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Inflatable Snake Swords: A classroom reward they will fight over

Updated on September 20, 2014

I like my classes to be fun. And I like students to learn while they are having fun. One of the ways I achieve both these things is by offering prizes to my students for work well done.

Every time I get the students to do an activity I offer a reward for the individual or team who does it the best. I usually give out a few prizes per activity as I want the students to know they have a reasonably good chance of winning something.

The result is that I don't struggle with discipline problems - even in classes with 25 students - and the children apply themselves to what they are doing because they want to win!

I teach middle schoolers and it is a constant struggle to find prizes they think are worth getting. Obviously they all love candy - but I try and limit how much I give out of that - for obvious reason.

A few years ago I found these inflatable snake swords and started giving them out. Oh my gosh! What a HUGE hit! I had expected the boys to want one, but all the girls wanted them too (including my very girly daughter). They come in a variety of colors, including pink, so they girls usually selected those.

If I have a choice of classroom rewards, these are always the first to go.

So, what is the appeal to the student?

Truthfully, I have no idea. They inflate easily and they stimulate imaginative play and they don't get destroyed in 2 minutes. But that doesn't explain why they are such big favorites. I guess the children just like fighting!

What is the appeal to me?

  • They are cheap. The price fluctuates by is usually between $8 and $10 for a dozen
  • They are light and easy to bring to class (this matters when you have as much stuff to lug around as I do)
  • They don't cause bodily harm
  • They are very popular and help me achieve my teaching objectives.

Of course these swords could also make great party favors, and if you are running a store in your class - they are great items to put in that store too. And they could be part of a dress up costume.

But for me - their appeal is simply that my student love them!

See what Inflatable Snake Swords look like in "real" life.

This is someone's very homemade, very teenager-ish movie - but it was the only one I could find that showcased these swords. I will need to remember to video next time I give them as prizes in class

3 other rewards my students love

Friendship Bracelets Pack of 50 Units Gifts Schools Teams Wholesale
Friendship Bracelets Pack of 50 Units Gifts Schools Teams Wholesale

There is a wide variety of friendship bracelets available at Amazon. Select the ones you think your class will like best

Pirate Tattoos Favors 36 per package [Toy]
Pirate Tattoos Favors 36 per package [Toy]

Once again, many girls as well as boys like tattoos. I usually buy ones that fit the theme of my lesson.


Which of these 4 prizes do you think your students will like best?

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