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Impossible Says I'm Possible

Updated on January 31, 2011

Its Impossible to Fax A Cat

Impossible Is Possible

The word impossible itself indirectly implies that it is possible. It doesn't takes help of any other word to convey its meaning. Still we look for answers whether this or that is possible or not.

Positive thinkers have there own way of reaching a conclusion and finding a solution. They don't wait for others to tell them what they should do in this situation. The only thing that I think is impossible is to convince a negative thinker that there is nothing to worry, things will be alright, let the time elapse.

There is nothing in this world which is not possible, may be it seems to be impossible right now as things are still under 'work in progress' status and ones its finished the tag of impossible will be removed.

Instead of thinking about what is possible and what is not possible and then getting worried without acting at all, it is better to put some action in the task and find out whether its possible or impossible.

WESTLIFE- Nothing is impossible Song

What is Impossible for One is Possible for Other

What may seem to be impossible to us, can be easily possible for other. Our desires, dreams tell something about us, they don't point to a universal fact. We draw our own limit about things that we can do or things that can be easily achieved by us and we base our thoughts on our own predefined criterion.

It is not always easily possible to change or views or belief because they represent a number of things in our life like our background, our environment, level of happiness that we enjoy, our education (please don't confuse it with qualification) and many more things that have happened to us or before us that have had effected our thoughts.

Possible and impossible are very personal in nature, sometimes they represent our personal goals that we want to achieve without actually working on them. This is true for a number of things that are in our mind. They exist only in our mind, we have never worked on them nor do we want to but we'll be happy it gets true. (We look for some magic to work for us to make every impossible thing that we desire possible).

Does Any Impossible Quiz Exists?

There are a number of quiz books and articles which claim to be an impossible quiz. This claim is not a universal truth as humans have a very unpredictable nature, they try to do things that are forbidden, considered impossible.

These impossible quiz programs aren't impossible for anyone except those who don't think that Impossible actually means its possible. The word impossible is a stimulus which helps us to call forth and prove 'You are possible not impossible'.

There is no impossible quiz but an acceptable solution.

Positive Approach Always Makes A Difference

Possibilities are only assumptions, a positive sign to move ahead with the plan or intention, possibilities are themselves not visible to everyone but to those who take a positive approach to reach a solution.

If someone is not gifted with a positive approach he will definitely loose most of the winning opportunities in life because he/she will let them go. A person with a positive approach may fail a number of occasions but ultimately he will win as he will also win on a number of times.

If we are not willing to approach things that look impossible they'll never become possible.

Impossible Is Possible
Impossible Is Possible

Your Comments on what is possible and what is impossible in this world?

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    • profile image

      Aale Muhammad 

      2 years ago

      very nice and fantastic speech.good

    • view profile imageAUTHOR

      Yogesh Bailwal 

      10 years ago from India

      Thanks for your comment and valuable time Piyush.

    • profile image

      Piyush Shah 

      11 years ago

      Hi View,

      I saw you comment on a hub of Jyoti Kothari about communication skills. It was an interesting comment and I came to your hub from that hub written by Jyoti Kothari.

      You are also a very good writer and I liked you.

      thumbs up.


      Piyush Shah


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