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The Practical Investigative Processes and Inquiries in Psychology

Updated on April 2, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

There are practical ways on the investigative processes and inquiries in psychology as to the meaning on the study of human behavior. This is usually presented in the objectives, purposes, importance and scope of psychology on the following concepts of behavioral action:

(1) understand;

(2) describe;

(3) predict ; and

(4) control.

These are the important investigative processes and inquiries in the study of human behavior. We can apply this situation or condition to human behavior according to the cause-effect relationship or the stimulus-response mechanism. So the ordinary reader may understand this concept let us take some instance for you to come up with your behavioral analysis about this following assumed situation.

1. You are being physically hurt by your injuries at home. Do you cry or laugh by the excruciating pain of your injuries?

2. You are being chase by German dog with the tendency to bite your neck. Do you simply stand and laugh or you run and shout for help by your neighbors?

3. You are looking 27 floating dead of people in the coast line. Do you not simply mind them and let the other friends react about what they see?

4. They are smiling, giggling and laughing at you as you walk in the street in your neighborhood. What would you do?Is there any relationship of your action when you do something?

The human behavior provides certain clues of action as to the specific cause-effect relationship of a given occurrences. There are rational standard actions being done that may also depend to psychological response, emotional stability and mental states of the individual to find the true meaning of specific action. We can have our simple psychological analysis particularly those people around you whom you have known their behavior and attitude as you are being constantly interacting with them.


The first investigation process is to identify the given problems in certain occurrences of the human subject being studied. The empirical investigation is the critical analysis based on the knowledge in psychology. It is the way to diagnose the case history about the individual being studied as to the possible cause-effect relationship of certain behavioral actions.

1. You have to understand the behavior of the individual as you are probably exposed by the way she/he acted for your long years of knowing each other.

2. You have to know the possible causes of anger, hate, sympathy, happiness and other forms of emotional expression that may have been constantly repeated actions to the individual that you are studying his/her behavior.

3. You have the daily observation about the personal life of the one you are working or probably constantly in touch as friends. These are the best way to study the behavior someone you want to study.

4. You have to understand the personality and the feedbacks given to the individual being studied. This will help you a lot to proceed the next psychological process of observation.


The gathering of material facts to describe based on the case history and the relevant psychological theories and applications to the occurrences of specific behavior. The psychological description of a given individual must be extensive well defined analysis on all angles including the classifying of human fact whether hereditary or environmental in nature.

1. The personal exposure with that someone or key informant gathering of facts may provide you the psychological description of the one being studied.

2. The family background, culture, race, ideologies, gender, age, and other socio-psycho profile may give you the full description of the individual being studied.

3. The comprehensive view on all intervening variables and other factors that might be considered to fully describe the behavior of the individual.


The psychological process on understanding and describing the behavioral occurrences may study the pattern of relationships to come up with tangible findings and conclusion about the subject matter being studied. The psychological prediction have sets of options as to the given cause-effect relationship to give a concrete analysis in the process of investigation.

1. This process provides application of best behavioral alternative action in a flexible manner with synthesize options to get the solution or action on a given occurrence.

2. The underlying reasons of human behaviors may give a good chance to predict the occurrence of the action.

3. The applicability as to the behavioral effect given by the investigative process of analysis along understanding and describing the occurrences of human actions.


Finally, the investigative process may end up in the control mechanism of behavior. It is the last stage in the behavioral process as we understand, describe and predict the occurrences of the situation of a given individual. In this stage, the behavior is predicted to some degree of emotional or psychological disturbances as it may be hereditary or environmental in nature. There is a psychological intervention by the expertise in this field study like psychologist, guidance counselor, or psychiatrist to study the psychological disorders.

In a simple life activity, wherein individual is exposed to certain degree of depression and stress there is a need to psychologically comfort them in a manner to open up certain personal problems or any problems that might affect the emotional stability.

You should give them comfort by intently listen to the personal problems, family problems, work-related problems, relationship problems, and other related problems. The usual effective way to do this is when they cannot express their emotions that may lead to grave depression or even suicidal action is to let them pour their outrage such as crying.

There are simple psychological therapeutic interventions that we can do to calm down emotional disturbances including depression and stress:

1. The sharing of problem with somebody you trust and let them help pour out your emotion.

2. Finding time to join with their friends and let him/her enjoy social occasions and gatherings.

3. By giving good advice on the best possible options to solve the problem.

4. It is also good for letting him/her pray to calm the conscience and emotion.

5. The moral support gives them an opportunity to uplift their emotional feelings once they are deeply troubled by their problems.

6. They must need family and personal support once the signs of emotional disturbances may appear such as be lonely in a room, just simply drink to death, self- pity and feeling of humiliation.

In psychology, you can learn a lot on practical manner to diagnose the psychological problems of your love ones that may possibly endanger their emotional stability such depression or stress. It is always important to show tender loving care (TLC) for the emotional support for those who suffered so much about psychological disturbances. Sometimes the constant communication and interaction may give more meanings when the human behavior is constantly repeated to act on certain occurrences about emotional problems. There is always a predictability of behavior that you know the personality of certain individual as you constantly mingle with them. You know whether the individual has the personality such as extrovert, introvert, sociable, egocentric, childish, moron, pickle minded, alcoholic, drug addict, intelligent, social climber, idiot, and other forms of behavioral descriptions


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