is mutual. I mean you do tell us that we are stealing your jobs. With that said, welcome to the mind of an immigrant! messed up mind at least.

Keep in mind that our backgrounds come in a variety just as we do, and that age and ethnicity are two huge factors that come into play when adapting to your country. Believe me, persons of darker skin colour would appreciate it if you could just turn down the white supremacy... just a teeny tiny bit! Now that is not to say that browns are not racist to blacks (told you I'm quite frank) but that's a different article. White supremacy! All we ask is that, if you could be more down to earth, we would really REALLY like that. Don't confuse that to lowering yourself to the point where we begin to step on you, that is wrong. Abusing benevolence in any case is wrong, and disgustingly unprofessional.

Let me narrow down what I am trying to say here. Employers and employees should practice professionalism. Someone's skin colour, and race should not be the bases as to how he or she is treated. I assert this as we all know that there are races dominant in the helper industry, and we all know that this only masks the uglier term, "liberated slave." Before you tell me how entirely mistaken I am, prove to me first that all helpers in the world are not looked down on with excessive repulsion, that they don't suffer from the never increasing minimum wage for their salary, and that they don't suffer from physical and verbal abuse. Prove that everyone sees a helper equal to themselves.

Jobs. Please specify which jobs we are taking from you. Janitorial jobs? Dishwashing jobs? Fast-food jobs? Jobs that hardly anyone wants? Most people claim that all immigrants are pests in the employment industry. The truth is, not all immigrants are permitted to work due to visa restrictions. This only concerns the temporary residents and not permanent residents, as well as illegal immigrants though I will touch on this after this point. Visa restrictions prohibit a temporary resident from performing what is outlined in the condition. You can complain if a co-worker of yours has violated this, that is, if you've got the balls to ask to look at their passport (which you don't have the right to do). Otherwise, these restrictions can be lifted but limitations are still emplaced. Hours limitation, single-employment limitation, etc. Illegal immigration on the other hand is far more sensitive. It is most likely that those participating in this are offered below minimum wage for longer hours. What are you complaining about again? Oh right, they're taking your gardening job. No? Not gardening? Perhaps a job as a maid? No also? Driver? Shut up! But also don't! Illegal immigration is wrong and so are you. You are not heated up over the right things but over the selfish-driven aspects. Be angry that your government is not preventing human trafficking, that they are not seeking for a way to properly justify the rights of these people, that your rights are also jeopardized by the greedy and wealthy. Be angered about such things.

The solution to the immigration crisis is very complicated. We do not wish to trigger dependency by tolerating a flood of immigrants. When I speak of dependency, I mean that others will begin to see immigration as the "quick route" to prosperity. However, economies around the world are connected so when one falls, another may rise, vice versa. So how can we contribute so that developing as well as prosperous countries may each get their chance to grow or grow further?

Immigrants and locals, learn more about the situation before criticizing each other. Don't be biased and consider how the other feels. That doesn't mean that we will always be in harmony but maybe peace will become more evident.

What are your concerns about immigration? How are you affected by it? Comment below!

© 2018 Angela de Venecia


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