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Inspirational People in Leadership

Updated on June 8, 2010

Inspirational People in Leadership

A short time ago I was asked to compose an article that answers the question "who are my role models?". My short answer would be that there are many. In my response, I decided to focus on a local level be describing the deeds of two amazing people in Calgary.

One of my personal role models is Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla. Not only is he a strong leader on his hockey team, but Jarome is also an inspirational leader in the Flames Foundation for Life. The Flames Foundation for Life is a program that supports thousands of people each year through Calgary initiatives that relate to education, medical research, health, and amateur sports. As the team ambassador of the program, Jarome often visits sick kids in the Alberta Children’s Hospital. He also participates in various fundraising activates to encourage support for various causes.

Another aspect I admire about Jarome is the way in which he communicates to his fans and community members. He comes across as being friendly, kind, and approachable. Jarome seems to makes a huge impact wherever he goes, and whatever he does in the community.

On a more of a personal level, one of my other role models is one of my Board Members named Jennifer Lay. Jennifer is a student studying psychology at the University of Calgary. Jennifer has gained extensive experience volunteering in a variety of organizations such as: the United Way, Arusha, and the University of Calgary Development Studies Club.

In December 2009 Jennifer became a Community Liaison for We Did It! and has volunteered 30 hours per month. Her position has recently been upgraded to the Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O) of the company. What I most like about Jennifer is her ability to take on just about any task that is presented at the table. Her hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm are often rare attributes to find in a volunteer; therefore, I am very grateful to have her as part of my team.

Both Jarome and Jennifer are amazing leaders who have made significant contributions to a variety of different organizations. Due to the economic downtown, more and more people are concerned about their bottom lines. This has caused a dramatic increase in volunteerism in the non-profit sector. If you reside in Canada, and would like to volunteer, please e-mail


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