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What are some important qualities of a good school teacher?

Updated on March 16, 2014


Before starting to enumerate the qualities of a good school teacher, I think that we need to define the purpose of a school teacher. I have to say that the definition is short but its significance is really important: the purpose of a school teacher is to transmit all the information that he/she is supposed to provide in order to achieve an efficient education, meaning that all students to be taught exactly what they really need to know and lessons to be explained in such way that at least half of their students to understand a it.

The qualities of a good teaher

To be competent. This quality is really important because it represents the main criterion which can be used to see whether a school teacher is good or not. A competent teacher has great knowledge and abilities of giving his students an appropriate professional training. It is very important that all students to get a good education, meaning to be well trained in a certain domain if not more.

Excellent abilities to communicate. I think that such quality is crucial. The entire educational process efficiency is really influenced by communication’s quality (good or bad). One school teacher can have all the knowledge from this domain and still fail to teach his students as he should (I mean efficiently) if his abilities of communication are weak and unproductive. Every person has a different way to understand things and that is why a school teacher must be well trained to communicate his knowledge in such order that almost his students to understand the things that they need to know. But there is one thing: the students must also pay attention as much as they can to their teacher in order to understand what he/she tells them. Communicating well is one of the most important things when its about educating people, no mater the subject. If a school teacher is able to communicate efficiently then things will go smooth because the students won’t have so much problems understanding a lesson or whatever they are explained.

To be creative. It is an astonishing quality that can make the difference between two school teachers. Being creative is not so easy because it implies imagination, innovation, inventiveness and smartness. There aren’t so many teachers like this but the ones who are can provide a very interactive and efficient training. Multiple strategies can be developed in order to make a very good lesson and attract the students to pay attention. People are always curios about new things and even more curios if those things are presented differently than usually.

To be correct. This quality also includes righteousness, justice, objectiveness and impartiality. These four elements are very important and every one of it has a specific meaning. When its about righteousness I refer to a specific type of behaviour. A righteous school teacher will treat his students fair and won’t broke the rules that he is supposed to respect. When its about justice I refer to a certain situation when the school teacher takes action to apply a certain rule or sanction a students that broke a rule. All students must understand that rule are not meant to be broken, rules were created to maintain an order which can make possible a peaceful life, especially together. When its about objectiveness

I refer to a certain fact when the school teacher must not judge things subjectively because there are certain standards to help him judge a certain situation that occurs. In a professional education a subjective judgement is highly dangerous because it can be unfair and have serous consequenses. When its about impartiality I refer to the fact of favouring no one and treat everyone equaly. All students deserve the same treatment, at least at the beginning because there are sometines some exceptions when different treatments are fair. For example: a student that is really hardworking and has a good behavior can get a better treatment than a anotther students which is opposite, but not from al poins of view. The idea is that a good school teacher should not ignore and stop helping a student to learn even if it is a difficult student. There are ways through which all students can be persuaded to become better.

Seriousness. A quality that is indeed necessary to make possible an efficient education.

Teaching a group of students about a certain domain (object) is not an easy job. In order to have some good results from his students, the school teacher must be serious about his work. When it’s about doing something really good a teacher can’t afford to stay and joke with his students all day. Of course, there are moments when some jokes are fit to be said to ease the tension that can exist at a certain moment.

Organized. This quality is an element of many strategies that are used to proviode an effcient education. When a school teacher is organized he saves a lot of time and also helps his students to understand and learn better what they need to know and do. Being organized is the way to efficient and satisfied at the same time. I think it is a lot easier to teach a lesson if of all the information from are organiozed but also how it presented and explained.

Receptiveness. A quality that can again make the difference between a good and bad school teacher. Receptiveness is the main element that defines the feedback that exists in student – teacher professional relation. The thing is that a school teacher is actually a mentor for the student. But without the student the teacher would have no job. So, both of them are equally important from one point of view. It is very important that a feedback between the student and the school teacher to exist because otherwise the teacher could never know the state of progress of his students, their problems related to school, etc. This feedback is actually a flow of information that goes back and forth. A good school teacher is receptive to his students, meaning that he will also listen what his students have to say and try to understand their suggestions, requests, etc.

Competitive. This is a great quality that is not seen so often at a school teacher. But the one who has it, are indeed worthy to be called extraordinary. Being competitive means to be able to compete with other people (in this case with other school teachers). I remember that in high school my math teacher was very competitive and worked with us to prove that our class can be the best. There was a contest to which my class participated, and in the end we got the first place. Our math teacher had the strength, will and knowledge to helps us succeed. I still remember the joy of classmates, but especially the joy of our math teacher. I was amazed to see so much joy around me. That is why I strongly believe that a competitive school teacher can make the difference.

Hardworking. This quality also includes the following features: being persuasive, perseverant, and ambitious. Being persuasive has an immense importance because the students sometimes aren’t so interested in studying a certain object (domain) and this feature can really influence them to chance their perspective and make them start study as they should. The idea is that many students aren’t studying so much at the beginning but when they are motivated or given enough good reason to start learning, a great change will happen, meaning that good results start to show from the students work.

Being perseverant is even greater and it has a huge impact on students, especially if they collaborate well with the school teacher that has such extraordinary quality. This is actually the main way to manifest as a hardworking school teacher. The effects of hardworking are: a complete education and even more than that, which can represents an advantage in the future. Being ambitious is more than good and can strengthen a lot the motivation, which actually represents one of the most powerful psychological forces that exist. An ambitious school teacher will fight and not give up his students. Everything that is necessary to be done in order to succeed represents his daily an final objective.

Intelligence. An astonishing quality that can make a great difference between an efficient and inefficient school teacher. The idea is that if a school teacher has such quality will be able to make his students understand and learn everything they need to know without working so much (meaning not so much effort) and neither spending a lot of time to explain them all they are supposed to learn. There are two types of intelligence: emotional intelligence and mathematic-logical intelligence. The emotional intelligence has a great importance because it represents a great advantage for achieving an efficient emotional and social relation with the people (in our case the students). If one school teacher wants to be sure that his students are really listening him and will also be interested in almost everything that he teaches, then he must have a good relation with them. The researches proved that our success at work or in life depends 80% of our emotional intelligence and only 20% of our intellect. While the intellect helps us to solve problems, to do the calculi or to process information, the emotional intelligence (E.Q.) allows us to be more creative and to use our emotions to solve our problems. The emotional intelligence is “the ability to perceive and express, to assimilate emotions while thinking, to understand the emotions and to regulate our own emotions and of other people”. The mathematic-logical intelligence is the one which determines the obtaining of some high results for the test that measures the traditional I.Q.

To be sociable. Without this quality a school teacher will never a ’’warm’’ relation with his students. And as I explained before how important is that such relation to exists, this why I think that a good school teacher must have this quality. The students are some robots, they are human beings that have feelings and all kind of needs. In plus every student understands evrything that happends in a different way. This means that it must exist a good social relation between the school teacher and his students to make possible an efficient edcational proccess.

To know how to maintain a discipline. The school teacher is a great mentor for his students because they learn a lot of things from him. There cases when some students will try to disturb the edcational process. A good teacher must know how to maintain a certain order, therefore preserving optimal condition to achieve an efficient communication of everything that his students need to know.

The charisma. A rare quality seen to school teacher, the ones who have it, are creating a special relation with their students. In this case the students are virtually charmed. No more time is wasted for disciplinary acts or other events that consume a lot of time for nothing. I can say that a school teacher that has such quality can do his duty much easier without being disturbed and also great satisfactions about the way everything goes. Probably the results of the students will be good if not great.

Help students trust in their forces. This quality is really important because it influence so much the students that when they start to believe in their forces the lerning process and also motivation increases a lot.

To be reliable. The students need to knoe that they can count on their school teacher when ever they have a specific problem (related yo school, of course). The emotional state of the students but also of the school teacher can seriously affect positively of negatively the educational process.

Patience. A good school teacher must have this quality because without it great problems will apppear and some students will feel that their teacher is try helped as he should or feel rejected. I think that this quality is really necessary to achieve a good education, especially if some students need more time and explanations to understand a lesson.

Being consequent. The last quality, but one of the best that a school teacher can have. It’s importance is greater than any quality and has a huge impact in the future. This quality represents the main element that makes a long maintenance of all the others qualities mentioned before.


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