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Outdoor Preschool Day Care Lesson Plans

Updated on April 2, 2014
Counting to Two
Counting to Two | Source

Lessons for Outside

During the warmer months of the year, take advantage of outside learning. Daycare lessons about insects and nature are fun to plan, teach and learn.

For any day care grade, singing is an important part of lesson planning. Children learn better when the lessons are paired with songs. A fun song to teach small children, as young as three, will teach them speech, counting, actions, and patterns.


Song: The Ants Go Marching


  • Listen to the song during circle time a few times before the Outdoor Insect Lessons.
  • Have the children march to the tune in a single file line around an outdoor object, such as the slide or jungle gym. Practice marching before beginning the song. Marching is not as easy as it sounds. Children will step on each other and bump into each other. Tempers may rise; be prepared.
  • After the first verse, pause the song and pair up the children in twos. Have them count out two on their fingers and show them that they are now two. Stop the song at each verse and line the children up according to the verse.
  • The children will probably get bored with the song by the fifth verse. Their boredom is ok. Stop the song and allow the children to play free in the playground. Walk around with one of them and shout excitedly when you discover ants. Gather the students and have them observe the ants.
  • Inside the classroom, have the students take turns telling you their observations. Make comparisons to the song, such as; do ants march one-by-one or two-by-two?

Children Find Bugs Fascinating

Parks have bugs to explore.
Parks have bugs to explore. | Source

Other Bug Lessons

Flying Insects

Children love singing songs. Interactive songs bring the action of the words to life, which makes younger children more apt to play along.

Singing songs that include potentially gross things, such as smashing bugs in your hands, will always make a child laugh. This song was used during lunchtime to calm toddlers down while lunch was being plated. They loved it.

Song: Baby Bumblebee and Flight of the Bumblebee

I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee,

Won't my mommy be so proud of me,

(Cup hands together as if holding bee)

I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee,

Ouch! It stung me!

(Shake hands as if just stung)

I'm squishing up the baby bumblebee,

Won't my mommy be so proud of me,

('Squish' bee between palms of hands)

I'm squishing up a baby bumblebee,

Ooh! It's yucky!

(Open up hands to look at 'mess')

I'm wiping off the baby bumblebee,

Won't my mommy be so proud of me,

(Wipe hands off on shirt)

I'm wiping off the baby bumblebee,

Now my mommy won't be mad at me!

(Hold hands up to show they are clean)


  • Teach the students the action song, Baby Bumblebee, during circle time or as lunch is being prepared.
  • Teach the students information about bumblebees and other flying bugs. Make sure to teach that bees and other flying insects should not be touched. Make toast with honey.
  • Take the students outside. Have vases of flowers in several locations. Gather the children in the middle of the playground. Turn on Flight of the Bumblebee. Tell the children to pollinate the flowers by running from one color flower to the next.
  • For older students, five years to school age, yell out the color of the flower to which the students should run. The student who makes it to the flower last, must sit out. Continue to yell out a sequence of flower colors until only one child remains.
  • Come inside and have the students draw pictures of the flowers they pollinated and the flowers that will come from the cross-pollination.

Additional Lessons:

Adjust the lessons to the age of your students. Each child learns differently. Some children are afraid of bugs. If you teach the lesson to them being aware of that fear, you might help them overcome that fear. A five-year-old will learn faster than a four-year-old, therefore making the lessons age-specific will increase the learning.

Add lessons indoors about separate bugs, such as beetles and praying mantises. On Friday, bring the children outside, or to a local park with a butterfly field, carrying nets, tweezers and magnifying glasses. Lead a search for bugs. Make it a contest for school-aged children by grouping the children in even groups and giving a prize for catching the most diverse bugs.

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    • alfetherlin profile image

      alfetherlin 3 years ago from Illinois

      Thank you very much. Insects are so much fun, if you keep away from the stingy kind. :)

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      This is a cute lesson for little ones. Keep up the good work!