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Interactive Smartboard Games

Updated on June 25, 2014

Find The Perfect Smartboard Game!

Are you looking for fun and educational smartboard games? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of math, english, science, social studies, and many more subjects of games to choose from. Find elementary level interactive smartboard games as well as secondary levels! Here you can download or bookmark any notebook games for your classroom use. Liven up your class with some free time while also educating them secretly ;)

Smartboard Games

Fun Games For Your Classroom!

When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher had a smartboard in her classroom. Before this, the only time I worked with this piece of technology was in a computer class. I had to design a lesson using only the smartboard. As I thought about how I wanted the children to interact with it, I thought for sure they would love games. I started googling/researching and to my surprise came up with some GREAT interactive fun things to do in the classroom. Just click a link below to check out it out.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Smartboard GameJeopardy Senteo 6x5 Board GameGameboard, Boggle, and Chutes and LaddersGuess Who? Concentration/Memory Game TemplatesConnect Four, Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-ToeNew Hangman and Word Guess TemplatesWho Wants To Be a Millionaire Smartboard GameHollywood SquaresLiteBriteMemory GamePuzzle GameAudio Matching Game

Uncross The LinesRailroad BuilderJigsaw Sudoku GameCode CrackerThe Set GameUS State Capital GameBubble WrapThe Eyeballing GameDeal or No Deal Smartboard Game

Interactive Smartboard Games

Interactive Notebook Games

Sometimes teachers think that smartboards are more of a pain than a positive resource. I can understand that because people have had the computer freeze or the internet stop working during a lesson. This brings them to the conclusion of always having a backup plan. It sounds painful to have a written lesson AND make a smartboard one. I would recommend having all these games bookmarked or this directory page because when you have time to kill, using fun educational materials is always the answer!

Change Cash Out GameFreaky Frank's Music MachineClassical Music Interactive Learning & Games

Monster Memory Game

Magic Pen GameBlobs Logic GameCounting Smartboard GameApproximating PiCreate a GraphDivision MachineNumeracyFlash MathMad Money3 Different Interactive Number SquaresMultiplication Machine

Numberline BounceNumber LinesAnimation, Interaction and MultimediaTeacher TapTelling TimeAlphabetical GameClocks: Analog & DigitalEstimate TimeWeb DiceWhat's My Angle?

Elementary Smartboard Games

Games For Younger Grades

It is sometimes difficult to come up with appropriate lessons for younger children. It's hard to keep their attention for ten minutes let alone five! They are always busy and curious to discover something new. I found all these games online to incorporate in your classroom. Whether you want to teach the ABCs, sounds, colors, shapes, or even numbers there is definitely an optioin for you!

Smartboard Games

Amazon is a great option when looking for smartboard activities, you can purchase already made games to just pop into your computer! Get specific and type in the grade you need as well.


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