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Indestructible Masters of War

Updated on December 22, 2014

A Warrior is defined by bravery

A warrior both in skill and animosity
A warrior both in skill and animosity | Source

Warriors trade in Blades

Any movie that is action packed holds a fighter rivaled only by his/her own shadow. Fighters are born and trained, but warriors are more geared by responsibility and duty. Movie warriors and soldiers are generic products of people in history, who astonished the masses by doing the impossible. The film, “Troy” tells of a man who fought with grace and might, but was destroyed by his insensible rust. As such, history does not immortalize all warriors, but their role in various stages of shaping mankind built the foundation for future generations. History recognizes some warriors for their indispensable contribution to human civilization. The caveman with his wits and crude weapons fought off animals and rivals to ensure his offspring made it into tomorrow. Modern society and cinematography have drowned out thousands of warriors that history has not forgotten. Most of these fighters and army commanders were the elite of their time trained to love nation and annihilate foes.

Warriors can be classed according to the nature of their endeavors. There are soldiers who fought for the entertainment of kings and noblemen such was the case for Gladiators. Gladiators faced animal and man in the arena for the amusement of those who owned the soil on which they spilled blood. The principles of engagement for a Gladiator were simple, outfight, out-skill, and shame anything that offended resistance and held breath. Gladiators-they died young, and painfully-slaves swore by the sword, and they were damned by the very crowds they sort to entertain. Other warriors are iconic for their undying spirit to preserve their sovereignty. For most of us when the word Apache is mentioned, a weapon ridden helicopter indigenous to the United States of America is drawn. The Apache warriors where a group of individuals who hauled from the small nation of Apache, they possessed their enemies hearts with fear and fought with dexterity. Apache warriors were only drawn to surrender by the American army after their numbers were reduced to less than a dozen.

Dragon carvings on boats, this is believed to be the signature trend mark of the Viking. Misconstrued and Adulterated by modern cinema and adventure tales, the Viking were a ruthless band of warriors who devastated their neighbors and fought with incredible ingenuity throughout Europe. Vikings we feared and detested by all who encountered them, cursed by those who dared to aggravate them and idolized by those they subdued. Medieval Knights were warriors who prided themselves on the ability to kill enemies one after the other with relative ease. They upheld the honor of the crown and the safety of the nation. Knighthood was only offered to those deemed to possess exceptional gifts in combats that made them an asset to the kingdom’s security. Last but surely not the least skilled are the Mongolian Horsemen they are believed to have subdued more nations and a people than any other military force in the world. They were competent and trained to kill without thinking twice, and their primary objective was total obliteration, conquest, and mayhem. Keeping prisoners for the Mongolian Horsemen was not acceptable; a worthy prisoner was a dead prisoner. Warriors we have heard of them, and we form part of their society or just maybe we are them.


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