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A Pink Party Lesson Plan

Updated on July 11, 2014
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Christine, a wife, mother and homemaker for over 30 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education & loves cooking, music, health & nutrition.

A celebration of pink

Welcome to the free lesson plan that utilizes the color pink to teach and entertain children in a group setting. Although pink is notoriously a girl's color, this lesson plan endeavours to include ideas that are not just orientated towards girls, but will also capture the imagination of boys in a creative and thought provoking manner. The activities should best be alternated between quiet and more active ones in order to get the most from the childrens attention.

The color pink is the quieter side of red, speaking of bubble gum and babies. It symbolises joy and happiness and somehow you can imagine small children lightly dancing around in glee. This color also makes us think of pink pigs. Not that pigs normally appear very pink in real life, but for the sake of our free lesson plan the pink pig will play a major part!

The story in this lesson plan brings out a good reason to celebrate and be happy. Children will rise to this, given the opportunity and I hope that your session is just that- a time for fun and laughter amidst the learning.

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Most People Either Love Pink Or Hate It

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As They Arrive-Coloring Pink Skin - Working together to create a life-size person

As the children start arriving, ask for a volunteer to lie down on a large piece of paper and get everyone else to draw around them. They should then get busy lightly coloring the body to make pink skin. As they do so, explain that the color pink will be the theme for today's session and that you are coloring someone who will be in today's story.

Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish 67004 Spectra Artkraft Duo-Finish Heavyweight Paper, 48" x 200-ft. roll, White

Once the body has been colored pink, get them to color some nice clothes for the man to wear, either straight on top, or if you are feeling more ambitious, you could make them separate and attach them afterwards to the body.

Fun Pink Games

Everyone sits on chairs in a circle. One child is blindfolded and turned around a few times so that they don't know where everyone is. They are then sent off to find a lap, wherupon they sit on it and say:

"Squeak Piggy, squeak."

The child who's lap they are sitting on must then make a squeak or two.

If the blindfolded child recognises who it is by the squeak, they are replaced by the child they are sitting on. If not, they have another attempt.

An Interest Table In The Pink

Bring a selection of pink items (or inform the children the week before to bring something) and place on the table. As each item is placed, write a label and place it clearly beside it. Leave the table until the end of the session.

The following pink items could be used:

The Prodigal Son Puppet Show - May we present-

Tell this exciting and thought provoking story, using puppets to illustrate it. Use a blanket draped over a piece of furniture as a back drop and display the big man picture that you all colored at the beginning. Decide at the end of the story which character he looks most like. Children enjoy puppet shows so much that they will want to repeat it! Here is a resume of the story:

One day Jesus told a story about a rich man who had two sons, who worked with their father on a farm.

The elder son worked hard on the farm. What might he have done?

The younger son was lazy and often left the others to do the work.

One day he asked his father for his share of his inheritance (money). He wanted to go off with his friends and have a good time.

His father was sad, but agreed. He didn't know if he would ever see him again.

At first the boy was happy spending his money with his friends, but once it had all gone, he was all alone.

The only work he could get was feeding pigs. He was so hungry that he even wanted the pig's food!

Pig Stage Puppet

One day he decided to go home. He was sorry for going off and spending all his money and thought that maybe his father would forgive him enough to make him his servant.

But no- his father was a kind man, he saw him coming home, ran to meet him and welcomed him home as his son, with a celebration and new clothes.

His elder brother was jealous. Not fair! He had always worked hard, especially since his brother went off.

His father was just so pleased that his son had come home.

Our Father God is so pleased when we come home to him and the angels in heaven have a celebration when it happens.

Puppet Partners Puppet Ministry Set
Puppet Partners Puppet Ministry Set

These puppets are guaranteed to keep children's attention whilst teaching them stories. Can be used time and again with different stories.


Color Pink Pictures-

Make A Pink Pig

Get the children to draw a large picture of a pig and paint it pink.

You could make it a competition and give a small prize for the best one!

Why A Celebration?

The father said to him (the older son), "We had to celebrate and be happy because your brother was dead, but now he is alive. He was lost, but now he is found". Luke 15v32

A Pink Party - Use Snack Time to celebrate!

Serve pink food such as cooked sausages, pink biscuits and drinks with these fun pink party tableware.

Pink Ice Cream Cone Balloon 27 Inch
Pink Ice Cream Cone Balloon 27 Inch

What a fun pink balloon- they will love it!


Pink Games

Have fun with blowing bubbles and playing with balloons until the end of your session! Play some party music to create a joyful atmosphere and dancing.

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